How Real Estate Agents Stay Connected to Neighborhoods on Nextdoor

Written by ndmulti

Real estate agents are enthusiastic users of Nextdoor – they tend to know a lot of neighbors and have a professional as well as personal interest in what goes on in their communities.

Many successful Nextdoor websites have been created by real estate agents or have agents who were instrumental in a neighborhood’s growth on Nextdoor.

If you are a real estate agent, you may have seen Nextdoor featured in Realtor Magazine or in the National Real Estate Post and are wondering how to build your reputation as a community resource and help enhance your business.

We wanted to share some best practices from a veteran Nextdoor member and real estate agent, Gene Montemore, on how to use Nextdoor in your communities. Gene is the Founding Member and Lead for Nextdoor McCormick Ranch, the largest Nextdoor website in the greater Phoenix area, and a realtor at Real Living Success Realty.

Here’s what he had to share:

“Nextdoor has been a golden opportunity to stay front of mind without even needing to mention real estate.”
What do you think are best practices for using Nextdoor as a real estate agent?

“Make sure that it’s clear that you’re participating on Nextdoor because you love your community and want to be a good neighbor. If you try to build a Nextdoor website around your business agenda, members will see right through it and won’t participate. I’ve added my occupation to my Nextdoor profile, and I’m always a resource for community-related information – school and youth sports events, new local businesses, etc. – but that’s the extent of my marketing on Nextdoor.”

Has Nextdoor impacted your business? If so, how?

“Nextdoor has been a golden opportunity to stay front of mind without even needing to mention real estate. If I stay committed to building a great neighborhood website that everyone enjoys, I’m confident I will be remembered when it comes time for someone to choose a real estate agent they want to do business with.”

What do you recommend real estate agents not do on Nextdoor?

My suggestion is to not post listings on Nextdoor unless a neighbor is obviously looking for help. Nextdoor is very different than other social sites. People feel safe on it. They come to Nextdoor for neighborhood chatter. It’s an opportunity to connect with neighbors on a personal level. Don’t mess it up by posting a market update or saying you have a buyer. The website won’t thrive if members feel like they are being pitched.”

Here are a few other tips:

  1. Recommend that clients share the news they’re selling their home to neighbors on Nextdoor.
  2. Start a conversation on Nextdoor about a real estate topic, such as changing home costs, the school district, and taking care of neighborhood amenities like a park or pool.
  3. Send postcards to neighbors to invite them to join Nextdoor so that your community continues to grow.
  4. Host a meet and greet in the neighborhood to encourage neighbors to meet. Building a strong community helps make the neighborhood more desirable to everyone.
  5. Act as a resource for neighbors who post on Nextdoor looking for a new home or rental, and it’s a good idea to respond to them via a private message.

Are you a realtor who has a success story using Nextdoor? Let us know.

For more information on real estate agents using Nextdoor, please refer to our help center article.

Note that all posts on Nextdoor should abide by our Neighborhood Guidelines and Member Agreement.


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