Welcoming Trove to the Nextdoor family

Written by Sarah Friar

When local businesses thrive, neighborhoods thrive. Vibrant local businesses are essential to sustaining strong communities. Building trusted relationships on Nextdoor enables neighbors to get help with everyday needs, creating wealth, that when reinvested back into local communities, raises all boats. That’s why we take the idea of giving local businesses an opportunity to connect with our members very seriously.

It is in that vein that I am excited to announce that the world-class team who built Trove will be joining the Nextdoor family. Co-founders Jon Perlow and Michael Pao have impressive track records in building and growing foundational internet products including Gmail, Facebook Messenger, and Uber. They are bolstered by a team of five engineers, a designer and a small operations team.

At Nextdoor, we continue to invest in helping local businesses thrive because we see the impact they have on building stronger communities on a daily basis.  The Trove team will focus on connecting local businesses to our members and giving them the opportunity to participate in neighborhood conversations, build trusted relationships and meet neighbors’ everyday needs.

“In the past, I’ve built products that made it easier to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away. Nextdoor is leading the world in helping us stay close to the people and businesses who are nearby. As I’ve gotten to know Sarah and the team, I continue to be impressed by their dedication to this mission and its special importance in making the world a better place. I am thrilled to join the team and, especially, to work with local businesses that are an essential part of the fabric of our neighborhoods,” said Trove co-founder Jon Perlow.

I truly believe that, in 2019, Nextdoor will be the essential local app for neighbors and local businesses to connect with each other and build strong community. Bringing on Jon, Mike and their impressive team is yet another remarkable step in our journey to ensure this happens.  

Please join me in welcoming Jon, Mike, and their team to Nextdoor.

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  • Dear Nextdoor, or Sarah,
    What happened to Trove Storage in LA in 2019? They kept all our most valued things and we were never contacted again. We have called for months but we have never heard back on email nor phone after they said they were transferring things to The Storage Experts, which by the way do not exist either as far as I know.

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