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Celebrating Lorelei, America’s First Nextdoor Neighborhood

Written by Sarah Leary

This weekend, we went back to where it all started for Nextdoor – our first neighborhood: Nextdoor Lorelei in Menlo Park, CA.

In the summer of 2010, Nextdoor was just an idea – that technology could do more to help us connect with the people who live next door, down the block, and across the neighborhood.

Back then, the founding team knew that it would only work if they could find a neighborhood to embrace the idea of a social network for neighborhoods, as well as test it along the way. Choosing the right neighborhood was essential.

That neighborhood is known as Lorelei. Nestled close to the Bay on streets shaded by trees, the neighborhood was close-knit and small yet vibrant, with the longest-standing homeowner’s association in the state of California. The community already had some ways to communicate with each other, which was a promising sign. We reached out to board members of the homeowners association, and they were more than willing to hear us out. After an initial conversation, they invited us to present the concept to more residents at their next board meeting – we had a lot of work to do!

After covering HOA elections and plans for a neighborhood Halloween celebration, we were the last item on the agenda for that meeting. We demoed the website to neighbors and passed around flyers of what the service could offer. As we talked with the group, it was clear that they were interested. They loved the neighborhood map, directory, and ability to track RSVPs for neighborhood  events. They were so interested, in fact, that they were concerned we were using the word “test” as we described the service. They wanted to get started right away!

That was all we needed to hear. We knew that if the greater Lorelei community used it as much as the neighbors in that room believed that they would, we were onto something.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now being used by more than 150,000 neighborhoods in the U.S., U.K., and the Netherlands. Neighbors are using Nextdoor in many of the ways that Lorelei originally did: to find a recommendation for a plumber, ask for help with a missing package, or plan a neighborhood Halloween party, and so much more.

We’re incredibly grateful to the early neighbors in Lorelei who dedicated their time and energy helping shape the product that ultimately became Nextdoor. Everything we do to help build stronger, safer, and happier neighborhoods is because of you.

Thank you, Lorelei, for paving the way for the 150,000 neighborhoods using Nextdoor – and the many more to come.

Join your Nextdoor neighborhood here.

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