Coping with Social Isolation and Loneliness, Together

Written by Sarah Friar

Sarah Friar is the CEO of Nextdoor, the world’s largest neighborhood network that enables neighbors around the world to build connections, stay informed, and help each other in their everyday lives. Building connections in the real world is a universal human need. That truth, and the reality that neighborhoods are one of the most important and useful communities in our lives, has been a source of inspiration and a guiding principle for Nextdoor from the start. Today, neighbors rely on Nextdoor in more than 241,000 neighborhoods around the world in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, Sweden, and Denmark.

As I pass the eight month mark at Nextdoor, I continue to be inspired daily by what I’ve had the privilege to observe neighbors doing on our platform. In January, I wrote about how at Nextdoor, we are obsessed with the global power of local, gloriously swimming upstream against the current of other technology platforms. But in reality, it’s so many of you, around the world, who are doing the meaningful work to fight isolation, polarization, and lack of community engagement – proving that the neighborhood is where change begins. 

Technology has revolutionized our world – in many ways for the better. It’s an enormously powerful tool that allows us to stay in touch with friends and family across the globe; it provides us with a source of endless information at our fingertips; and it entertains us in new and exciting ways. 

But technology has also contributed to a more isolated life for millions of people around the world. In the 2019 World Economic Forum panel on loneliness, experts discussed how technology is fueling loneliness and the empathy deficit in our lives, despite the promise of bringing people closer. In the United States, a Cigna study found that over 40% of adults report feeling lonely. The study also noted that loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous than obesity. Research in Australia found a similar trend, with 28% of people saying they feel lonely at least three days every week. According to The Campaign to End Loneliness, 40% of people in the UK under the age of 25 report feeling lonely often or very often, and 27% of people over the age of 75 report feeling the same. Recognizing loneliness as a nationwide epidemic, in early 2018 the UK government appointed a Minister of Loneliness to tackle the social and health issues caused by social isolation. 

Growing up in the village of Sion Mills in Northern Ireland, I benefited from an upbringing where everyone in my neighborhood knew each other by name, or even nickname. I grew up at the height of the Troubles, a human-created disaster that divided people based on religion and led to decades of violence. But much like former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy remarks in his piece on loneliness, this tragedy brought our community together in deep and memorable ways.

As I grew up and moved to new communities around the world, I noticed the deep connection that I had become accustomed to between neighbors, and people in general, was vanishing. Even as I embarked on a new and exciting chapter in my life – starting my own family and meeting inspiring people in London, South Africa, and Silicon Valley – I often felt lonely. 


As a society, we have become worse at connecting face-to-face and building impactful relationships with one another. Belonging is a universal human need, and in every corner of the world today people are yearning to feel more connected with real people in real places in real ways. So, how can we work together to combat the social isolation we feel and forge a more connected world? 

At Nextdoor, we believe that change starts with each of us opening our front doors and building deeper connections with the people nearest to us: our neighbors. Last year in Europe, we introduced a campaign encouraging neighbors to reach out to each other to combat loneliness during the holiday season. Whether it was to get to know each other better or to lend a helping hand, neighbors across Europe rallied together to pledge their time to help combat loneliness in their local communities. A study we conducted alongside the campaign found that while only 56% of the general public have two or more neighbors they can rely on in a time of need, 79% of Nextdoor members feel they have neighbors they can depend on. We see everyday how neighbors turn to Nextdoor to break the ice and meet new neighbors, and then turn those online relationships into real world bonds and friendships. This holiday season, a time when feelings of loneliness are often recognized, we’ll launch our first ever global “Hello Neighbor” Challenge in hopes of inspiring more neighbors around the world to form deeper connections in their local communities to help cope with loneliness.

But there’s plenty we can do before then. Over the next few days, we will share in your newsfeed and on Nextdoor’s social channels inspiring stories from neighbors around the world who are utilizing Nextdoor to make real social impact in their communities. Recently, I traveled to France to spend time with René, the creator of P’tit Bistrot Solidaire, who opens the doors of his local church community center every two weeks to welcome neighbors for a morning of coffee, chocolate, and conversation. In Spain, I met a group of neighbors who pooled their talents to produce a short film about their vibrant and thriving community. In Australia, Cheryl, a recent empty nester, recently turned to Nextdoor to form new friendships as she headed into a new chapter of her life. A quick post on Nextdoor offering up a cup of coffee and a chat led to dozens of neighbors coming together to get to know one another.

These powerful member stories inspire me every day and I know we’ll see even more of them throughout the rest of the year. Please take five minutes over the coming days to read and be inspired. We hope you will feel energized to “take five” to help, or ask for help, in your community too, and to tell your neighbors on Nextdoor about your experience. A quick conversation at your local store or a knock on the door of a neighbor who might be struggling could make all the difference. In my case, I recently used Nextdoor to find a non-profit organization that matches teens with seniors to help teach them new technologies, and more importantly, help my teens’ learn valuable lessons from folks with a lifetime of experience.

Together, we have an opportunity to change the trajectory of social isolation around the world. If we do not focus on rebuilding authentic connections, we risk retreating further into our disconnected lives and unraveling the social fabric that is woven so deeply into strong communities. I’ve found that when you give to your community, you end up getting so much more out of it. At Nextdoor, we strive to provide a platform that will motivate you to reach out to those around you and to take the necessary steps to build stronger, real world connections among your local communities. In the words of one of our members: “you might just meet someone wonderful.” 

All the best,

Sarah Friar 

Thanks to experts from AARP, Cigna, The Big Lunch, Campaign to End Loneliness, and the UK Government for speaking with us on this topic.

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  • Thank you so so much for this for one and for NEXTDOOR for two — I love it!!! I send out postcards a lot – I love my community – I love the thought of bringing people together and I love that we are able to communicate the way that we are — whether it be about a lost animal that has been lost and more importantly found – to some people asking to please be on the lookout for some other kinda possible shady people….to events going on yes that can include people — OMG esp anyone who is alone and lonely!!!! I say a huge thank you for sure to you, this blog and to all of the people who contribute indeed on NEXTDOOR as it makes me feel happy to know that people care and care about each other and our community!!!!!! Cont me in absolutely yes!!!

    • Count me in. I am lonely and would like to meet people for games, cards, dominos, etc . Also get together just for coffee etc

      • I feel exactly the same. I am a widow with no family in Texas. I do not know the names of most of the neighbors who live close by

        • Hi Nancy! My name is Virginia and I also live in Texas. We’re possibly living in different towns, but we could communicate often if you would like that. I live in El Paso, and you?

          • Unfortunately I have to work all day and don’t know my neighbors. I would like to meet some neighbors!

          • Hi Virginia, I was born in El Paso my mom passed away when I was 5 and my was 4, so my dad brought us to San Antonio. Have never been back to El Paso. Would you like to be a pen pal?

          • Hi, Nancy and Virginia, where in Texas do you live. I also live in Texas.

            Hi Maria Rivas and Deb. I live in Texas also. You can email me

          • I am not lonely. I am follower of Jesus Christ. Fives plus women of God is having this Great yard sale.! I hope these ladies can find a good church & get involve. Yard Sale- 2033 Bishop Drive, Charleston,SC. Please come. Blessings to all the ladies. If this is wrong site. Sorry. Love ❤️ you all

          • For those of you who live in Central New Jersey – please check out nonprofit Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey – We’re a nonprofit that has been combating loneliness for the past 26 years. We offer free friendly visits, free check in phone calls and even in-home therapy dog visits to seniors who are lonely. If you’re looking to volunteer to help your neighbor – please give us a call 732.505.2273. Thanks!

          • Hi neighbors, Shannon from Nextdoor HQ here! it is so inspiring to see so many of you reaching out and expressing interest in meeting up in real life. While we love what is happening here in the comments of this blog, we wanted to remind everyone that this platform is the Nextdoor blog and is different from your neighborhood’s Nextdoor website. If you’d like to connect with neighbors who are in your local community, sign into your Nextdoor account and share a post with your nearby neighbors.

            If you are new to Nextdoor, welcome! We are so excited you’re here. We encourage you to create a free account and get to know the members of your local community. Get started at

          • Virginia I will be moving to El Paso in about a month to live with my son


          • I’m also a widow in San Antonio , Tx, would like pen pals or meet ladies for coffee etc.

          • Hi Virginia, I live in Germany but also in El Paso years ago. I am looking for a penpal and not sure if I am right here 🙂

          • I also isolate myself and live in Cypress, TX. Does anyone live in Cypress or nearby?

          • Anyone in Woodstock Ga interested in meeting for lunch, dinner or just a chat over a glass of wine?? I am a widow looking for friendship

          • Hello! Where are you? I am in Austin, Texas! Pray your having a blessed day. Here to chat. I isolate too! Doing better and getting house done with organizing. Have lots to still do for self, etc. So, praying and focusing on bettering self. Some days tough don’t sleep for different things, getting better. I make jewelry and need help to finish some projects as I organize and finish uploading pictures, pricing etc. Will teach for the help! Time to share.

        • Come join,
          Lanier Women’s Group, 1st Thursday each month, except July and August, at First Presbyterian Church 10:30 am, 800 South Enota St. Gainesville, This originally started for Newcomers.
          Meet and Eat group,3rd Saturday 11:30 am, restaurant TBD, email Melinda Flock,, let her know you wish to join, and to have your name placed on email list to be notified.

          • I would love to make some new friends. I lost my mom 5/2, another friend 5/7, and 7/14 I lost one of my best friends. Besides this, I was caregiver for my mom, whom had a stroke, and alzheimers/dementia. I was her caregiver for 4 years, and in that time, most of the few friends I had, have either moved away, or passed away. I would enjoy someone to share happy hours, shopping, day trips, or to travel with. I don’t have any children but I do have 5 parrots, that all talk, and 2 cats, that are all very special to me. If there is a singles travel group, or others that would enjoy having someone to join them, and to start getting some new friends, please contact me. I am going to grief sessions at a church on Sunday nights, and I do take care of my 92 year old neighbor, but I have way too much time on my hands with all the losses, plus you can only clean just so much! I hope there are others that would enjoy getting together.I live in Murrells Inlet, SC, and am not looking anything but friends for now. Take care! Cynthia

          • Gainesville is far. I live in JAX, but would love to chat with more people.

        • Nancy,
          Where do you live? We have in Bowie Maryland a widowed Person Support group for men and women who lost their partners and/or spouses. The group helps to understand emotional ups and downs, exchange of ideas how to cope and find a new “normal” life. No religious affiliation is involved. The group is very divers and international. Social events are organized.

          • That’s great! I live near Bowie MD. I have an idea for your group: you can socialize together by going to a play or musical at the Bowie Playhouse. Two community theater groups present shows to much acclaim. Tickets are around $25, must leas than theater in DC.

          • What a wonderful thing to provide for both women and men. I always wondered who took care of the men when they have a loss, other that at a medical center. I am a widow who remarried, but I care enough to contact the men friends who lost their spouses. They have feelings too, Congrats on your being so compassionate to include them. God Bless all your efforts to comfort and protect.

          • Hi Tina.Archibald–hope you are this. I’m in JAX too. Mandarin area. Where are you?

          • I am a widow, as well. I would love to get together for coffee, chats, plays, hikes and just friendship. I am feeling awfully alone. I just moved to Alexandria. Bought a townhouse and am having a hard time adjusting to where I am living. My tel is 703 881-6091. I look forward to hearing from you. Kam

          • I’m a widow with no circle of friends in the Bowie MD area. Could you provide more information on this support group? I’m lonely, I miss the companionship and I’d like to start having a life outside of work or being the last minute (unpaid) babysitter for family members. The only restriction is I’m employed full time and can’t make any day time meetings.

          • I live in Pikesville MD. And I am
            Recently widowed. I have very few
            Friends in MD. And I would love
            Company to talk, shop, enjoy movies, laugh etc.

        • Wish I were closer to you since I’m in the very same situation. I have no friends around my age, and I wish I did.

          • I agree. I would like to create a new circle of friends. I used to, but too many people went in diff directions.
            Im in South Florida. Im home most of the day. 61 yrs young.

          • Hi Rachel (my granddaughter is named Rachel too). I live in Houston but have been doing some traveling since September. I went to three grandchildren’s graduations in three different cities. If you wish, Please tell me something about your life.

        • I’m also a widow with no family. I don’t know where you are but you’re welcome to contact me. I’m in Round Rock. Best wishes.

          • Hi. I’m trying to connect with the Texans I have seen posting here. I live in Houston and would like to meet with those in the area. It sounds like there are several of us who are not finding people our age to socialize with like we would like to. I’m 62 years old and single and like to do all kinds of activities. Maybe this post will be helpful to some of us. Have a good day

          • I live in Missouri. I am very much alone and lonely and also very ill. It would so nice to have someone to whom I could talk once in a while.

          • Round Rock Texas?
            That is a bit too far for me however, I did grow up in Burnet.

          • Great article from the CEO. Her statistics on isolation and loneliness r startling. I consider myself to be an isolationist. But 70% of the time, its a good thing and I don’t feel lonely. I guess that’s because I have hobbies to turn to. I do however wish I could join local book club. If anyone knows of any for Southwest side of Indy, please share info. Have a blessed day all!

        • I understand. I’m home bound with my daughter who has a terminal disorder.
          Write away. I’m in Hideaway TX

          • I’m home bound as well, my husband is terminal with stage four colon cancer. We could email or connect in some way if you like. I live in Colorado.

        • I am far way from where you live, but have felt that isolation and loneliness a number of times as I’ve moved to be by grandchildren (and their parents). Prior to moving from my friends of many years, I had no idea how separation from those dear people would affect me.

          Again, please reach out. I hope you will find encouragement and new friends with Next Door.

          • hazlewood. Linda, my isinda too. I am a cancer survivor of 33 years I had colitis for most of my childhood. At 25 1/2 years i had a lot got married found out i was pregnant after I gave birth I found out I had cancer. I was under for 10 hours. I have been living with an ileostomy I do not have any large intestine. But i am here. If you can get a hold of the American cancer you can get help there are a lot of findings that could save your husband.if you do nothing but the basic cancer radiation treatment and chemo treatments i pray your husband makes it.

        • Loneliness. – solution. Berkeley. California. Is a college town. —with lots. Of Cafes. Used to see. People at tables. Talking to v each other. Eye to eye. —-NO. MORE. ! Today it’s. One. Person. To a table. With. Their. Laptop. Computer. ——-

          • I live in Pleasanton and feel the same way you do. I like to have conversations face to face. Are you interested in getting to know each other first by e-mail. Also I am married (50 yrs.) I am 70 yuk

          • Hi Harry. Yes technology has isolated most of us. I always admonish my grandchildren to call me inst ad if or in addition to texting. While I have embraced technology, I still hold a letter or phone call near and dear to my heart. Respond back if you wish. Take good care.

          • and they *might* even be reading your post about social isolation! plate o’ shrimp!!

            a late friend of mine, blair newman, back in the early days of the well (one of the oldest online communities) was lamenting that folks seemed to be getting “internet addiction.” his solution? regular group meetings for therapy. online . . .

            I Am Not Making This Up (tm dave barry)

        • Where on Texas? I am in Denton and I feel the same way!! I would like to meet and help our HOA in doing things. I, too lost a husband and am remarried, he works a lot so I am alone a lot. Hopefully your close to me.

        • I wished “the group/s on next door where able to open or function. I’m an isolated grandmother fostering my 4.5 yr old grandson. I wished I could start a group on Nextdoor of maybe others whom may ne feeling like I do. Alone at 60 and no friends whom are raising little kids at my age. I need connections for myself and for my grandson to have a friend to talk and play with. Its a very tough job and I have no one to talk and relate with. I tried sending out a post and receive not a one response. So sad.

          • WHY are you all not putting in your locations? Some of you are, thank you, but many are not so someone who might want to respond will hesitate if they do not know where you’re ‘coming from’. Just a thought . . .

        • Sue would love to meet some nice people to share some laughs and talk withehere in Texas, I was raised pin San Antonio

        • Hi Nancy. My name is Maria. If you (or anyone reading this) have no reservations on my being gay I would love to meet up for coffee and good conversation. I’m going through a 71/2 yr breakup and also work from home which makes it tough. I hope to make friends and get out for a while even if it’s for a walk.

        • Hi Nancy-
          My name is Gretchen and I was touched by your post. I love to mail cards to people via snail mail. I live in California which I know is far away from Texas. If this interests you we could try being pen pals.

          Take care


        • Hi Nancy,
          I am also a widow without any family. I wanted to let you know I found a wonderful group on FB,
          Elder Orphans. I am not a social media type person and only check FB once in awhile. But I look forward to sharing with others in the group. All are very supportive. It would be nice to have a local live group, but in the meantime, you might find this helpful.

        • Hello Nancy, where in texas are you? If ya ever need a friend to chat with, please feel free to e mail me anytime.

          • Nancy
            Hi I am a fellow Texan in the Houston area. are you anywhere in the area. I am retired single and would love to connect, chat, and if you are in the area then get together…… if you see this note and want to, then reach out anytime

        • Hi Ursula-
          I was not born in Germany my parents just fell in love with the name Gretchen and I was the first girl in the family so I was given that name. I live in Northern California. I enjoy food from a variety of cultures as long as it is not to spicey.

          Thanks for reaching out.


      • Hi. I am a 70 yr old female who works in the church pantry. A church group of us elders are getting together Sunday around one to eat at Longhorn, and if you just want to chat about things we can do call me at 404 453 4234. Bonnie

          • Ronald, do you live below the Mackinac Bridge or above? I lived in the UP and became an adopted Yoo per! I was told if you can make it past the 10 year mark and still shoveling your own snow…you become a “Yooper” !! However as they saying goes “If you live below the Bridge you’re a troll” LOL
            My name is Joy and I am now in Arizona

          • A fellow Waterford resident, “Hi”!
            I was reading this blog and all the comments and wondered if anyone lived in Michigan anymore. I’ve lived in Waterford for almost 40 years.

          • I am Sophia in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I am Looking for companion 70-75 years old widower for sport and art activity.

        • bonita you you need more need more help at your church pantry reach me 779 475 1497 i can help you

        • Hi Ursula Fiedler-
          I live in the Bay Area not too far from Berkely. My parents fell in love with the name Gretchen and since I was the first girl in our family I was given that name. I was not born in Germany but I really enjoy eating food from a variety of cultures. Thanks for saying hello.

          • Hi, Ron! I was forced to retire from Empire Blue Cross after I got hit by a car.
            I have never worked for the Federal gov’t.

          • Oh! Sorry to hear that. I worked with a “Beth Babb” for the Federal government and thought it might have been you. In any event, thanks for getting back to me and good luck!

            Warmest Regards,


          • Maria Elena Hi!
            I am sitting here right now scrolling through the posts to see about Texans and Houstonians in particular and came across your post…….I live in the Sugar Land area…… Would you like to connect? I’m going to finish going through the posts to see if there are others in the metroplex area. I’m 62 years young and would like to make some new friendships……..take care

          • Hi Maria Elena!
            Yes I’m in the Houston area. Yay…..I live in the Sugar Land area. You posted this July 24 and today is August 7 and I’m just seeing it….I am not having much success getting responses….reach out if you like and I’ll give you my phone number and/or email address.

      • Hi, Alice! Where do you live? I’d really enjoy a Scrabble game and I have great coffee that I’m quite willing to share. I have some yummy gluten free cheddar crunchies, too, if you’d like. I’m on 4 Strong Place in Cohoes.

      • I feel the same way as Alice Collette. It would be so helpful to me if I could get together with others just for conversations, games, coffee, etc. I think I can speak here for the rest of my family as well.

          • Hi Baron,
            How funny, I went out to Huntington Beach/San Clemente area last year to see if I could move there….I couldn’t believe the real estate prices out there :). Where in Texas are you moving to. I’m in the Houston area. I hope the move goes smoothly for you. Welcome to Texas.

      • Where are you located? I’m in saint Louis and feel the same way. Having coffee just to have some company would be wonderful!

        • Count me in too…my zip is 44124. Mayfield Hts Oh I am retired & would like people that are similar to me likes dislikes doesnt mind an occasional swear word…loves dogs! Someone that is laid back
          I would like a bud or two for lunch, movies, scrabble,etc…

          • I saw your response on Next Door and just wanted to say hello. And hopes this finds u well. Smile people do still care. I have very few people I know to talk to. I live in a rural part of North Bend Wa.
            So again a kind hello
            KarolynYou go girl.

          • You’re the first person I’ve seen on here close to me! I live in Auburn towards Enumclaw, so it’s less than an hour to you, probably (not sure how many minutes your extra rural bit adds on, and my being on the plateau usually adds a bit to people’s travel time calculations). I’m probably a good deal younger than you (given my age relative to everyone else who has posted theirs) but if that doesn’t bother you I’m happy to meet in real life. I like music (probably not the genres you would expect), interesting films, board games, and cats (I have a couple), among many other things.

          • I just love WA and stay in Port Angeles/Olympic Peninsula twice a year
            for weeks, visiting Lake Crescent. Anybody living in that area who is
            also interested in visiting So Cal, please let me know.
            We could get together in both places.
            Hope to meet somebody :))

          • Hi Puget Sound neighbors! I live in Bremerton, so I’m basically in the middle of all of you. Children are grown, and I lost my husband ten years ago. Spend a lot of time talking to my two boxer dogs and gardening. I love to travel and explore, I miss playing cribbage, and make some of the best coffee and baked goods you’ve ever tasted. Email me if you want to get together.

        • Kathleen, We have a group of Christians who read some articles — like an overcoming life every Tuesday morning on a coffee shop. We are in St Louis. Would you like to join

      • My experience with Nextdoor is that the “neighbors” on it have made me feel even more isolated instead of less so. People in my Nextdoor neighborhood don’t have a clue what it means to be old and poor in this area. They have merely increased my impression that there is absolutely nothing to do in this city that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

        • Hi, Nancy! Where are you? I’m lonely too and would really enjoy playing Scrabble and drinking coffee with some neighbors. I live on Strong Place in Cohoes, NY.

        • That’s so sad. I know how you feel. I’m way up north from you! I wish I could help you.

        • Maybe you could start something, maybe in a park, that doesn’t require money. It’s tough! Nobody told me I would have to turn into an extrovert in my later years, but apparently that’s what it takes. And oh yeah, being patient! I’m in Denver; come on over!

          • Hi, I just moved from Denver area- there is plenty stuff to do there. Check out Active they are all over the city- library and senior centers always have something going- if you are a Silver sneakers many things at the recanter are free.
            When I was there belong to several book clubs- a mindfulness group- a adult coloring group-

        • Nancy,
          I have the same impression…I live in a neighborhood with nice homes, and nobody knows anybody around…They keep to themselves, and there is no a common place where the ones who want to meet new people would gather. My own condo owners in my building act hostile and grumpy…I was thinking on proposing a Talk Bench at the front of the building, so we could say Hi while waiting for the Uber car…All this is so depressing, because we can’t count on them in case of emergencies, like hurricanes and storm.

          • I am open to meeting new people as well. I work all week.I usually go all day Sunday without seeing or talking to any one

          • I feel the same way. My last neighborhood, we all knew each other by name, watched out for each others kids, but times have changed. I miss being able to just chat with my neighbors. I’m in Jacksonville, FL

        • Nancy, I have the same feeling of extra isolation. People have been mostly rude in my encounters on Nextdoor, not at all neighborly or kind. Really just a reflection of the city I live in. People are rude “in real life” around these parts, too.

          • Me too. I feel so lonely and isolated. I posted about meeting some people for coffee sometime, and no one responded. My neighbors are sour and unfriendly and I live in an apartment near Portland, Oregon. I feel so sad. I need some friends. I have encountered some very rude and hostile people on Nextdoor here in this area unfortunately. 🙁

        • Agree but there are free things to do such as at public library and sometimes at local senior centers. Maybe try those? I’m in Texas by the way and also don’t have much money. Texas property taxes are so high, I may have to leave my home.

          • Hi Margaret
            I just read a reply post from you to someone and it said you were in Texas. I live in Houston. I hear you regarding taxes. I am looking at having to probably relocate myself from a house I’ve been in for about 20 years. I hope this post goes through. I’ve tried several outgoing the past 10 minutes to several people and the message says “I’ve already sent…”. With the heavy response to the post, hope many of us can make connections here! Have a good day.

          • Where in Texas?
            I live near Austin. Frequently feel isolated & alone especially since retirement. Maybe we can have cup of tea or coffee.

        • You don’t need money to have fun! Find someone and go for a walk, a drive, anything.
          Tell the folks that are mean to just back off or don’t talk with them.

        • Nancy, I’m sure there are lots of nearby people who would love to meet at a park for a walk or visit or at McDonald’s for a “senior coffee”.

          Also, in Missouri, our senior center not only provides a low cost meal, but many activities (dancing, cards, woodworking etc).

        • I understand perfectly. I live alone am a widow and if one could die of loneliness I would be dead. My husband passed away 10 years ago and my only son is too busy for me. I have many neighbors but none offer any kind of support……….. not hi, come over for a cup of coffee or even a wave. It’s awful to be in a neighborhood for 10 years and no one even notices an 89 year old woman using a walker.

          • I would be happy to be your friend. I understand from experience how you feel.

          • Hi Janet,
            I just read your post. I wished you lived nearby! I understand what you wrote…..I have lived in my neighborhood for about 15 years and have the same scenario. I have always been friends with my neighbors before living here, everyone doing for each other and in each other’s homes. IT’s a different world now. And I’m only 62. Is there any chance you are in the Houston area? I’m sending you a huge hug my dear. Janice

          • Hi Janet,

            I’m so sorry that you have no support.. I too am lonely and don’t have a lot of support. I didn’t think I’d end up divorced with no kids. Life is even harder for us who are alone. Please know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. ?❤

          • Hi Janet, my name is Mary. I live in San Antonio, TX. Where do you live?

          • Hi Janet,

            My name is Mary. Where do you live? I would love to chat with you.

            I live in San Antonio, TX

          • Hi Janet, Sorry lost your husband, I have lost my husband for over 10 years.
            Try to call Senior Center or AARP to look for some activity in your city, or join church. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, you have to open door for yourself, try to get out the house and enjoy your life, lot of people are looking for some one. Enjoy today tomorrow never come. If you have any problem please e-mail me. My name is Mitzi

          • I sure understand_ same for me exceptI am in Hickory,NC. It is such a different world when one retires…

          • Hi Janet, I just read your post an it just put a big lump in my throat. I am so sorry that your son doesnt make time in his day to go visit you and show you love daily. It’s so sad you only get one mother and one father in your life time, you have to make time to show your love for your parents. My mom is also very old she is 91 and she lives far from me. But I text her daily, call her often and fly over to go see her at least 3 times a year. She is my heart and I dont know how anybody could not make time for their parents. My mom lives alone but my brother lives like 8 mins from her my sister lives very close to her. Every single day one of them are there to check on her popping in different times of the day to see if she has any needs or wants or to play games with her. She has trouble walking but her mind is very active and she loves to play games and she paints. I wish you werent so far I would be more then happy to go visit and do things with you that interest you. But since that is not possible you can message me or email me, we can stay in contact that way if you ever just need some one to talk to.

          • I know your feeling. I lost my husband Apr.2018 and I have been totally alone since he passed. I never see my son, as he is too busy to even call. I have no other family and go days without seeing anyone.
            It has been a sad time since he died. I have my two small dogs and they are my only family now. Do not give any close friends, as my husband and I spent all our time with each other. It is hard for me to meet people for I am very introverted and he died with no life insurance, I am on disability so have no money to go places. I struggle just to pay mortgage and utilities. My life has definitely changed since he died.

          • Hi I’m Gail where do you live , I live in Phoenix. I’m 71. My daughter is living with me and she’s helping me big time with mortgage and bills. She has Aspergers and needs to work.
            Unless people took the time to be a caregiver of their loved ones they have no idea how to talk to a senior. I hate the word Elderly. Now tha I’m older I’m by no means Elderly. Let me know if you want to chat or e-mail

        • Senior Activity Centers, here in Austin, TX have classes, groups, local day trips little cost, m-f. All of us over 50, friendly people. I found a group meeting every Tuesday 10-noon, people doing any kind of art. We have demos one time, bring in our own work, sketches ok, have an art show & sale in May and in Nov, art plus craft. You know, come up with gifts, decor people buy for holidays.
          You can run into people & just start talking to them, at the store, the VA, drive & get ‘lost in your town or nearest city, ask a clerk or shop owner what’s good around there. In Austin, City sponsors free yoga for Seniors at branch libraries. I went, & after a class just stood next to a couple people talking & complimented someone on their striking jewelry. You start talking, she says “There’s this ohter group I belong to” – that is how I found municipal Senior Center.
          Or get the local weekly “what is happening” paper, go to some of the more laid-back art openings. People to talk to. I went to a twice-yearly huge “open studio” just looking in the catalog & the map, in people’s garage or spare bedroom or a shared studio space. Ended up joining the group that organized it. About $4 a month if you don’t have the $50 for one year. They email about lots of events for learning & meeting & sharing your ways around common issues.At one, I said to the young guy next to me I did not get to the last lecture. He promptly got his cell phone & texted his notes to my phone, which I had left home. Today, remembered I had sat next to a fascinating person who had created manipulated photos in great colors while traveling for his regular work. I took several, & while at a small branch library, noticed some abstracts on a wall that remained me of his work. Asked – so, they show local artists there. I thought, his photos! Powerfu, unusual. Today, I thought of bringing us together. I will write him about left Ietting me bring my collection of his photos that he was giving away at a (free) Art Swap event, to that library. Whole new career, I will bring to groups I joined & art places I go already. Then I will ask to have us meet; the young man is a photographer who would find out how to successfully run a business and learn the process for those photos, gain a mentor. He helped me with last meeting’s notes & I can help him. I will collect more of the work & have the satisfaction of getting the artist & his work to the city’s art community, incl.enthusiasts who will buy. The architect, who ran an art gallery at a profit elsewhere and is missing that, will become the latest discovery on our art scene.
          Now, I don’t have money either; a lot of debt, and an ex that spent my money/credit, half-renovated house with burnt-out central a/c, over 60, somewhat disabled. On paper not a lot to work with.

          As Mother said when things were pretty rough, “Just put one foot in front of the other.”

          And, before I forget, money – anyone who whacks you over the head with theirs, is saying they have nothing else going for them. Sad.
          I just bought a couple small window units, 3 days ahead of predicted really dangerously hot month. Someone on Next Door is looking for work; I was about to text, can he help me install them. Now I can get work done, art & other things, see where all that leads. Have other people over, to interact & before long give lessons in one thing or another.
          As somebody, I usually forget who said these things, said,
          You start where you are, with what you have. Mother’s way you just put your foot out and persist, keep going if you’re shy or have little money or something hurts join us, we all have these or similar and now you are not alone. I have found you just get up & put your favorite earrings on, go out the door & go somewhere, anywhere – notice the other people, say something. At the grocery college students ask me what you do with that, or what are these spices you’re buying for. No doubt they will find out; I will do something to get that inf. out.
          Human interaction & some work that makes the world better, you get going on those and you get in a strong mental state that the hassles seem minor.
          If you have ever done anything interesting, useful or both some community college or craft group or small woodworking business will have you as a guest giving a talk/demo. You put that foot out there, notice what someone else seems to need: then you have decent friends, maybe another sideline for earning.
          Will wind this up (you got me into a reflective mood!) so can hire that man to get me back into a/c. Lots to do. Try it, for real – it works.

          • I’m so sorry you feel that way Nancy. I’m lonely and bored a good deal of the time. Started going to a Church that excepts just about everyone and that has helped me quite a bit. Also go on bus trips with the Seniors and enjoy that a lot. Still need friends to visit and go out to lunch, movies, play cards or just to hang out with. I doubt I live anyplace near you but just wanted to say “hello” and wish you well.

          • Reading all these interesting stories from you wonderful people, I find very helpful not only to me, but others as well. The responses are and caring for each other makes this World a better place. I came from a very friendly and caring neighborhood. I am now living the opposite which is very difficult adjustment. If you get a hand lift, that’s a good day. I would love to meet some nice, friendly, honest, God faring people. I am from the West Indies, if interested. My present location Las Vegas. Blessings to all.

        • Hi everyone. Anyone live in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. I am lonely as well. My Nextdoor Neighbor does mostly Request for people who can do yard work etc. Sell stuff, lost animals-which I like about it- but no connecting.

          • Hi Theresa,

            A few years late to see your post… I’m in N.H.
            Please write if you see this!


          • Hi Theresa,

            I am seeing your message a few years too late. I live in N.H.
            if you see this feel free to respond Sandibeech29@gmail. Please put something on the subject line, so I’ll know it isn’t spam, if you respond.

          • Hello,

            My name is Jeff. I live in Laguna Woods. Maybe we could talk on the phone, and meet sometime.

          • Hi Margie, I travel to Orange Co. twice yearly to visit my son and his family. I live in Arlington TX but am a native SoCal-ian. When visiting I often need to find things to occupy myself and live to get out. I am a 63 yo female and active (no surfing, just spectating.) Message me if you’d like to arrange a meetup, I’ll be there in LB later in August.

          • Jeffrey, how few people appear to reside in Orange County, CA. I suspect that most are engaged in working long hours to pay off their Tesla! Me? No Tesla, live in Huntington Beach, where one may start each morning enjoying Dog Beach with their unleashed dog romping into the waves with the surfers and dolphins.

      • Hello Alice,

        Welcome to Nextdoor. Sorry that you are lonely. I would love tomeet you for coffee sometime. What neighborhood are you in. We can taught on the computer and get to know each other.

      • Go to the Goebel Senior Center, there is lot to do there, every day..they offer a $3 lunch, Monday thru Friday.Bingo is available Tuesday’s Friday and Saturday.. a minimum buy in for approximately$10..there are lot’s of things from knitting, sewing, for those less, fortunate than others, they have a gift store, where these are sold., the gift shop is under renovation right now, but soon will reopen..

      • Alice Collette, I am free most evenings and play cards by myself. Would be happy to stop by… I am wondering, since I am seeing your post, are we in the same Nextdoor community? I am in North Buckhead/ Highpoint.

          • Hi Bob. Somewhere in this thread I saw a post from gentleman in Marietta. Used to live there myself. Perhaps you could contact him. If they still have the Sat. Farmers Market thing in the Marietta Square it might be a nice activity. Say hello to Lake Allatoona for me!

          • People who are finding their immediate neighbors to be less than welcoming (I’m so sorry!), maybe try widening your Neighborhoods. You can do this in your Settings ~ some people prefer to remain within several blocks of their home, but I like to know what is going on all around me. I’m on maybe a dozen differently named neighborhoods, but they’re all within 2 miles of me. People have started several themed book clubs, doggie play dates, bird watching, different kinds of exercise meet-ups (walking, hiking, biking, yoga), and an “I’m lonely, fixed-income, coffee-at-McDonald’s” group that is so sweet and kind to each other.
            Expand your horizons and maybe you’ll catch a new friend, or three!

      • Good morning, Alice! How are you? I don’t remember…do you live anywhere near Cohoes, NY? It sure would be nifty to have you over for coffee sometime. Do you like to play Scrabble? It’s my favourite game, so we could have coffee and Scrabble if you’d enjoy that.

        • Hi Lorraine
          I don’t live on Staten Island but I visit there quite a bit.
          I’m in the Annandale area… where are you?

        • Hi. Lorraine! I’m on the East coast, but I’m nowhere near you, I’m afraid. I live in Cohoes, NY, so I’m a few hundred miles upstate from you. Cohoes is near Albany, the capital.

      • Hi..I’m so grateful for NEXTDOOR,Just being able to meet people,well lets just say I’m so looking forward to it. I’m disabled,live alone-not exactly,my lil guy Nash is a big help emotionally-we talk all the time..he’s my dog,all 10 lbs of him. I’m in upstate ny

        • Hi! Would like to meet new people and make friends. Moved to California and feel a bit homesick and isolated.

          • HI Dee; where do you live in CA? I am near Ventura.
            I am lonely too, — would love to meet people.
            Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks….

      • I agree a im lonely and if we could make a free time .games play in takes things off the mind .i love table could invite me. Bein 58 and not work in at this one likes to hire at this age.i wish I new of a elder agency that hires just to keep me bissy. Any comments any body.tina renee

        • I found out the thing.
          When I became disabled, I had to give up my business, because a lot of it was physically too hard for me.
          When I tried to get a part time job, everybody wanted a degree. I had no work references, since I was self employed.
          I went to college and graduated in May with a degree in business administration.
          Now I’m trying to find a job and it’s really hard since I’m 60 years old. My husband is a truck driver and he is gone a lot.


          • You and I have a lot in common. Where are you located? I recently moved from San Jose, California to Caldwell, Idaho.

          • Hi Silvia,
            My name is Janie and read your post. Where do you live? I live in San Antonio Texas. I’m not lonely, but I do know how you feel, we are empty nesters but my husband is always gone for work. So just know that there are people out there that care.

          • Where you from? I am from Indiana. My name is Penny. I am 56. I am disabled as well and hate it. I need a friend to talk to. What do you say?

          • Hi Sylvia, Try applying at a trucking company/Sometimes a smaller company is better..Wishing you Luck!!

        • Tina, do you have something called Senior Options? We do in Columbus, Ohio. I know what you mean about age discrimination ! Been there done that! If not contact Dept. On Aging and ask about working again! You are young! Well nice talking to you and I hope you find something to keep you busy!

      • I would love to meet new people and just like you would like to play bingo and games, or just to get together for coffee or tea.

          • Hi everyone! Anyone in the Fayetteville, North Carolina area? I am isolated and lonely,looking to meet someone to at least visit with and talk to. I’m a 63 yr. old widow.

      • where do u live up for coffee. i live in Carrollton. do u mind my 12 year old chihuahua?

      • Alice where do you live please…….i would love to meet people……..i just moved here to Helena ?

      • Hi Alice Collette!
        My name is also Collette. You may already know that your name means VICTORIOUS! You are going to overcome the situation that you’re in. Changes require getting out of our comfort zone.
        What City do you live in?

          • Hi Mary;
            do you ever come to Camarillo or Ventura?
            Would love to get together.
            Text me to 918-605-0404

          • Hi Ursula:

            I live near Pasadena in Sierra Madre. Do you come down to the LA area?

          • To Jacki Schomer — Thanks for responding.
            How could I get in touch with your sister in Camarillo?
            Please contact me … 918-605-0404
            email to “”

          • She said right now she is babysitting her granddaughters and is real busy. I’m sorry. I’d call you if I were in Camarillo. I am a recent widow (hate that word) and live near Houston.

        • To Ida —
          thanks for responding. No, I never come to Pasadena.
          But do you ever come out to Camarillo/Ventura?
          Are you from Germany? I grew up there.
          Text me to 918-605-0404

      • Hi Alice, I live in FL, am a widow & am lonely most of the time. I know my neighbors next door barely, and that’s it. No one to count on really, so I know how you feel. Loneliness can be an awful crutch to live by.

        • Hi, my name is Janet and I just moved to Austin TX. from upstate NY. I would love to meet some folks, as I know only my roommate. I am a retired teacher and rehabilitation counselor.

          • Hello.

            I saw your post on Nextdoor. I lived in Austin for many years and recently moved to San Antonio which is @ an hour south of Austin.
            I still travel to Austin fairly frequently. I am a 60 yr old single female, no children, and am semi-retired from work in the medical and public education fields. I am looking to meet new people. My email is

          • Hi – well, I could introduce you to the places, groups here where you will be around people who like the same things you do whatever those are. Austin 30 years now; lived in Northeast in the 80s. First thing, every Thursday about noon you pick up the weekly paper, Austin Chronicle. Listings in culture, art, community especially get a person out mingling. Drive over to the East Side, Google farmers markets for days/hours open, esp. Boggy Creek Farm orJohnson’s Backyard, you drive out & buy your veg right where they grow it. Then stop in almost any barbecue joint. Brisket, specify the lean end, cole slaw & beans if UR into health.

            Good place to start, there is a great city-sponsored network of these places, like clubs, with many groups, games, all kinds of exercise, & it is for only 50+. The classes & meetings are M – F. Easygoing, all super nice people. Someone told me about it just this year. “Google Senior Activity Centers”. I go to the Lamar SAC, would have gone @ 50 if knew! I can take you there, also we can meet for coffee or at one of the good local eating places I know – Austin is becoming nationally known for food, besides high tech, live music. A lot of fun here, creativity all kinds. You have scored a top spot for living an interesting life, however you happened on Austin. Also we are really big on environment, turning old ‘junk’ into new whatever, organic gardening, volunteering, huge range of classes. So if you are @ all into making the world better you are already one of us. Majority here are from elsewhere as we have nearly 50,000 students at UT alone, many stay after college. You get into it just being out & about. Like, eventually I will teach cooking to college students. Have to since they keep asking me stuff @ the grocery store and really want this vital skill to use daily/lifelong. Why keep it to yourself? Tho’ no kids myself here are thousands of them like “At the house I share, all we have is celery salt.” Aaaaaack! Something UR into, you would pass along?

            Also miss Northeast accents! – lived in N’ Hampsha’ several years. The kindness of small town culture shaped by shared experiences such as winter (bet you don’t miss driving on black ice, either!).

            Don’t worry, in person I am basically an introvert & only on occasion so chatty. The internet brings it out, probably the sense of anonymity, like being on a plane by strangers.

        • Hi Nedra, I live in Florida too, I play bridge game and as well as any cards game too.
          If you like to learn play bridge, I am more than happy to help you to play or take lessen.
          Please e-mail me,

          • Live between Naples and Marco Is.Florida. Love to play Bridge, Euchre and other card games. driving is limited

          • Hi, Sherri
            My name is Debbie
            Where in south florida do you live? I live in delray beach and reaching out to say hello and maybe we can connect.

        • Where in Florida do you live? I live in Tampa. Hope you are close so we can meet someplace. Barbara Beall

        • Hi, Nedra
          I live in south florida, delray beach to be more specific. Where in florida do you live? I am divorced without kids and 57 years old. Lonely and without dog (which I want but can’t have right now). Home a lot but trying to get more balance in my life.

      • I agree. I would like to create a new circle of friends. I used to, but too many people went in diff directions.
        Im in South Florida. Im home most of the day. 61 yrs young.

        • I’m a busily retired nurse in Houston, TX. I’m a volunteer ESL teacher and I make quilts to donate to a retirement community. I love cooking, gardening and sewing. If it would help I am willing to be an email penpal with someone with similar (or different) interests. PM me for email address.

        • Hi, Sherri
          I live in south florida, too and would love to meet for coffee sometime. I would like to create a new circle of friends, too. I am 57 and I live in Delray Beach. You can email me directly at It’s a lot easier to connect than going through all these posts. That is, if you’re interested in connecting.

      • Hi Alice! I am not much of a game player. I am looking for someone to go to lunch and see “The Lion King”. Am a major movie buff, but don’t care for going alone. If you are interested let me know. Also there a group of Next door women who get together once a month for lunch. We go to a different restaurant each month. The next one is Thursday August 8th. It will be at Dan’s Clam Stand in Crystal River. You would be most welcome to attend. The time is 11:30 am. Hope to see you there.

        • Hi Puget Sound neighbors! I live in Bremerton, so I’m basically in the middle of all of you. Children are grown, and I lost my husband ten years ago. Spend a lot of time talking to my two boxer dogs and gardening. I love to travel and explore, I miss playing cribbage, and make some of the best coffee and baked goods you’ve ever tasted. Email me if you want to get together.

      • I don’t know where you live but I am in Minneapolis and I feel the same loneliness since retirement . I’d be happy to be a pen pal or social media friend.

        • Iris, I am Toni from NYC. Widowed with one friend left who works a few jobs. I am a retired teacher and having health issues right now that keep me home a lot.
          Maybe we could write on What’s App. It a free app – you can talk on it without giving put your number, too.
          Would you like to communicate? Love to.
          Hope you are well.
          All the best,

        • I am in St. Paul and would be more than happy to meet in Minneapolis. Newly retired and bored beyond words.

          • Hi Gayle,
            I’ve been retired for a year and a half, divorced for three and a half, live West of Mpls., MN in Montrose. Looking for a life with a new girlfriend to share my life with. I love country music and ride a Harley when I get a chance.
            If anyone is interested call Kevin 763-221-5015.

        • I live in Edina,( but am definitely not a “cake-eater.) I’ve lived here about ten years. I love dogs (don’t have one:( ). I read a lot and play ponytail canasta. I don’t get out much anymore, mostly because I don’t drive anymore and use a walker. I see you’re in Minneapolis. I use Uber frequently. I think being retired and not from this area is a set-up for loneliness. Maybe we could connect for. . . whatever. I definitely drink coffee. Best way to reach me is probably e-mail. I’m at

      • I’m also lonely. I have severe back problems and am unable to walk very well. I would love to chat with some neighbors that I do not know yet.
        I have two beautiful dogs and they are my family.
        I live on Dickson Lane.
        Thank you

      • Hi Alice I am Beverly I love doing puzzles, cooking, window shopping, making earrings and walking, i retired early 4 years ago an I am finding that it can be a lonesome road.I am a black female that doesn;’t have any racial barriers I am open to friendships with all nationalities, Indian, white, mexican, black, ect.I think we can make an impact on each others lives if we give each other a fair chance.

        • Where in Texas?
          I live near Austin. Frequently feel isolated & alone especially since retirement. In reading your post seems we have much in common! Would very much enjoy meeting up with you. Messenger me or email at

        • Hi Beverly
          I’m Sat Prem. I am going through all of the posts looking for Houston and Texas people, are you in the area? I love what you have expressed……I also retired a few years ago and it is a lonesome road. And we all need community……

        • I’m glad that it’s going so well for you in Austin. I live in Cedar Park area, and I am drowning in loneliness here. My husband was a Veteran and died a couple of years ago. I am desperate alone. I never thought it would be this way. The little family that I do have live 3 hours away. On days when I am not feeling well, it can feel frightening.
          There are no kind connections around.

        • Hi Beverly
          What city/ are you in? I’m in Abilene, TX and since my divorce in 2017, I’ve been trying to find a gal-pal to hang out with.

      • HiAlice! I recently”discovered” a nee coffee shop in brentwood& want to checkbit out… how’d you like to mwet me there sometime?! It’s called,”deer creek coffee.”& is located wt The Boulevard( on brentwood boulevard actoss from The Galleria mall.

      • Alice, let me know if you are near North Highlands, CA because we formed a group of ladies who get together to eat and for area day activities that interest us.

      • Hullo, I’m Sheila LaShay Earl, disabled, know very few people, spend most time with myself, same stories I’ve heard over and over and over, new input desperately desired, please ?!?!?!

        • Hi Janet,i truly understand. It sounds like I’m in a similar situation except my son comes by for lunch M-F for about 15-20 minutes but not on week-ends. I’m going to be 76 this month but,i use a walker. Only go out to grocery store and i drive myself. It could be worse and it could but,the only one that calls me and talks maybe 5-10 minutes but,i miss interacting with people. My neighbors aren’t friendly either. I lost my last sibling (brother) last of 5/12,lost my husband 6/7/12,and lost my oldest son in New Bern,N.C., 6/28/12. It sure can get lonely. I live in Fort Wayne,IN. GOD BLESS YOU AND I HOPE YOU FIND SOMEONE IN YOUR AREA. DON’T GIVE UP!

      • I love games and cards, Alice, and I’m lonely sometimes too. Di you live in the Kingston Ny area?

      • Hi Alice, I think my original msg didn’t go thru. I am in Lake Mary, Fl. If you are in a nearby neighborhood, I wd love to meet you for chat and coffee.

      • Hi Alice my name is Leanne Parker and I live on Limestone Dr. I am starting a social group just for women to come together and talk, meet new people and make new friends. Contact me at and let’s meet?

      • Same here! I have thought about reaching out, before; but I worry I might be taken advantage of. I wish you were in my neighborhood.

      • I would love to get together for coffee, chats and friendship. I am so lonely. I just moved to Alexandria. Bought a townhouse and am having a hard time adjusting to where I am living. My tel is 703 881-6091. I look forward to hearing from you. Kam

      • I am new to Alexandria Virginia. That sounds wonderful to me. I would love to make new friends. I’m feeling pretty isolated. My number is 703-881-6091

      • Good morning, Alice! Say…do you play Scrabble? It’s my favourite game, so I’m always looking for players. I live in Cohoes, on Strong Place.

      • Hello Alice, I’m Zedd. I’m interested in developing good friendships and life time aquantices. I have no idea where to start. I’m located in the Gainesville fl. Area. I’m early retired looking to change that status and also my introverted mindset.

        Good Opinions are appreciated.

        • Hi, Zedd
          I live in south florida, delray beach to be more specific. I am divorced without kids and 57 years old. Lonely and without dog (which I want but can’t have right now). Home a lot but trying to get more balance in my life. I can relate to what you said about trying to change your introverted mindset and wanting to develop good friendships (for a reason, a season, or a life time).

      • Are you local in Pauma Valley or Valley Center? I would love to get together to play cards or whatever.

      • Hi Alice,

        I moved to Aspen Glen – Indian Springs Boynton Beach January 2018 and always welcome to new friends for coffee, movies, theater, etc. Experienced realtor since 1993 assisting buyer and sellers throughout Palm Beach County, Florida

      • Young SAHM here with small kids 1-6 I would love to socialize with locals. I have a passion for fitness and family.

      • Hi Alice
        I would like to meet you one day for coffee, My name is Pam and spending time with others I really enjoy that. I too like games, cards and I would like to learn how to play dominos. Email me and join me for coffee Everyone needs more friends including me!!

      • Hi Alice Collette, I liked your message and would be happy just getting together for simple card game and coffee…Please PM me. Thank you.

      • I am now 59, partially disabled by chronic pain, which causes depression. I’ve had 6 operations in past 4 years and only have a few friends who check in in me for a few minutes every other day, which is nice
        However, I like to feed the birds and I keep record of the many different types of birds throughout the year. I am unable to work anymore, I haven’t any family of my own, so I feed the birds. Trouble is(not for me) but I have 2 neighbors who think feeding birds attract rats. I’ve never seen one here. Also, there are pigeons who come, which I don’t mind, but, of course, these 2 neighbors hate pigeons. What can I do? Put up a sign-No Pigeons Allowed!! sign…lol Because of physical issues I can’t work or do much and this depresses me. Keeping a record of different birds that come by and squirrels and pigeons are friendly AND clean. So, these neighbors now hate me, gossip about me and it’s sad that people can be so cruel. They’ve called the town at least 5 times about this(yes, 5 times). The inspector came and found no infractions. Why can’t people just” Mind their own business?”. All I do, besides feeding birds and gardening is Charity work. I’m focused on doing good deeds and have even donated blood platelets close to 50 times. I really miss the 1980’s, the Reagan years when people were more social, helpful and kind. Thanks to all for letting me vent. My name is Rich on Pittsburgh Ave. Be well to all!

        • Good morning, Rich! I’m sorry to read you have chronic pain, too. I know firsthand that it’s no fun at all. I’m lucky in that pain doesn’t depress me very often, but it can make me angry and snappy to people.

          If you ever feel the need to just vent, or to talk to another sufferer, my email is

        • Hi Rich,
          Keep feeding those birds, I’m up to 30 in my backyard. Those pigeons here are morning doves. They eat up everything so I chase them off. Same with the house finch, appropriately named because they eat like a house, never stop. Very smart bird. The mockingbird too, eat and chase the songbirds away. So I chase them away. Well for about an hour, I suppose the other 23 they are having a time. Call if you want to talk birds, especially the wily little hummingbird. 404 989 3636 (Atlanta but maybe not for long)

        • Hi Rich,
          I just now happened to open your post. I relate to a lot of what you have shared here. I live in Houston, what city are you in? I love birds. thanks for sharing

        • I deal with chronic pain and isolation. I think your facetious idea of a pigeon sign is great, it’s something I would absolutely do! at least 2 or 3 of them facing their houses. Concentrate on the awesome outdoor nature you seem to be very in tune with, rather than your sour neighbors. Rats really aren’t thrilled about bird food (unless your birds are carnivores). Pintrest has some great ideas for less mess bird/squirrel feeders. Depression is not to be ignored, for inspiration, encouragement and a place to make friends with people in similar situations as you The Mighty is a great site to check out.
          I have a semi tame squirrel named Frankie & his little family, a loud group of blue Jays, doves that coo in the evening, 2 (new to my yard) hummingbirds and my own murder of crows that will actually see me through my house window and start cawing like they are starving to death. Do you ever share your bird information with the Audubon society? They need observant people to share their observations in order to track migration patterns and population information on certain species.

          • My experience with rats has been a bit different; we have bird feeders in our back yard and the rats do like the bird food – I’ve seen them on the feeders if I go out late at night, and previous dogs we’ve had actually caught some that were on the feeders when they went out. (Of course, the rats also love our compost bin, so I don’t know if they’d go into our yard just for the bird food, but since it’s there…)

      • I notice that a lot of folks are talking about getting together w/o really knowing each other. I wish the article had included safety guidelines, such as not meeting in homes and meeting in groups until trusting relationships are established. I guess I’m the Debbie Downer in the group today!

      • Hi, Alice
        I am also feeling lonely and would love to meet and make new friends that I can do things with including games, coffee, movies, shopping, attending craft shows, etc. I don’t know where you live but perhaps we can feel less lonely by connecting.

      • Hi Alice my name is Maria. I live on Walnut Meadow Dr. I’ll be honest with you- if you have no reservations on my being gay please let me know and we could have coffee and chat. I’m going through a 7 1/2 year break-up and I work from home which makes my sadness worse!

        • So sorry but since I’m new to this I didn’t realize there was people from around the world! I though it was in my neighborhood! Please disregard if you’re not in Houston Tx.

      • looking 4 people in West Sacramento to meet, play cards, go places, invite to bingo if U R that person please reply I will send U my phone #

        • Hopefully my previous post reached you. My wife and I are in West Sac. Will be babysitting our grandson next two days. Leaving on Alaskan cruise soon. We stay pretty busy but always room for new friends.

      • Dear Alice and others, count me in too, I am open to meet people and have coffee or dinner, games, cards, walking, etc. Let me know, I am in Porter Ranch, CAlifornia.

      • What should I do to find people to get together in outings to theater , movies, chats face to face , card games etc ? I’m in Miami and can’t see the reason for reading a lot about people dar away since I want the here and now relationships.

        There is a space called Meet up , but I don’t enjoy going alone … if urged , I may do it , but I’m sometimes involved in preparing my trips … I travel quite a bit

      • Alice, I have been plagued by back and leg problems long before I moved to This neighborhood. Hopefully very shortly here I’ll have a pain pump implanted. I would love to meet people and get involved with neighbored activities. I’d love to hook up with you, but I don’t know how to reach you! Thanks for speaking out! I live in Wynston Mill Subdivision in Collierville, TN.

    • I see nothing on this site regarding alone or & loneliness??? There were several attempts for game & card get together but that failed ..lunch a bunch would be great..but no effort or attempt has been made Sad!

      • Hi — I am in California — have started my own menopause group as a support group for women twice a month now and am seeing a lot posted too about summer bike ride meetups and such – wondering Nicky if maybe you too might go ahead and start something as well that is of interest to you an others??? It is not hard to do and I bet people wil respond — not sure what part of the country you are in???? Lonliness is awful and no one should ever ever have to feel of be lonely no!!! This is shy I love NEXTDOOR – at least here we seem to watch out for each other as we live pretty close and a few of us have started up some things to do — there are a lot of hings to do – I was just thinking that early this morn on my walk!!!! Feel free to write anytime — maybe we can think of some good ideas together???

        • I live in the San Fernando valley CA and I get lonely even though I am living in a place many people and we don’t talk to each other

          • Hi…i am mostly a shut in and get very lonely at times…would like to chat with someone or maybe have coffee…i live in San Jose, California…i am 72yrs old

          • Hi Barbara; I live in Ventura County;lonely too,;
            let me know if you (and anybody else:) would like to visit
            or start corresponding….. Ursula

          • Hi, Barbara Hanna,
            The San Fernando Valley is a nice place. I live in the western part of it, and have for the past 40 years. It’s full of people I don’t know. I don’t even know my neighbors anymore. The kids next door smile and wave, but that’s about it.
            I was scrolling down the page here, and it looked like everyone was east of the Mississippi. I’d almost given up finding a listing for Southern California, let alone the San Fernando Valley. So of course I had to reply!
            You are right; people don’t really talk with people anymore. The Internet/Web has taken so much away from meeting and communicating. The biggest loss I see is the face to face interaction of conversation. Real life is so much better than trying to read between the typed word lines for meaning that is communicated so much better and accurately when one can see one another. I still think that conversation in person is the fastest and best way to communicate.
            Anyway, just thought I’d say ‘hi’ and ramble on a bit. Perhaps, if interested, we can talk here, there, or somewhere.
            Stay cool, stay hydrated, and stay safe!

          • Hi you two in So Cal;
            I live not too far west of you, in Camarillo.
            Would love to meet you.
            Lonely here,,,,,,

          • Camarillo is a different world from Los Angeles. Dropping down the Conejo Grade from my end always puts me in a slower, more peaceful frame of mind. Some of the best strawberries I ever had were bought road-side in Camarillo.
            Life sometimes gets lonely, indeed. I retired from nursing (I’m an LVN) about 3 years ago, started volunteering here and there, and that’s helped a little. Not much opportunity to meet people with whom to converse, discuss, and interact in those venues. Everyone has a home and a family. I go home, alone, to read, to post on various social media, eat, and sleep.
            Camarillo is not that far from me. Perhaps we could meet at either end of the distance, or somewhere between, sometime, for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

          • Yes, I’d certainly like to meet people. Let me know the next time you get close to Camarillo
            or Ventura. And you are right, the strawberries are good; so is the cool ocean breeze :))
            Which city do you live in?

          • I live in Camarillo, Ventura County, CA.
            Would love to meet you all.
            Text me: 918-605-0404

          • Hello, Mary Matkins, I’m in Winnetka too. It seems there are a few of us who feel isolated and at times lonely in the San Fernando Valley. We could maybe take over a few tables at a Denny’s or some place we could actually see each other smile and feel the gentleness of a handshake.
            The big problem I see with this nationwide blog is that there is so much to sift through. My tailbone starts hurting about half way through each evening’s reading, and then I find only one or two out of a mailbox full of replies and posts. I’ll look for you in my Nextdoor locally and maybe we can bypass the massive mailings, if you so desire.
            Anyway, it is very nice to know that I’m not alone here in Winnetka, CA. Have a great weekend!
            Rick Wood

          • Hi Barbara
            For me I don’t want technology. I need one on one or one on two contact. I’m lonely and want conversation.

          • I am very lonely too, but I’m pretty sure nobody really gives a damn! Not even my roommate, her!! Oh well, sure would be nice to have coffee and lay down my dominoe!

          • I agree Barbara. I would love a technology group for seniors. I’m 70 years old and consider myself to be very tech savvy, yet when searching online all I can find is info on teaching technology to seniors. Seniors today are not the same as our parents generation.

            It’s true that technology has contributed to today’s isolation but at the same time it’s what has allowed all of us to be right here, connecting as we are.

        • Good morning, Carolyne! How are you? I think a menopause group is a great idea! I wish we lived closer…I’m on the other side of the country in Cohoes, NY. I’m the right age (53) but too far away. I guess I can talk electronically. Ha ha

      • Not sure where you live but I am from Keene nh and would love to have neighbors stop in to play card or board games or just a cup of coffee or even lunch.

      • VERY sad! Thanks for voicing this, I thought I was the only one who noticed. Last night I sent a request to the support team about adding a Chat feature. That way neighborhood folks can casually “drop in” and “hang out” virtually. They said they’ll pass it onto the higher ups and dev team. I am not sure if anyone is actually paying attention to user requests, but we’ll see.

      • I posted about being alone and lonely….I read some other posts, too. Where are you? It would be cool to meet for lunch or Scrabble. I’m in Cohoes, NY.

        • Good evening Beth Babb, When you get lonely and stay home alone all the time, Have you thought about going the visit the home for the elderly, the hospitals, the old folks home. Is there a senior citizens location where there is food served for a small fee and the company is great. Try it some time, you just might like it and lose all the boredom. Not only that there are others that would like to share thei experiences with you. I live in Victoria Texas and my wife and I dont have time to get bored. Share a smile with someone and you would be supprised that you will get it back.
          Let me hear from you when you get lonely.

      • Then, Nicki, you must be the engine that gets such a thing started. Don’t wait for someone else.

      • Hi Nicki I am available for lunch most days of the week as I do go out to lunch alone sometime, I go to Panera, Golden corral, Chili’s , Applebees, Texas Roadhouse, Coney Island. Qudoba’s, and other places that have soup and salad bars.

      • It’s very difficult to put it out there in a public forum in the hope that one won’t be judged as a loser- to be blunt. It’s just easier to make suggestions for get-togethers.

      • Nicki: Sad that no effort has been made to get a bunch together for lunch to feel safer! Well someone once said that: “To find friend, one must first be a friend”. Every project or group needs a leader to get it started and to keep it going! It takes work, lots of it to get people together to work on a mutual project that truly benefit each and every person in the group. So, to all, which of you is going to be that leader? since no one has attempted it, then that is your opening, You be the leader and be the one to reap the larger share of the reward for your selfless work to to get it going and make it work! You can be that leader. It is your great Idea so don’t wait for someone else to do it!

        I am 83 years old, a Male who is married for the third time, this time for 19 years the previous one for 25 1/2 years and the first one for 12 1/2 years. I have outlived the first two and don’t expect to outlive the third as she is 11 year younger than I and really keeps me busy. I retired at age 70 or 71, not sure of my Birthday or birth location nor exactly who my parents are! this has led to a great Hobby in retirement (this is not an advertisement) I have become very active in Genealogy work to unravel my life. so far I have a family tree with over 32,000 names in it. Ok I do know who my Grandparents are on both side and have it verified via DNA I think I know my Bio Mother and that checks out via DNA as well and is my life mother’s older Sister and I am sure that my Bio father is either my life Father or his older Brother, this also checks out via DNA but I have very little documentation on any of it and what I do have is contradictory, such as I have a Birth Certificate that was different from the name I had always used so while in the Army applying for a Security clearance this came to light and I had to have my name legally changed! that fixed that but Mom and Dad still would not talk about it nor my Older Brother who recently passed away My older Relatives while they were alive thought I was trying to smear the family name while all I was trying to do was learn the truth of the situation. People were very touchy about the whole thing. now my Certificate says I was born in 1936 yet I have another Govt. Document that tells me where I was living in 1935. well this is all enough to keep one busy at least 60 hours a week. In the process I have located other cousins adopted both in and out of the family on both sides. I found that a Girl I almost Married was actually about my 3rd or 4th cousin and our families had known one another for years! There is a lot more to it than that as I unravel the pat family history back hundreds of years. I am a Distant cousin of William Shakespeare, I am related by at least, cousin of all the Royal House of England since William the Conqueror who was my 26th Great Grandfather The Emperor Charlemagne was my 33rd Great Grandfather Neither of these were Direct male line but were only one line off. Now for the origin of my last name of Simmons which is my 21st Great Grandfather on my Direct male line. His name was Simon DeMontfort ( meaning Simon from Montfort in France very close to Paris. Long story, but he went to England to claim some property there (Leicester) he went to King Henry III and made his case which he eventually convinced the king of the validity of his claim and he fell in love with the Kings youngest Sister Eleanor. (Her Father King John who signed the Magna Carta had died) The King allowed the Marriage so they were married and it is a real tragic love story. You can read any one of several historical books about them. The name Simon morphed over time to Simmons.
        Well if anyone is interested in this great hobby that can also answer many of life’s questions I suggest it. I use and Ancestry DNA it has various price levels depending on your needs. It is not Free but not expensive enough to break most banks. I consider it a great investment and use it every day. My mother and her brothers and Sisters were avid Genealogists as were one of my my Grand Fathers and his Father, my Great Grandfather, who came to America in 1854 was the start of it all. prior to his coming here he was a Butler for the household of Queen Victoria and my Great Grandmother was a Lady in Waiting for the Queen. Queen Victoria had a very keen interest in Genealogy as well. All of this gave me a great head start in my own work.

        If anyone is interested in learning, I am a good teacher, or so I am told, since I was a Technical instructor for 3-4 years. I spent my lifetime career in the field of technology, including all phases of the Computer industry starting in 1959 until Retirement in Nov. 2006, all for the same Company. My work included a stint as a Contract Engineer for NASA working on Project Mercury. Disclaimer: I only attended College for 3 months before dropping out to Enlist in the Army to attend RADAR Repair School. This school required an IQ of 120 Plus for consideration and then a batch of entrance Exams.The course was 33 week of intense training in all phases of Electronics including RADAR. I Graduated at the top of my class and then went to school to be an instructor. I taught for 2 years in the Army in the USA and Europe and then as a civilian I taught another year for the Army. I passed the MENSA Exam but did not join. (I am not a Joiner) I do love working on my Family tree almost every day and find it a great way to beat up on Depression since like many of you here also suffer from it and it is Caused from Chronic Pain which I also suffer in my left Leg, Ankle and Foot. The pain is neurological and very difficult to treat

        Enough for now. If you are interesrted in more or need help getting started, my Email is: I correspond with many people, Relatives, that I have located VIA and DNA.

        Please have a great Depression free Day and many more, just keep your mind very very active!

        Arlin Simmons Burlington County, New Jersey

    • I wonder if people in Sherwood Oaks would like to start a Neighborhood Watch group. It’s done by the police department. They come to the host’s house for several meetings and give a presentation.. i would be glad to host this and set up a day and time for the meeting. If interested, send me a private post.

      • Wow, some people here seem to have wonderful neighborhoods and ideas. My Nextdoor has good intentions, but just about every post with someone’s comment on something in the neighborhood or serious issues, etc gets bullied by the same group of “adults” every time. Not even worth posting anything because they come on with snarky remarks, insults, bullying. A few are “leaders” whatever that means. It’s very sad to know so many people in my neighborhood are just mean.
        I have to say when someone posts about fonts lost dog, those comments are very nice and helpful.

          • Hi Virginia, I was born in El Paso my mom passed away when I was 5 and my was 4, so my dad brought us to San Antonio. Have never been back to El Paso. Would you like to be a pen pal?

          • Me, too. Newly retired and very bored. Where are you located? I am in the St. Paul, MN area.

        • Hi everyone here, I live in Delaware it is so nice to meet people who enjoy the same things in life. Many people just don’t speak even though they walk pass me every day and I feel like wow they don’t even realize that I’m standing in front of them. Well I don’t drive and I’m feeling more isolated than I can imagine. Going to lunch with or a good movie Sometimes. I have to get a movie partner with a since of humor because I don’t like murder movies or horror movies, I don’t get out much so that’s hard to adapt in my area. I had one wrong person already and I’m out of money because of it.
          I’m sure there’s a good person here who is real and dear to, but I haven’t met yet. Thankful for the ability to make a trip to shop with an an errand so I’m not complaining, I just watched and I don’t have many friendly people around me. Everyone is losing their dog’s, and that says I’m not in a good area. So today I was wondering if maybe there’s some one else looking for somebody to laugh again and trust, and I found this so I’m heading in the right direction. So hi to everyone here we all share the same.

          • Maureen – not only do we see you here, we acknowledge you! I sincerely hope that you find someone near you to spend time with.

          • Maureen, I am so sorry that someone took advantage of you. I want you to know that there are still good people around.
            I live in SW Florida.

            I am disgusted to hear about bullies on Just Neighbors. I am fortunate that Just Neighbors in my area has a low tolerance for that.

            Maureen, I will bet there are people in your area that want company, too.

          • Hi Maureen, I live in North Wilmington. Sometimes I go to the Brandywine Town Center as the Regal movie theatre has $6 movies on Tuesdays. I’m retired and volunteer for an animal shelter. Where do you live in Delaware?

          • No way, I am so sorry. I am sure there are bullies, I recognize them for what they are. They instigate a debate and go on and on and on, and it gets real stupid. …And we feed into that. I have had some success in pointing out to my neighbors what’s going on and encouraging them to leave the “conversation”.

        • Good morning, Francine! Where are you? It would be cool to meet for coffee sometime. I’m in Cohoes, NY.

    • Not sure where to respond to the original post but I think it’s great to see folks reaching out in friendship. This blog needs to be somehow regionalized or “neighborhood-iced” so you can hear from people close enough to eventually reach out and get together with each other. I’m in Oakland CA and I’m seeing responses from all around the USA.

      • Hey, former Bay Area resident here. Lived in Oakland, Hayward, San Lorenzo, San Leandro…
        How’s the weather there these days? And is the BART fully 100% extended to OAK and SFO?

      • Good morning, Francesca! How are you? I’m on the other side of this beautiful country…..the cold side. I’m in Cohoes, NY. It’s summer here now, so I bet our weather is similar at the moment. Give me 2-3 months and I’ll be cold again. Ha ha

      • Once was a beautiful resident of California, I miss the community .
        Hi everyone there and I glad to say how are you’ll doing

      • I am in Concord, California. Great to see the responses. Let’s figure out how to regionalize a bit.
        Love the outpouring of responses!
        Be well everybody!!

    • Unfortunately I am a Vietnam veteran with a 100% disability rating from the VA for ptsd & depression, I have a loving and supportive wife who has taken the time to learn about my condition but there is nothing she can do when I’ve had a Vietnam nightmare & I go into “that dark place” where I completely isolate & seem to stare into oblivion.

      I hate when it happens because I feel it coming on, it’s like getting on a horrific roller coaster but I can’t get off, I feel terrible for my wife, I won’t answer the phone, open the door or shades, I sit in the darkness & rock back and forth not knowing what to say or do.

      I’m not unique, I know many veterans who experience the same thing, I’ve participated in many kinds of therapies at the VA, I’m on a load full of psychotropic medications & it makes me sick that they don’t seem to help…….enough said, my apologies for the downer post, this post was meant for Sarah Friar but I couldn’t find how to reply to her post. Blessings

      • Mac,
        I’m not a veteran but I also have PTSD and major depression, and have been in those dark places too.
        Even with a supportive spouse it can be an excruciating lonely path.
        Honestly, I rarely leave the house.
        I wish you health and friendship.

        • Hi Janet,i truly understand. It sounds like I’m in a similar situation except my son comes by for lunch M-F for about 15-20 minutes but not on week-ends. I’m going to be 76 this month but,i use a walker. Only go out to grocery store and i drive myself. It could be worse and it could but,the only one that calls me and talks maybe 5-10 minutes but,i miss interacting with people. My neighbors aren’t friendly either. I lost my last sibling (brother) last of 5/12,lost my husband 6/7/12,and lost my oldest son in New Bern,N.C., 6/28/12. It sure can get lonely. I live in Fort Wayne,IN. GOD BLESS YOU AND I HOPE YOU FIND SOMEONE IN YOUR AREA. DON’T GIVE UP!

      • Mac where do you live? Do you like horses, try volunteering at a horse rescue or go and hang out with horses They are very therapeutic. If you lived in san Diego you could come to my horse rescue…..Wish more veterans would take advantage of my place…or any place with horses….

      • Thank you for your service to us and our Country. I hear that service dogs are very beneficial try looking into that avenue

      • PLEASE GET HELP! Whatever it takes, find the thing that works for YOU! I recently read about an organization which consisted of Vets helping Vets. Many of the people there said that this worked for them, when other things didn’t, because the premise is that no one other that someone else who has been through what you have can understand. The other treatment that comes to mind is a specially trained PTSD Therapy Dog. I am not sure how you apply for one, but they do exist, & I believe are free to the person in need. There are SO MANY stories of people for whom these remarkable dogs have made an INCREDIBLE DIFFERENCE in their lives!
        I wish G-ds blessings on you, wish you a full & speedy recovery, and THANK YOU MOST SINCERELY for your service & your sacrifice. Please, please, do whatever it takes to help yourself be the best you can be! You deserve it, & your wife deserves it.

    • I absolutely love this! I think its a wonderful idea. I am stuck in a town where isolation is extreme. I call it ” Emptytown” because its always been very closed to people not from here- no matter what i try to do to engage. And i want desperately to move out of here but lots of bad luck has prevented that. I love being around people; so this has been very difficult to endure. Love this idea! Also love the idea of connecting older people with young people to learn technology. I worked at a job wherecthe decision was made to use Ipads. The young people at the the were phenomenol at helping me to learn how to use it in making sales, etc. . Isolation barriers and wrong perceptions can crumble in minutes with this interaction. Keep up the good work!!

    • I love it. Next door is doing a great part in uniting people and building community trust.
      God bless you.

    • Good afternoon my name is Rick – I would like to meet some people but I don’t know how to join. If you get this please reply

    • Stop typing and go door to door. Ask neighbors to meet for lunch sometime. If you have dogs, take them for walks and go to the park. Meeting people is not easy these days-as we have become far too dependent on computers!

      • My neighbors don’t open the door, even when it was my preschooler that forced me to knock on the door. She wanted to share her zinnia flowers with people. At least we made friends with one neighbor that way.

        Halloween also seems a time when people are more open to chatting with each other.

    • My husband is retired but with various vascular dementia issues, I am alone. Except for some sites with support comments from other caregivers or other web sites for various illnesses I have,
      where I’ve made friends with a few. They call this condition he’s dealing with “the long goodbye.” the person is physically living but emotionally disappearing day by day.

    • I don’t know but I think the jist of her comments is to TURN OFF the screens and actually hang out with people….something Nextdoor and social media in general don’t facilitate.

    • It depends on where you live I guess. Quite a few of the people on my next door are not friendly and feel it is only for business and nothing more sad to say

    • Id like you to come over sometime for coffee. Im disabled n dont drive but my husband goes to work every morning at 530

      • EdieHi Jana – I’m down the road from you in the county off 664 and just wanted to say Howdy. I’m 80, disabled, don’t drive and have no neighbors. I hope you see some other Ellis County, TX people here. Hope you have a good day!

      • looking 4 people in West Sacramento to meet, play cards, go places, invite to bingo if U R that person please reply I will send U my phone #

    • I also love Nextdoor & alwalys open to meeting new people & socializing & making new friends.

    • I live in Washington Twp. In NJ. My family is grown & I am alone much of the time. I have been wondering if there are activities in Park place, Washington Park that I could participate in. Even if just walking around the park. I am a native to the area, my neighborhood is very small, my original friends have passed on so it is lonely here. I am a retired nurse.

    • I am lonely and don’t get out much. I live with some of my children, but would really enjoy having friends that I could talk to and hang out with.

      • Hi Elise,
        I’m in the Houston area also. I’m going through and finding everyone I can that has shared they are in Houston or near the area to see if some of us can connect!

      • Hi Elise, I’m from Houston too. It’s a big city of busy people, but I’m just looking for someone to meet for coffee or a chat. Retired for awhile now and miss having people around. We could meet. What area of Houston?

    • I know it will help! We came from Amarillo and are retired military family, knowing the needs of our overseas military we started a letter writing campaign to these young people who are so away from home with no place to go, nothing to do, can’t buy anything bc they are literally sandbox troops of about 50 in a group so no PX or NEX with stuff unless it was dropped to them. Mailed every 60 to 90 days. So, we got with our neighborhood schools and had them send card Thanking them for making them feel safe and before Thanksgiving teachers especially art teachers and English teachers get their students to make cars while we mom put together homemade stuff, cook is, chex mix and small toys, comics from newspapers so they had something from America! They feel lost and we lose about 22 daily to suicide bc they feel like America has forgotten them. So this 8s a great lesson for our kids and adults not realizing some of these kids didn’t ever think they would wind up in such a country. I work with a Chaplain and some other resources to find out who needs what. They are so grateful. So there is one idea that would teach lessons while helping kids right out of school far from home! They took the cards we sent and made a Christmas tree inside their tent. Then, one commander emailed me he wasn’t asking for anything but colored rocks, names, bible verses, city names for a colorful serenity garden in Iraq as one girl had a colored rock sent to her by her mom that had been in her grandmother’s garden and she passed it around. When the commander found out I was the first to go to kindergarten classes and we sent3 boxes of Rick’s! They sent back pictures and I took them to the kids to see what an impact they made on these peoples daily life. Everything around them was brown. Now we are in Denton, I hope to start it again!! Bobbie

    • Do you know of any activities for widows in Mesa AZ? I lost my husband 15 months ago and I’m lost. We are originally from NJ. We moved here in 2014. My husband died in 2018. We never had the chance to meet friends as he was diagnosed with cancer 18 months later. If you know of any places I could go, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    • I love this article. I enjoy bringing ppl 2gether as well. I will visit anyone if u want company. I’m in the Atlanta area. Contact me @queencecelia on Instagram OR send an email to I’d love to hear from u.

    • I am looking for a companion…someone i could talk to…play cards with…share laughs…just sitting on the porch watching the world go by…..i hope i will find someone who.shares the same… a female…age 61…..looking for male companion ?

    • Hi neighbors, Shannon from Nextdoor HQ here! it is so inspiring to see so many of you reaching out and expressing interest in meeting up in real life. While we love what is happening here in the comments of this blog, we wanted to remind everyone that this platform is the Nextdoor blog and is different from your neighborhood’s Nextdoor website. If you’d like to connect with neighbors who are in your local community, sign into your Nextdoor account and share a post with your nearby neighbors.

      If you are new to Nextdoor, welcome! We are so excited you’re here. We encourage you to create a free account and get to know the members of your local community. Get started at

    • Hi How do you post a comment on here? I wanted to tell someone I llive in the same place as them , there is no reply button under their comment. Thanks

    • Omg I love the idea of bringing neighbors together and sharing a good books, life experiences, recipes, or even sport comments. I think it’s a wonderful idea and look forward to meeting some more of my neighbors.

    • Hi , my name s Nissi , I moved from San Diego about 6 yrs ago , since then it s just been me and my dog , dad visits sometimes but I still feel isolated and alone here and specially now that mom has terminal cancer back home I feel even worse , I am a social person but it s hard to find people that u connect with , thank u .

    • I would love to join this!! I’m a single parent and all I do is work and do not have any adult friends. If anyone can see this please feel free to contact me at 832-312-4272. I’m as lonely as lonely gets. If that makes sense lol. Just to get out of the house would be a huge step with my depression. I will not bother you anymore with my problems so just let me know if anyone wants to get a coffee or just talk. Thanks for opening this up and hope to hear from someone. Thanks again!

    • I have a problem with the photo. Are you just inviting pretty young people who sit on the floor? What about us older people who sit on chairs (and tend to be very isolated)? I’m in NextDoor and most of the people there don’t look at all like your PR photo.

    • This is surety a great surprise to me. I thought that the Nextdoorneighbor was just for Twins’ Lake community in Federal Way,
      Only, and now I found out that it all the world!! Thanks so much. I stick with it no doubt. Thanks once again.

    • Well, I read all that was written and I like it a lot because of the atmosphere it provides. I’m neither alone (one is never truly alone!) nor lonely. Currently, I am a full-time caregiver for my wife who has COPD and is terminal. She also has hypothyroidism and the combination with COPD causes her to be immuno-compromised. She was given 2 years to live; however, she is going on her 3rd year and, for the most part, bedridden with the exception of going to doctors’ appointments, getting her hair done about 1/week, and infrequent family visits (2 of her 4 children live in Hickory and 2 others live in the Wilmington, NC area). We both would like to socialize; however, my wife tires easily. She has a lot of friends with whom she “talks” on her PC (tablet) but they live long distances from Hickory. I would like to have friends whom I can talk and share with on my PC and text with on my Android phone.

    • Would like to meet others for friendship and conversation and activities and events near Augusta Ga

    • HELLO Christmas Neighbor’s,
      My name is Denise and my Husband Doug & I would like to foster a couple of Elderly people who are in need of repairs and grass mowing on a Bi-Weekly basis.
      Not offering free help b/c a lot of the elderly are proud American’s who unfortunatley don’t have family that live nearby. We are a Christian couple that want to help those in need in our community. Please let us know if you need assistance, we would be happy to help you out.

      Douglas & Denise Mott ?‍♀️

    • Here goes’ I love the concept of finding some real genuine friends.
      So anyone wants the challenge ? I’m in T. Fla widower, looking forward on this journey of meeting u one day.

    • Me, as well. I have chronic pain, but only a handful of my “friends” contact me. Should I call them? Problem is, I am still getting off horrible meds.

    • Hi I’m Sheryl
      I justed moved too Waldorf in October and I have alot of medical problem and I don’t get out much.ButI sure wouldLike to make some friends,
      Thank you and God Bless!

      • Dear Sheryl,
        Soooo Sorry to heat UR not up-to-par but
        I would like to be UR
        I am in Columbus Oh,
        But we can text , talk on the ph,
        If that’s ok W Y …
        Let me know Sweetie,,?❗️

      • Dear Sheryl,
        Soooo Sorry to heat UR not up-to-par but
        I would like to be UR friend
        I am in Columbus Oh,
        But we can text , talk on the ph,
        If that’s ok W Y …
        Let me know Sweetie,,?❗️

    • Carolyne, I agree. Where do you live. I am in Philadelphia. I’m the one who is always looking for the lost pets to return them to their owners or if abused, foster them into a new, loving forever home. Love my furbabies. My therapy dog recently passed away, she was my entire life. Depressed, this may be good for me. Take care.

  • I can appreciate your story and I’m grateful to you for your efforts. I really thought Nextdoor would make a difference for me here at Baytree. Unfortunately, it is nothing like what I was hoping for. I picked this Neighborhood because I thought it would be friendly to us, I figured I’d have absolutely NO problems making lots of friends here. The truth is this is a beautiful community, but if you’re not part of their click no one will talk to you. If a rumor is spread, you become the cockroaches of BT. No one really knows me here, not because I haven’t made a true effort, but because of their own prejudices. It’s gone as far as everyone clearing the pool when we go… it’s quite prehistoric to me. I come from a place where we all welcome EVERYONE! We bake a cake, make a dish, knock on the door and welcome them! There’s lots of venom being served here & I just don’t get it!????
    I need help, seriously, but, unfortunately it’s not something I’ll ever get from my neighbors, an unfortunate truth for me and for them. Baytree became a disappointment, so much so that I have thought about selling and moving (to a more friendly place) repeatedly. As you know, this is not an easy decision…. But…..
    End rant

    • Hi Lilly
      I know what you mean about people not being too friendly. I teach kids about the joy of sharing food and how it opens the door to communicating and making friends. I am working on my own circle of friends and making it larger. What vicinity is Baytree? I am unfamiliar. Drop me a note. I’d like to chat. Where did you move from?

      • I too feel left out and left behind. There used to be Welcome Wagons and Newcomer Clubs for new arrivals in a town or neighborhood but after working for over 30 years in Manhattan in NYC, this place is about as lonely as being alone in a big city

      • Hi Cally,
        It’s incredible how people are so different here. I grew up in NY, moved to FL after dad retired, then NC. BayTree is in the country in Harrells NC. The seclusion is a problem all by itself (nearest town is 20-30 minutes away), but to have such prejudice neighbors on top of it really takes the cake!

    • Sorry to hear of your plight.. If it makes you feel any better most communities are like the one that you describe. No one introduces themselves anymore and no one visits either. We are all engrossed in our phones precisely why we pay no attention to anything around us. Everyone, when they get home, lock their door. They suspect everyone that comes to their door. No one has a life anymore. No friends; no nothing. God help us all!

      • Very True Rocky. I been living in my neighborhood for almost 27 yrs and I only know a couple of my neighbors. A few decades ago people used put more attention who were their neighbors. But not any more!? But thanks to Nextdoor I had had the chance to meet some people because of what I posts or what the neighbors post on Nextdoor. I have met a really nice people thanks to this app. ??

      • Hi Debi,

        I feel your pain. I just signed up for Nextdoor today and reside in nearby Las Vegas. I feel isolated in the community. It was hard for me to find and carve out a niche after moving to the valley a few years ago so I started looking for alternatives. There are reasons for loneliness and my experience showed a uniqueness to my personality; how I set up my environment. I seek to create new experiences. I am interested in telling little parts of the story of loneliness, not the big picture. As a student at Full Sail Online I seek interested artists, amateurs, and professionals who have a story to tell. I would like to be part of creating stories for people in our community. Thank you for reaching out.


        • Hi Steve! My name is Tamaria, Maria with a Ta in the front. My passion, and awesome gift, to create gets shuffled with countinuous spinal procedures, raising two of my, now teenage, grandkiddos, feeling as a fish out of water due to moving from a down-to-earth, folks visiting daily, evenings by the bonfire at the beach, and painting for business owners, friends, family, and all interested in “originals only”! City has run out of land, Katy, TX. Geese are seeking new rest places during their annual migration. What an exhilirating way, reading hours of folks’ stories and interests, to spend the wee hours of the mid-week morning! Please share some of your “little story”? From one artist to another ?…

          • Hi Tamaria!
            I am going through all the posts trying to find all the Houston area people to connect with and behold, you are in Katy! I’m in the Sugar Land area. If you feel like connecting, I would so enjoy………

      • I had a young neighbor girl she sick single and we use too talk I seen people. Going and coming so I left some chicken noodle soup in can and raviola with crackers drinks for her and her son everyday she talked to me if she’d see me now she keeps her blinds closed hurries in her house never said thanks for the items her door was even open when I left the items the boyfriend comes over she’s laughing with him but will take her son to the Grand parents before he comes I wasn’t being nosey just a day of not having to cook for her and her son

      • I have two people from here that are still in my life after the fire on Dupont rd and being there for me have remained in my life after. I don’t have a significant other and they do so I have a lot of time to myself. Maybe we all even though we don’t live near each other can find away in comforting each other, long distance friends.

    • I dont see anywhere to post something for my area but I am DEFINITELY consumed with loneliness and isolation. I wish I could find some support in the Henderson Nevada area. It seems futile. I find the people here very unfriendly.

      • I live in a mixed income neighborhood and I am a low income divorced senior woman. There have been discussions on Nextdoor about why we can’t get good quality businesses in the neighborhood, panhandlers, homeless people, etc. The blame always falls on the low income residents who are perceived to be low lifes. I feel insulted and respond explaining that there are many good low income people who are not criminals. I somewhat keep to myself but do get out in the community. However whenever I attend an community event, I feel like I don’t belong. To end on a positive note, I have connected with some people but I rarely see them. If they want to see me, they can contact me. I am tired of reaching out.

        • I’m sorry, Tracy. Classism is alive and well, unfortunately, and those who have it easy think that makes them better people. As if!!

          I thank you for telling your neighbors the truth they need to hear. For all I know, we are across the country from each other, but there are kindred spirits out there.

        • Tracy, I’m also a low-income senior having a similar situation. It amazes and dismays me how people are so quick to judge. There’s so much I want to say to them but then I think 1. They don’t want to hear it, 2. They’re too busy to listen, 3. They really don’t want to take the time to Understand – esp. if they can’t see how it would immediately benefit Them, and, 4. Sometimes I just don’t have the energy to fight or even try anymore, ya know? It seems that we live in a world that has somehow gone in the wrong direction when it comes to reaching out, caring, being open and compassionate. Mayb that’s why so many of us are lonely – even those surrounded with others. Then again, I’m just an Old Poor lady and whatdoIknow!?!

          • Hi Marshagail,. Life has been throwing me those same, heart wrenching hard balls. Going from single Mom of three, making six figures, and busy 24/7/365 to: bedridden nearly 3 1/2 yrs, botched neck surgery, my youngest filled with anger as he cared for his one year old nephew and me, age 12, homeschooling (kinda). Fourteen years of knowing who my real friends are, only knowing three of my nine grandkids, resentment, hatred, and no trust or respect from my only sister and my eldest and youngest! This idea of reaching out to each other and wanting to listen and be heard is so, so, necessary in our world of “Me”, compliments of social media. Share the KINDNESS!!! Thanks for getting some of that negative crud off of your mind. ? Smile today!

        • What town do you live in Tracy. Everyone needs to put what town they live in. That would let everyone know if they are close to reach out.

        • Hi I get that, same thing here. So I don’t drive and I’m just not feeling the same way. I’m embarrassed being disabled and dumped by my ex when I got worst I don’t want to date anyone else, friendship is better

        • Traci, It is easy to SEE how you Would become tired of”Being the one reaching OUT <<> IF there is very no reaching back ? Is it because The People around there have been Robbed.. Been taken advantage of in some manner ( and so, have become leery of Any kinds of “”Friendship -Hand ” being pro-offered ?> I would Ask Myself That Question…before I would allow myself to believe There simply were No friendly people Around ! Maybe It takes A while…because THEY have Come to be Leery ???Due to Being miss Used..Taken wrong..etc.. Too many times in their Lives ? Friends ARE really All around. YOU Just Haven`t Met them YET..but that does NOT Mean..You Won`t !! Remember..Patience IS a virtue..And friends are just people you haven`t met YET > YOU WILL !!

      • I would love to get to know you I also live in Henderson. Send me a message. We moved from Salt Lake City last year and I have not gotten out to meet people. Coffee would be lovely Inga

        • James, this is such a sweet, thoughtful post. When I read it, it moved me and I wanted to respond & tell you how wonderful it is to know that someone cares enough to put themselves out there. Where are you?

          • Hi Anna
            I’m in the Houston area. I’m going through the posts to this point to see who is in the Houston metroplex area, I’m in Sugar Land. I’d love to hear from you. and I’ll play scrabble if being mediocre at the game is ok………
            let me know

      • Debi – I’m in Henderson as well. I’m very sorry that you feel isolated & lonely. I’m kind of busy w/work & family, but if you need someone to talk w/; you can hit me up. I’ve lived in Henderson for 25 yrs & have found most people to be nice & friendly – maybe it depends on the neighborhood ( age of people, kids, etc) & people’s work schedule? In any event, you can dm me if you’d like ….we can start out as “pen pals” & see where it goes!??

      • I’m experiencing same thing, in Drexel Hill, PA.

        Loneliness and depression are the national epidemic that the medical circles aren’t really addressing. To be fair, it’s a challenge to find “solutions” to emergent human situations. It can be described as a causality chain:

        The highly ethnically and culturally diverse nature of our country and neighborhoods, causes:

        Our mammalian Fear and Uncertainty instinct to spike, which in turn causes:

        People to “be wary of” and “stay away” from people who don’t look like them or behave exactly (or close enough) to expectations. This, in turn, causes:

        People who don’t have established friends/family circle, to be basically isolated, “left out” of the Human tribe. And of course, this causes:

        Loneliness, depression, anxiety, social isolation… all which (if left unchecked)… causes a host of negative (and sometimes fatal) mental and physiological problems.

        So here we are.

    • Lilly, someone famous (don’t know who) advised that when a circle of people excludes you that you build a bigger circle that includes them. Use to inquire about possible book clubs, bridge groups, camping groups, sewing groups, bowling teams (whatever your interests) in your area. If there aren’t any, then ask on who would be interested in joining yours! Best success.

        • After reading all these comments, it seems like there are many of us who feel the same way. At least I don’t feel like I’m the only one with these issues now. I live in Southaven, MS and have been here 7 years. I have tried to find birding groups, meditation groups, etc. with no luck. The only neighbors I knew got transferred away and everyone else keeps to themself. So it’s pretty disheartening. I certainly hope my luck will change.

      • Connie …. I think you are referring to my favorite saying:. He drew a circle and shut me out. Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win! We drew a circle and took him in!

    • I have been in Vegas 14 months now and have tried to meet nice caring women on a couple dating sites but no luck. They post what they are looking for and when a person with the attributes respond never any replies. I am a Behavioral Psychologist for DOD at Nellis AFB and enjoy what I do and never had problems meeting people until I moved here. Just want to find people share coffee, a nice meal and check out some the sights. I lost my wife 5 years ago and have really been disappointed being back on the singles list.Mark

      • Mark I hear you. My background is NASA. I can’t find anyone who wants to spend time with a well-established professional woman who doesn’t hang out in bars. It’s awful.

      • It’s a complicated subject right Mark After being with one person for so long and start a new relationship with someone new is scary. I met someone too and got disappointed after a couple of years when he took out his real colors and for that I m thinking on staying by my self and not to get in any relationship with no one. But I now exactly what you saying. I wish you the best and always count with good friends and if someone gets in your way and think it’s someone you would like to try do it and give your self a chance. Everything comes when is the right time.

        • I completely agree I came to the point where I don’t even want to date anymore and I’m only 46

          • Well welcome to the club I m 50 and I m just not even thinking about that subject anymore. It’s just hard to find someone faithful. I just don’t like drama and I think by my self I m drama free lol.

        • Lemme just second this motion. I’ve been married twice, both times I had to leave because the other person clearly didn’t understand what Commitment and “Respecting Your Vows” means.

          Frankly after those incidents, random bad/pointless dates, and tons of research into the matter, it dawned on me that the institution of Marriage is technically obsolete anyway. So I just kinda shut down and not pursue “relationships” with anyone, because it seems kinda pointless anyway. The most I hope for now is a series of an agreeable, fun companions to maybe enjoy hobbies with as I go through Mid-Life Crisis and beyond. Having movie buddies and fellow nerds to kick it with, is still high on my priority list.

          I certainly hope you fare better than I ever did!

          • I agree with you, I have m.s. and my husband passed away. But many times people don’t understand. I like my dog better than people. She’s always happy to see me and unconditional love. Its better than being judged!

      • Welcome to the Island of Lonely men, Mark… I wish I could give you some hope, but it’s bad out there, brother.

      • Mark,~~~ Glad to see another Male on this long list of folks who want to meet and enjoy other folks. I’m a lonesome old duffer (76) who is having one hell of an hard time meeting new friends here in the North Miami area~~or anywhere else in Miami. I used to sit outside Panera on 123 & Biscayne Plaza , and chat with some ageable fellows who somehow disappeared over time. I am interested in Behavioral Science and have studied in many Universities. Perhaps we could communicate and share a laugh.

        • Barry, Well I’m not make but I am a 65 yr young senior who’s a bit lonely in Georgia – not a great place to be lonely! Lost my other a while back and am surprised how difficult it is to find interesting, lively people my age who still have a sense of humor!! Anyway, if you feel like making a new friend… let’s visit!

        • Hi Barry, several states away! I’m 58 and quit trying to see through the games years ago. Does stink cuz I’m feeling these comments from honest, caring folks! So much for “prime years”. I haven’t completely thrown in the towel. I would like to meet someone kind, funny, and intelligent to create new memories with. Maybe some year?

          • Hello Marshagail. Time flies when learning of others’ lives. Am about to paint my dining room and kitchen (no enamel til next week. Gotta choose hardware with just the right touch of style + a little fun flare! Creating brings me to that awesome flow! Very cool that we’re beginning to visit. Enjoy your day

        • Wouldn’t be interesting to have local and regional and possibly national meetings get together. Just dreaming…. Let’s try for some local conversations/get together and go from there. Maybe even work on a specific project of interest.
          Reside in Rochester.NY area.

      • Hi Mark,
        I live in Henderson and liked your words and could relate to your words.
        Let’s talk about it over coffee, lunch?
        Would enjoy meeting with you.

      • I’m in Texas, (Dallas area). I can relate. I’m single after long relationship. Awkward meeting people. Forgot how. Feel I’m not compatible cuz I’m old fashioned w/ strong morals & an Empath.
        Wished we were closer. I feel we would connect as friends right away. You seem kind and pleasant. That’s rare. ?

      • Definitely know how you feel moving to a new area, and not having someone to hang out with. I’m in that situation here in Abilene TX. I’m also in the Mental Health field, so have to be cautious meeting people in the local area, who potentially may one day be in your care. I was married for 23 years, until my husband decided that he wanted a divorce in 2017. I followed him throughout his civilian contractor jobs, moving from WA State, Portales, NM, and finally Abilene, TX, where I don’t have family or close friends to hang out with. Would like to visit Nevada to see the sights/entertainment/AFB.

    • So sad about this…people need to spread more love not hate. This is taught in the home. This is how the children learn to treat other by how their parents treat others qkae up people.

      • I agree. People are going to have to work harder to teach their children to welcome others in the real world, not just online.

      • I too would like conversation and coffee! I used to play cards all the time! Anyone near Hartford Wisconsin?

    • I’m so sorry for your troubles. I can’t even understand the mindset that you are describing. It is so wrong.

    • I’m so sorry lily. It’s the same for me & both my boys here in Georgia. I hate it for you! We hope to move soon. We have neighbors who have their out door security camera focused solely on our home. On us. 24/7. We can’t even use our pool without being filmed. They’ve threatened us with guns. And this? Is considered one of the best subdivision in this area. Imagine the worst?!? ?

      • Omg That is the worst!! I’m praying all goes well for your family and you find some Peace. I hope you could find a good friend.

      • That is called harassment. Get it all on your video for proof. You can contact your local police dept and have restraining order against them. I just saw a story about this very issue, very harassing neighbor, it went on for many months. Well I won’t go into their details. But fight back, just my opinion, not worth much.

        I live in GA too, in north GA and am ready to move even further out.

    • Where is your neighborhood, BayTree? I have a friend who moved to Melbourne, FL whose neighborhood is BayTree. She has also mentioned how hard it is to
      make new friends there. Perhaps I could introduce you, if you are near each other.

    • I find your article confusing, what is it about you that make people upon seeing you, leave a pool? Please do not mention the word “racism.” Enough is enough!

      If you were to move, what would you do differently in a new area to make friends?
      Maybe you are not using the right kind of effort in reaching out. People will not always be there for you. Reach out, maybe, to a group that needs your talents and empathy and forget about your needs.
      Realize that by giving your self to them, you will, therefore, find peace for yourself. Just a thought

      • I live in NC, ‘the south’ I’m from up north, I myself look Italian, but we are Hispanic and my grandchildren are much darker than I am. Imagine a place where when your grandchildren go into the pool , a mother shouts for her daughter to ‘GET OUT NOW!’ Because she thinks the color of her skin might change if she’s in the same pool? We are to dark for their own personal taste? An African American family recently MOVED OUT of here because of how they were treated and made to feel! I don’t. Know why you’re confused about, but unless you’re here, living what I’m living and walking in MY SHOES, don’t tell me not to mention racism!! Because it sure in heck does exist!

    • Hi Lilly,
      I feel your frustration! I wanted to offer a slightly different perspective along the lines of “be the change you want to see” – there’s a saying in NLP (neurolinguistic programming – it simply dissects how we take information in and how we relate to others) that if you want someone to change, then change what you do/say in yourself. Along those lines, I would encourage you to invite neighbors to a potluck or take advantage of National Night Out (Aug 6) to host a street party (community centers and homeowners associations often have budgets and resources for doing this). Or simply invite one of your neighbors to tea. 🙂

    • Lilly, I’m sorry to hear of how you’re being treated. It’s a shame and their loss. I bet there are others who feel the same and don’t have friends that you can reach out to and create your own group. Don’t give up, push back and stand your ground!

    • Wow unfortunately reading your story is like So many I’ve have read on here. Very sad what Society has come to. I live in Phoenix Arizona and when I bought my house in 2009 the houses on the sides of me were empty I waited for them to be bought and remodeled and sold and I was so excited when people moved in I did not overwhelm them I waited for them to say hello and I introduce myself and was very neighborly and inviting. Since then they waive if you call to speak to them they are cordial but there’s no invitation from them to come over for coffee they are not inviting.

      • Hi Laurie…read your comment about your disappointment regarding the lack of what used to be considered normal neighborly interaction. I too just encountered the same thing when I moved to Cordes Lakes from the Seattle area in March. Six neighbors watched to he moving van unload our stuff and not one person came over & welcomed us or even waived hello. I was told it’s because everyone here likes to keep to themselves and follow the doctrine of “live & let live”…sure not what I was expecting for such a small out of the way community. I am a very friendly, open & inclusive person & I have the tenacity of a badger so I won’t stop trying to find a friend to connect with. Maybe we could start as “pen pals”. Good luck & best regards to you.

    • Wow that sounds like a horrible place to live with the people acting that way. I’m 60 and live in Fort Bayou Apartments in Ocean Springs Ms. You would think people in apartments would all meet around the pool or have cookouts together. Not true here. I’ve met two of my neighbors but I’m retired and they are a lot younger and work. I would love to get to know everyone. Maybe have a cookout by the pool or something. I couldn’t afford to pay for everything myself but it would be nice if the apartment sponsored it.

    • Hi Lilly, whereabouts is Baytree? I’m in Forsyth GA. Sorry to hear your neighbors are not welcoming. If you’d like to chat or meet for coffee or tea pm me.

    • Hi Lilly, I don’t know where you live, but I’m in Bryan Texas. I am a service brat and moved a lot until my teens when we moved to Houston. I stayed for 14 years, and moved to Bryan. I felt at home here right away, the first week I went to Kroger for Italian sausage and they didn’t have any. The butcher told me I should try a small family store and then called to be sure they had some, and gave me detailed directions. I was just blown away. That’s an example of this community. I hope you find a supportive group soon. Regards Deneise

    • I know what U mean let’s go 4 coffee or Tea send me something by email I will send U my number let’s talk

    • Hi Lilly.
      I’m sorry to hear of your experience. Are you talking about Baytree in MB South Carolina? I moved here around 10 months ago and spend all my days and nights alone… it’s very depressing

      • I have been thinking about relocating to north M B south carol, looks like would be friendly place with ocean and pool?

      • Hello
        I’m in NC, about an hour from Wilmington NC. I’m sorry for the late reply, I had NO idea I started such a huge forum! Thanks to you and EVERYONE for reaching out!!!!!❤️

  • Recently I reached out in conversations with neighbors concerning rescuing our furry friends. My tendency is for cats. I have seven indoor cats of my own due mostly to rescue. I am just not the type to adopt. I an never part with them. They are all my companions.

    I also have two neighbors who have joined my mailing list. I will be at some point doing book signings on my new novel. I am hoping for more. I will add my links below for any who might be interest in a great read. Just trying to partner readers up with my novel ” White Bird, Book One: Among the Nez Perce”. It is at the publisher so no final announcement date yet.I think the final product will be here this year. Updates are always available on my sites. Here is my information.

  • I just want to thank you for our nextdoor app…I found a church that gets together every fri nite to play games ..I loved it …met some nice people…going to take a couple friends next fri and snacks …

  • erHi Sarah,

    Addressing the paranoia that consumes otherwise loving, caring people, and makes many suspicious of our neighbors,walking down our streets, it’s clear to me, it’s been a long, long time, since our Country, our States and our City, has had a President, a Senate and a Congress, We The People feel safe with! The loss of Honesty and Integrity has dissipated to almost nothing. Knowledge used to be Power. Money Trumps Power! Our Government is corrupt. The Hate Swamp that divides us is growing!
    This will take some time, but we need to find a Leader we Love and Trust, One who speaks the Truth!
    Once, “We The People” take care of this, Trust, Care and Loving, will be restored!

    • You are definitely on the right path. But it isn’t just our government. We as a people need to push back & show our politicians that we can join together & set the example for them.

      • I live in Concord NC. Have been divorced for 10 years now and have very few friends and yes I am lonely and bored very often. I would love to meet people and make new friends…I am also some what of an introvert but would Love to be more open. I live in the Jackson Training School area. I am ready to get out, do things but not alone….

    • Stephen, I think you’ve hit upon something that’s a real factor these days. I believe our country is a meaner place these last few years and it’s coming from the top. I don’t want to get too specific or political, but it really does seem to me that suddenly a lot of mean-spirited people feel empowered to bring out the very worst in us. I’m a 74-year-old retired woman who’s had an interesting life so far. I’d love to find friends to play Scrabble with but I’m afraid of finding myself in a room with any of them.

      • Levels of violent crime in the U.S. were extremely low in 1962. Levels rose and peaked in 1993 but returned to 1962 levels of violent crime in 2017! Yes, today our society experiences very low levels of violent crime. Owing to our consumption of screen media, particularly cable tv, social media, violent video games, online maps that reveal sexual predators in our communities, etc., we do not believe, collectively, that it is safe to spend time out-of-doors. This is based on false beliefs. Go outside. Meet your neighbors. Let your children play outside. Check my assertions yourself. Be courageous.

        • I live in a neighborhood best described as sketchy, not really a place you just go meet your neighbors or spend much time outside. That’s why I have requested that anyone in Jacksonville Fla get in touch. Appreciated your comment though. Can certainly see it’s a great idea for those who can do it. Blessed be.

    • thanks for writing that, I think it is true, the eroding of human values and social civility is affecting us, I try to walk the fine line of integrity, compassion, and empowerment in the midst of it all, that seems to help me to feel more positive. best wishes

  • I think this is a great concept. As a recent retiree, I hope to meet others with whom I can socialize as well as the great recommendations I have already received. I have many interests, but because my husband is handicapped and prefers to stay at home, I find that there are times I am lonely. I hope to connect with others and I think this is a very good venue for trying different things- book club, movie club, knitting circle or just plain dining out with others. I hope it works!

    • Great article a article about getting to know your neighbors…starts with a simple Hello, I’m convinced that I have some of the best and most caring neighbors…it can all start with each one of us! Bayview, let’s show how we care!

      • I am a bit shy about knowing how to make the first move, but I admit to feeling lonely and isolated due to my husband’s predicament. He has made the choice that he wants to stay home- but that is not my choice. I need and crave people around me. I sing in 4 choruses, but there is little time to socialize at a 2 hour rehearsal. I tried playing pickleball, which I love, but I was 30 years older than the regular crew and I cannot run as fast, which is natural. I joined a book club, which is great because I am a great reader with a library of 7,000 books at home. If you have advice for me- I will gladly take heed.

        • Hi, Lilly, I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience. Sadly, some people are just not very nice. But there are a lot of people who are. I hope you will keep trying to make friends, for your sake as well as your children’s. Loneliness causes depression. If you can afford it, going to a counseIor or psychologist might give you a good opportunity to vent your frustrations. I wish you the best!

          • There’s no making friends with prejudice people. I don’t let them steal my joy or depress me.
            I vent my frustrations just fine, I do have my family and plenty of out of state friends. I’d rather do retail therapy hahahaha ???

        • Mikki, A friend posted on my neighborhood Nextdoor App that she was changing her lonely life andwould like to meet others who are lonely. Her post resulted in a group who get together every two weeks and she has changed life for herself and other women

          • Tried to leave a comment a few minutes ago but I couldn’t remember my password for Twitter.
            By any chance is your maiden name Thelma Robinson? I went to Clarksburg High School with a Thelma Robinson.
            My maiden name was Sondra Engwall.

          • Thelma, My brother and his wife live in Santa Cruz and are on Nextdoor. If you can give me your last name, I can send it and they will contact you on Nextdoor.

        • Hi I’m Ida, I live in southern California near Pasadena, in Sierra Madre.
          Love to meet for coffee and conversation. Please reach out!

  • Virtual isolation is a by-product of virtual immersion which I discuss in my book “Viirtual Immersion
    Drowns Holistic Development” Next door has the unique ability to create a platform from which we can step into our community when we organize events like block parties and neighborhood cleanups and happy hours under the big tree. I highly value my nice Neighbors when I see them, yet I am never surprised to go for a walk and see only dog walkers and landscapers. As a whole society we need to think about why our children and their parents are so connected to the small screen What are the promises that are so addictive compared to getting to know your neighbors and friendships based on proximity and community investment ? #Virtualimmerson

    • The flip side of that is that oh, wow internet communities can create more isolation, they also can help you connect to those who you have a common interest with, as opposed to just neighbors that may or may not support or share the same interest of what you do.

      • Katrina what you say rings true for me in that social media has got me in touch with family members and community friends I hadn’t been in contact with for years. I know there are lots of problems with social media, especially when it contributes to isolation, but for me it’s become somewhat the opposite. I have my family and friends back!

  • Thank you Sarah Friar for writing this article full of inspiration and hope to bring people together face to face.
    It is a sad reality that technology has brought us to a place of seclusion, loneliness, depression, lack of empathy and far too much judgement of each other.
    As a lead on Nextdoor, I have been blessed to see the other side. The guidelines that have been set for be helpful not hurtful, respect, language usage, no soap boxing, etc… has put Nextdoor in the forefront in many way. It is a very refreshing place to go for help and support of neighbors. Our community was rocked almost a year ago with the murders of Shanann, Celeste, Nico, and Bella Watts and Nextdoor was used to pull this community together. We also had a family who had the bread winner have a widow maker heart attack at Christmas time. I was able to use nextdoor and we as a community pulled together at the last hours before Christmas Eve and put things together for all their children. Everything was on the back porch for the family when they got home from the hospital. This kind of community service in a positive environment makes people feel loved, wanted, cared for and happy. I can give so many examples of the good things that come from Nextdoor. Building one friendship face to face at a time! Keep reaching out everyone. There are so many that need you.

    • Love the article! We find it difficult to connect with community because we’d don’t have interest in what the average person does in our neighborhood, such as Sports. We are professional musicians, artists, and writers. Arts is not supported enough in our community or neighbourhood. We do see some small amounts of growth. But overall all, economy does not support what we do so to find nurturing and supportive Communities we have to to use internet more often than not

      • I am new in the 7 Oaks neighborhood & Nextdoor connection after moving from Lakeside, CA (Eucalyptus Hills in East County), where I lived for over 36 years. During those years, I found much interesting companionship & friendship in the 3 creative writing classes I joined. I hope to continue them. I was disappointed not to find writing groups in the nearby Community Ctr. I’ve also had a several-decades’ interest in classical piano & I’ve offered a large collection of my music books (free) via Nextdoor 7 Oaks to anyone interested. I’m thinking of donating them to the library at the Community Ctr. I do find, though, that the wonderful technologies of the Internet help me keep in touch with the world in general. For example, I signed into Google Alert (free) for news of some other places I used to live &/or have had friends & relatives there that I care about. I’m also coping with a big hearing loss, which makes it difficult to make friends outside of these classes.

    • Kellie – it seems as if you’ve captured the true sense of being a good neighbor & are truly a nice, empathetic & caring individual.. on behalf of everyone; I offer a big “Thank You” for stepping up & helping these folks in their time of need. Those kind gestures are priceless.

    • Kellie, love that your neighborhood reached out and helped the family have a great Christmas. Reaching out to those in need and being there in times of crisis and rejoicing in celebration brings a community together feeling loved, sense of belonging and a part of family when theirs is far. I live in a community that is mixed with Active duty families, retirees, and young couples. I get homesick for family back in Gloucester, MA (love the beaches), settled in Clarksville, TN by Fort Campbell, KY after retiring from Army of 20 years. Certain circumstances beyond my control caused me to lose my job after 14yrs and lose grandkids and estranged two of my children. This spiraled me into depression for months isolating myself until my PCM set me up with a therapist which has helped me deal with my losses and break out of my shell one day at a time. It hasn’t been easy but I’m in a great job I love where I can help people and don’t feel alone and isolated. I also have my daughter home and doing great with her recovery of 6+ months. People are so quick to judge when they have no idea what that person is going through. Walk in their shoes and show them kindness and less prejudice. Thanks, done venting?.

  • I have tried to reach out to my community & ask for help. But I was told to stop begging. I was told that this isn’t a place for charity or sympathy. I feel so alone & bad because these are supposed to be my neighbors & as a community we are to look out for one another. But not my community. The one running the page seems to pick & choose which things are allowed to be posted especially when it comes to things like Go Fund Me Campains. I was told I couldn’t post my Go Fund Me to ask for help to bury my mom. But she allowed another campaign and it’s still active and it’s for a family trip.

    Where is the fairness in that?

    To this day my mom is in the city morgue and not buried because I can’t afford to bury her. I’m an only child & she was an only child. Her parents are deceased & she had no life insurance.

    • That is heartbreaking!!!!! I am so sorry you have had a negative experience. My heart goes out to you. Having been in the position of losing most of my family I have a lot of empathy for you.