100,000 Neighborhoods Strong and Just Getting Started

Written by Nirav Tolia

Over five years ago, my co-founders and I were inspired by a simple yet profound insight: while technology and the internet had made it seamless to communicate with people across the globe, it had done very little to connect us with the people right outside our front doors.

We’re thrilled to announce that more than 100,000 neighborhoods across the United States now rely on Nextdoor, representing over 60% of the country.

There was no easy way to stay in touch with some of the most helpful people in our lives: our neighbors.

We weren’t the only ones who felt this way. In fact, research from the Pew Research Institute revealed that 28% of Americans couldn’t even name a single neighbor by name. We had all but lost touch with our neighborhoods, the critical local communities where we spend most of our time, where our children go to school, and where we put down roots that can last the rest of our lives.

Nextdoor was created to change all of that. We saw an opportunity to use technology to bring back a sense of community to neighborhoods everywhere. We knew it would not be an easy or fast journey. It took an entire year to get the first 176 neighborhoods to sign on, but as we listened and learned, it became clear that neighbors really wanted something like Nextdoor.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone: more than 100,000 neighborhoods across the United States now rely on Nextdoor, representing over 60% of the country.

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Every day, millions of neighbors in these neighborhoods use Nextdoor to connect and communicate in a trusted environment. And every day, we hear inspiring stories of how Nextdoor has helped these neighbors build stronger, safer, and happier places to call home. Here are just a few examples of what neighbors have accomplished since Nextdoor launched in 2011:

We are thrilled to be 100,000 neighborhoods strong, but are just getting started. Our vision is for every neighbor, in every neighborhood, to use Nextdoor every single day.

Our vision is for every neighbor, in every neighborhood, to use Nextdoor every single day.
As we continue to grow our base in the U.S., it will be increasingly important to make Nextdoor available to the rest of the world. We have already started this international expansion by launching in the Netherlands, and in less than six months, 20% of the country’s neighborhoods are using Nextdoor. Our next launch will be in the U.K., and again, we are just getting started.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of our members. We have learned so much from you and will never stop investing in your communities. We also would like to recognize the 1,500 public agencies who use Nextdoor to engage with their local constituents. It’s been a great ride so far, but we have a long way to go. Here’s to the journey ahead!

Our Path to 100,000 Neighborhoods

October 26, 2011: Nextdoor launches nationally
After a successful pilot program where neighbors in over 200 neighborhoods across 26 states established Nextdoor websites, Nextdoor launched nationally across the United States. The pilot program clearly proved how neighbors could use Nextdoor to bring back a sense of community to their neighborhoods. Read more.
July 24, 2012: Nextdoor raises $18.6 million
Nextdoor received a new round of financing from Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Greylock Partners and Shasta Ventures. Allen & Company, Pinnacle Ventures and individual investors (Rich Barton, Anthony Noto, and Dave Goldberg) also participated in the $18.6 million funding. Read more.
February 12, 2013: Nextdoor launches Nextdoor 2.0
Nextdoor 2.0 introduced a newly-designed user interface, the ability for neighbors to reach nearby neighborhoods with relevant information, and an enhanced focus on helping neighbors create virtual neighborhood watches to fight crime. Read more.
May 23, 2013: Nextdoor launches iPhone app
Nextdoor introduced the Nextdoor App for iPhone and iPod touch, a feature-rich app that provided all the benefits of being connected to your neighborhood, no matter where you are. Read more.
August 21, 2013: Nextdoor launches Android app
Nextdoor launched Nextdoor for Android, enabling members to stay safe and connected to their neighbors anytime, from anywhere. Mobile members were more likely to share a photo, post an urgent alert, and welcome neighbors to Nextdoor. Read more.
October 29, 2013: Nextdoor raises $60 million, adds new investors
Nextdoor secured $60 million in funding led by new investors, John Doerr and Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) and Lee Fixel of Tiger Global Management. The round also included Comcast Ventures, as well as previous investors, Benchmark, Greylock Partners, and Shasta Ventures. Read more.
September 30, 2014: Nextdoor launches Nextdoor for Public Agencies
Nextdoor announced the launch of Nextdoor for Public Agencies on the National PrepareAthon! Day of Action. Nextdoor for Public Agencies allows cities and their agencies to easily sign up, verify, and start communicating with their residents on Nextdoor. Read more.
March 4, 2015: Nextdoor raises $110 million, adds news investors
Nextdoor secured $110 million in funding, led by new investors Redpoint Ventures and Insight Venture Partners. This round of funding also included new investors Meritech and Coatue, as well as participation from existing investors: Benchmark, Greylock Partners, Tiger Global Management, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Comcast Ventures, and Shasta Ventures. Read more.
February 16, 2016: Nextdoor expands internationally, starting with the Netherlands
Nextdoor announced international expansion, starting with the Netherlands. The launch marked the first non-English implementation of Nextdoor and its first international office. Nextdoor was localized and was offered fully in Dutch or English on Web, iOS, and Android devices. Read more.

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