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The Nicest Place in America: Gallatin, Tennessee

Written by ndmulti

This summer, we partnered with Reader’s Digest to find the Nicest Place in America – where neighbors looked out for neighbors, and “nice” is the golden rule.

We asked neighbors from across the country to nominate a place close to their hearts, and hundreds of people sent in nominations to Reader’s Digest. We were blown away by the many unique ways in which neighbors, communities, and entire towns have support each other through the years.

Reader’s Digest narrowed the list of incredible nominations down to ten finalists across the country, and voting was opened. Thousands of people cast their votes, and today we’re proud to recognize the Nicest Place in America: Gallatin, Tennessee.

A small town outside of Nashville, Gallatin shows what it truly means to have grace through hardship. In 2016, the community rose above a tragedy that might have divided citizens and threatened the community in any other town in America.

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Mayor Paige Brown, Pastor Derrick Jackson, and Chief Don Brandy

“The beauty about Gallatin,” shares Pastor Derrick Jackson, “is that there is an attempt to do what others feel is impossible.”

Gallatin stands out as a community dedicated to charity and volunteer work. As one of the last towns in the South to integrate, the town now aims to increase racial diversity by supporting youth career development and mentorship programs.

We’re inspired by the good neighbors of Gallatin for coming together and building a stronger and safer community, every single day, and we’re honored to celebrate them together with Reader’s Digest.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the November issue of Reader’s Digest, where Gallatin will be featured on the cover as the Nicest Place in America, with details about all ten finalists in the magazine.

Do you believe your community is the Nicest Place in America? Nominations for 2018 are open now.

Images courtesy of Glenn Glasser/Reader’s Digest.

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