Nextdoor Honored with Innovation Award

Written by Caroline Barrett

The Australian American Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Australia Day Gala took place on January 19, 2019 in San Francisco and Nextdoor is thrilled to announce the company received the Innovation Award presented to an American company. The award goes to one company based in the Bay Area that advances the environment and culture for innovation in Australia, and demonstrates excellence and proven impact in their market.

With loneliness in Australia on the rise, Aussies from coast to coast are craving more connected lives. A recent study commissioned by Nextdoor and conducted by Research Now found that while only a quarter of Australians claim to have a very good relationship with their neighbors, the majority (70%) want to get to know their neighbors better. Nextdoor provides the perfect tool and solution to help neighbors connect online so they can build deeper relationships and stronger communities in the real world.

It has been a few short months since Nextdoor launched in Australia last October, but Aussie communities are already widely embracing the platform. All over the country neighbors are coming together to meet one another, help each other, and build stronger and safer communities.

Nextdoor is proud to be recognized with the Australian Innovation Award, inspired by the ways neighbors are building community Down Under, and wishing Aussies a fun and festive Australia Day this January 26.   

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