Nextdoor Partners with ABC Houston to Deliver Hyperlocal News to Residents

Written by Jen Burke

Today, the conversations taking place on Nextdoor have grown to include thousands of public agencies, like local police and fire departments, neighborhood business recommendations, and now, local news.

Conversations around topics covered by the local media is incredibly valuable to our members, which is why are have continued to add valued local news organizations to the neighborhood conversation.

Today, we are excited to welcome ABC Houston to Nextdoor as our first broadcast station to join the platform.

Over the past several years, Houston neighbors have embraced Nextdoor in thousands of neighborhoods across the area, and we’ve worked with ABC Houston reporters on countless stories regarding local communities. We know that ABC Houston deeply values connecting with their audience in new ways, and that many staff members from ABC Houston are Nextdoor members, so this partnership is a natural fit.

On Nextdoor, ABC Houston can target where they post local news stories down to the community level, so Houston Nextdoor members can expect to see hyperlocal news that is highly relevant to their specific communities.

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ABC Houston news stories will appear in Nextdoor newsfeeds across Houston, as well as members’ Daily Digests. ABC Houston can see and respond to replies to their posts; however, the rest of the neighborhood conversations remains private for the verified members of each community.

Fundamentally, Nextdoor is about growing community, we’re excited that ABC Houston shares in that vision.

Welcome to the neighborhood, ABC Houston!

If you’re a news organization interested in joining Nextdoor, please contact us here.

Join your neighborhood on Nextdoor here.

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