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Introducing Neighborhood Favorites

Written by Paul Howe

Every day, members turn to their neighbors on Nextdoor to find and discover great local businesses in and around their neighborhood. In fact, over 25% of all conversations on Nextdoor revolve around sharing recommendations for local businesses.

We believe strongly that the best local businesses are the ones recommended by neighbors.

Now, we are making it easier for neighbors to find, recommend, and support the best local businesses in their neighborhood. Today, we are announcing the national rollout of Neighborhood Favorites, an annual awards program that allows neighbors to recommend and recognize the most-loved businesses in and around their neighborhood.

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Neighbors have already shared millions of local business recommendations with each other on Nextdoor. With Neighborhood Favorites, we have introduced a new survey that makes it even easier for members to recommend their favorite businesses, from pizza places to bookstores. In the survey, neighbors can vote for their favorites from a list of businesses that have been recommended by their neighbors, or have the option of adding a new one they recommend. Members are encouraged to provide comments about what makes their favorite the best in the neighborhood.

For the first time, there will be customized lists of Neighborhood Favorite businesses available to tens of thousands of neighborhoods across the country that recommend their favorites. Members will now have one single place where they can find the best local businesses their neighborhoods have to offer.

Over the years, we have laid the foundation to connect neighbors and local businesses with the deep understanding that neighbor-to-neighbor recommendations are invaluable. We hope that neighbors across the country will share their love and show their support for the local businesses that make their communities such wonderful places to call home.

To select your Neighborhood Favorites in your neighborhood, go to or visit the Recommendations section on Nextdoor. The more votes and recommendations shared in support of your favorite local businesses, the more Neighborhood Favorite winners will be awarded in your community.

The survey for Neighborhood Favorites is now open and winners will be announced in November.

Join your neighborhood on Nextdoor here.

Do you have a story about how you’ve used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.


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