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Nextdoor and Lowe’s Expand Local Efforts

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

Nextdoor’s mission is to provide a trusted platform where neighbors can work together to build stronger, safer, happier communities.  Businesses play a critical role in creating strong and healthy neighborhoods. Whether it’s discovering information to help keep your family safe, improve your home, or beautify your yard, Nextdoor is a great place to hear from businesses that can provide value to your local life.

That’s why we are excited to expand our partnership with Lowe’s to increase localized marketing initiatives. The partnership will enable Lowe’s to deliver hyperlocal, targeted messaging to Nextdoor users in over 175,000 neighborhoods in the US, with the goal of helping consumers get the expert advice or products they need to manage all their home improvements projects.

By doing this, Lowe’s will easily be able to measure the impact of its Sponsored Posts on Nextdoor to physically walking into a Lowe’s retail store. “By partnering with Nextdoor, we’re able to connect with customers and communities at a local level,” said Shannon Versaggi, VP of Targeted Marketing at Lowe’s. “In addition, we’re able to measure the effectiveness of that advertising and link it to customers walking into our stores. This data helps us shape our consumer messaging to be more personalized and relevant. ”

Lauren Nemeth, Chief Revenue Officer of Nextdoor agrees that the partnership is beneficial for both members and Lowe’s: “Lowe’s is the ultimate partner for us. They are savvy marketers focused on bringing our Nextdoor members rich, engaging content that will help in their daily home improvement needs.”

We’re proud to be partnering with one of the most popular home improvement retailers in the country, and look forward to helping them share relevant content with neighbors.

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