A New Way to Drive Local Word of Mouth: Sponsored Posts on Nextdoor

Written by Ali Jafari

Nextdoor was created to build stronger, safer, and more connected neighborhoods. Over the last five years we have grown to more than 135,000 neighborhoods – 70% of all neighborhoods in the United States – using the platform to build community and get things done. We are excited to announce a new phase in our effort to increase the vibrancy of local communities.

Today, we introduce Sponsored Posts, the neighborly way for local communities to connect with relevant businesses in their area.

Sponsored Posts will appear in the newsfeed alongside neighbor conversations. Members can thank, recommend, and have an open conversation about specific businesses who sponsor the posts – and it’s all shared with the entire neighborhood. Businesses can customize Sponsored Posts with hyperlocal messaging at the ZIP code, neighborhood, or even household level, creating a highly relevant experience for Nextdoor members.

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So far, we have tested Sponsored Posts with a small group of partners. State Farm, the largest providers of auto and home insurance in the U.S., ran a campaign to get feedback from members on the different ways they connect with their neighbors. Tens of thousands of members engaged with their post and State Farm was able to get insights from people at the neighborhood level.

Another great example is Ring, the leader in outdoor security. During the holiday season when package theft is at its peak, they ran a Sponsored Post that gave security tips to homeowners in areas with high theft. The post created lots of conversation and buzz in the neighborhood which increased sales of Ring units.

We have worked with dozens of partners over the past few months, driving foot traffic to local events (Lowe’s) and new store openings (IKEA), sending leads to home service providers (TreeHouse) and mortgage brokers (SoFi), and connecting neighbors with speedy food delivery (Munchery) and home-cooked meal services from their neighbors (Josephine).

Sponsored Posts are the first step in our strategy to connect communities to businesses in a way that truly serves as a new “word of mouth.” Our future plans include the incorporation of small businesses that are core to the local community and the Nextdoor experience. We believe there is a tremendous need to connect small businesses with neighbors in a way that serves everyone and we’ll have more to come on that soon!

In the meantime, if you are interested in partnering with Nextdoor and exploring Sponsored Posts, please contact us here.

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