Teenagers Head Online to Find Summer Jobs

Written by Anne Dreshfield

School’s out for the summer, which means many teenagers are looking for ways to earn a little extra money, whether it’s to pay for an extra trip to the movies or saving to buy a car.

Many of them are now realizing that there are plenty of opportunities to find a summer or part-time job right outside their front door.

Teenagers aged 13 and older can join their neighborhood’s Nextdoor website to connect with their neighbors. As one teen in Austin found, Nextdoor not only helped him get his pet-sitting business off the ground in the summertime, it fueled enough repeat business for the entire year.

5 Jobs Teenagers Can Find on Nextdoor


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Families that live in your neighborhood appreciate a responsible babysitter who lives close by. Post your experience, availability, and other qualifications on Nextdoor. You’ll quickly become a resource for local families.


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Love pets and have extra time on your hands? Offer to pet sit for the furry friends in your community. Since they’re in the neighborhood, it’s easy to pop over to take Fido for a quick walk or feed Lucy the cat.


Mowing or cutting the long grass with a green lawn mower in the summer sun

Yardwork is a time-consuming chore for many neighbors, and oftentimes too hard for elderly neighbors to take care of on their own. Head online and offer to mow a neighbor’s lawn or trim their hedges.

Helping the Elderly

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Take some time to visit with the older neighbors who may live on your block. Post on Nextdoor offering to help neighbors with their computers, carry groceries home, or more physical tasks like washing windows, cleaning gutters, or changing hard-to-reach light bulbs.

Tutoring Local Students

With school out for the summer, some students like to make the most of their free time by brushing up on their studies. If you excel in math or a foreign language, post on Nextdoor to offer private tutoring sessions to local students.

Interested in joining or starting the Nextdoor neighborhood in your community? Click here.

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