Neighbor stories

Take Five: Five Inspiring Stories of Neighbors Building Friendships

Written by Sarah Friar

Social isolation and loneliness is affecting neighbors across the globe. Last week, I shared a Note to Neighbors discussing how we can all work together to build deeper connections within our local communities. Neighbors around the world are already doing the work to break the ice and meet new neighbors, and each of these new connections adds a strong thread within the fabric of our global society.

We encourage you to take five minutes to read and be inspired by the following member stories. We hope you will feel energized to “take five” to help, or ask for help, in your community too, and to tell your neighbors on Nextdoor about your experience. A quick conversation at your local store or a knock on the door of a neighbor who might be struggling could make all the difference.

Abraham – Alexandria, VA, United States

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When Abraham moved to Alexandria, VA, he found it difficult to form deep bonds with his new neighbors. He turned to Nextdoor to ask if any men in his community would be interested in meeting someone new. Abraham received over 50 responses from a variety of neighbors that all had one thing in common: a desire to foster friendships. When he found that other dads also struggled making connections with their neighbors, he took the opportunity to form a men’s social club that meets twice a month for a new activity to counteract feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

Thanks to the success of his men’s club, Abraham took his mission one step further and created a new campaign: 30 Coffees in 30 Days with 30 Neighbors. The challenge is simple – meet at a local coffee shop each day with one of his Nextdoor neighbors.

“With Nextdoor, you have the opportunity to connect with neighbors offline,” Abraham shared. “I hope I can spark more people to bring together people in groups in their communities.”

René – Paris, France 

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71-year-old René founded the P’tit Bistrot Solidaire, a welcoming place where neighbors of all ages and backgrounds can get to know each other, share conversation, and ultimately deepen their community relationships. René was inspired to open the P’tit Bistrot Solidaire after hearing about Nextdoor’s ‘Ma Porte est Ouverte’ campaign, inviting neighbors across France to befriend those who may be experiencing loneliness during the holiday season. With food and drink donations provided by local restaurants and cafés, the first P’tit Bistrot Solidaire event was a huge success. René was able to bring together 38 of his neighbors and has continued this initiative in hopes of strengthening the social fabric of his local community. René shares, “In the subway, everybody is using their smartphones instead of looking at each other. With a platform like Nextdoor, technology serves as a way to meet! Nextdoor fills today’s society’s needs.”

René has inspired Nextdoor France to launch ‘Petits Cafés Solidaires’ – a summer initiative inviting Nextdoor neighbors to meet in solidarity for a fun activity. In fact, we were privileged to help kick off one of the first activities in Lyon in late June. 

Cheryl – New South Wales, Australia 

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As a recent empty nester entering a new chapter of life, Cheryl of Randwick, New South Wales turned to Nextdoor for a simple and comfortable way to build new relationships. She shared a post inviting neighbors to share a “cuppa” and a chat and the response was overwhelming – hundreds of comments and thanks later, Cheryl had dozens of neighbors eager to meet at a local park for their first gathering. Cheryl says the group now plans to meet regularly, sharing, “I love a chat, but making friends can take a while to see if you share similar character and values. Nextdoor can get the ball rolling with neighbors whether it’s selling a chair, needing a lightbulb changed, or just asking if anyone wants to have a cup of tea or coffee.”

Angela – Cumbernauld, Scotland

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Angela began experiencing anxiety and panic attacks in 2014, but it took nearly a year to receive a proper diagnosis and even longer to find resources near her home in Cumbernauld, Scotland. Angela courageously decided to take matters into her own hands: if there wasn’t an accessible support network in her hometown, then she would create one. And with that, Peace of Mind was born. 

When she received a postcard inviting her to join Nextdoor, she knew it would be the perfect place to reach out to those in her community looking for help and support. Nextdoor made it really easy for her to connect with neighbors and share her Peace of Mind help group with the community. Now she posts regular updates about the drop-in sessions, shares useful information and advice, and polls local residents to learn of their opinions and concerns on mental health resources in the area. Angela’s support group has provided a safe space for people to open up and share how they are feeling with those who understand and care. For some members, it has given purpose back to her lives and for others it has provided the opportunity to bring their partners along to better understand mental health issues.

Joan – Barcelona, Spain

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Joan from the l’Eixample district in Barcelona set a goal to achieve his dream of filming a documentary about the importance of community. He posted the idea on Nextdoor and gathered support from more than 40 neighbors who volunteered to assist the local filmmaker. With neighbors filling the roles of actors, make-up artists, sound engineers, scriptwriters, and even cameramen, the production was a huge success. Two months ago, these neighbors hadn’t even met each other and now they have not only created a beautiful film together, but have also built many new friendships along the way. “It seemed magical, everyone wanted to help for nothing,” shared one group member. “Nextdoor has given me back faith in humanity.” 

Creating real change can take just five minutes. How will you take five to connect with a neighbor? Post on your local Nextdoor neighborhood and tell us in the comments below – we’d love to hear!


  • Hi my name is Jennifer I just moved to this area for trying to start her life over after just losing my fiance and my children’s father and a house fire and I just feel a little lonely and loyal but some new friends would help a lot

    • I Jennifer, so sorry to hear about your family demise. What country, state and community are you, I’m here in South Florida and would love to meet you.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I’m sorry to hear about your mishaps. I would love to meet you and perhaps go to lunch.

        • You shouldn’t judge other individuals choice of words some people don’t know the correct word to use especially if they are a different nationality it wasn’t very nice that person was just reaching out as a friend and because of your comment they may not do it again my mother always said think before you speak always find the good in others just my opinion

          • I agree with you Teresa , people are to quick to judge. I live in North Florida. Suffer with chronic back pain, depression and anxiety. I just don’t socialize any more because some people are so hateful.

          • Great comment. There seems to be a lot of judgementalness in this world!
            Maybe because I’m getting older I just seem to notice it more?
            Does anyone else feel this way?

          • You are very right Teresa. We not always find the correct idiom, expression, OR plain, simple word to express what we want in our own mother tongue! Think of those who speak another language and go out of their way to try to communicate in a second/third language!

          • So totally agree with you TERESA. Seems like more and more people can’t see the big picture and just sit around to pick, pick, pick! Like they are looking for the bad in everything! Makes me crazy!

          • I agree. I was surprised that she had a problem with word choice. To each there own but with that tightly wound of a judgment meter I wouldn’t want a friend like that in my life anyway. Oh and my comment is coming from the grief experience of having lost half of my immediate family. Take care my fellow humans. Life is good even when it is not! It is all in the attitude and in the ability to focus on the good that is still evident even in the midst of grief.

          • I agree with you Teresa 100%. I too have a difficult time saying just the right words. I believe I flunked Diplomacy 101 a long time ago. Just do the best you can. THIS type of communication makes things very difficult for everyone.

          • You were right, this country has alot of immigran from all over the world, of course some time they miss spell words, so as long as we understand what its mean it ok, try to be nice and heplfull to other, it will be back to you some day in life.

          • I love your sentiments Teresa and wholeheartedly share them. We all need to care about one another, Everyone is going through a struggle at some point in their lives. A kind word or gesture can totally affect someone’s day. Always choose kindness.

          • And a good one @ that. Jen may I say I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure the good Lord has them in the bend of His arm, and needs you to move on . there must be something He want you to do. So I am here to say Hi I’m Laurie and am in Lodi, Ohio are you anywhere near here? Let me know. Be at peace my friend. it will take time.

          • I totally agree with you Theresa, I pray Jennifer does reach out….I’m in Maine and don’t know where she’s from..but I’m here if she needs me…Always! I find out helping others is so rewarding….I hope she gets the closeness she deserves from All of her neighbors…I can only say I will be praying for her…….

        • Given the way Della was just slammed for her comment, I’m unlikely to say anything here. I might make a mistake or say something in an inartful way. I’m not sure it’s worth the risk of being on the bottom of a pile-on.
          It’s funny that I find myself saying this in a thread about connection and isolation

          • I Apologize if you think I was slamming Della for her comment Misshaps for from it My boyfriend is Hispanic and I know when people say things to him about the way he talks or uses the wrong word he gets hurt and embarrassed and stops speaking English it’s not right to say something about the word Miss Hernandez used in talking to Jennifer I thought it was very tackful I could have been very ignorant in my comment but it’s not how I was raised. I was always taught do unto others as you would have done to youI am sorry that you feel I was slamming Della I was just looking at Miss Hernandez’s feelings I am sorry if I offended anyone by my comment and I Apologize If I offended you Della have a good night and bless you all.

          • The reason she was slammed was because she was being critical and negative. Her comment had nothing positive to do with the problem. I have a lady in my neighborhood watch that does this all the time.

        • I can tell she doesn’t have a great knowledge of the English language, therefore didn’t use the proper term. I had the same issue before but I have improved. (I’m still learning though)

        • Hi Patricia. I am pretty isolated myself because of health issues. I spend many days and nights alone. If I didn’t have a television I don’t know what I would do. I live in Las Vegas and would love to communicate with you.

          • Hi Ciaran, I have watched so much TV and now I can’t find anything to watch. I find people don’t understand it , when somebody is disabled. I feel like a burden to others , so I stay to myself. I don’t like living this way but what are we to do.

          • Isolation is used as punishment in prisons-it is very, very unhealthy. Even a little socialization can be useful. I plan to reach out to more people.

          • Hi, I too am isolated because of health problems. I feel like once I became disabled, disabled=disposable. ALL friends and acquaintences left me. Only using me because I always picked up the tab $ wherever we went. I babysat their kids for free etc. I feel your pain. I live in Philly. Never been to Vegas.

        • Hi Theresa, I am in the Dallas, TX area, but am going through the exact same thing as you: dealing with severe, and chronic full back pain. (2 neck surgeries, herniated discs in both thoracic and lumbar areas and I receive injections and Rhizotomies for my condition) But even doing everything you can to keep the pain as manageable as possible, in the last couple years I had to sell my house I’d had forever, move in with my parents early LAST YEAR (at 38). And now after a lifetime of complete independence I am almost 40 and only able to work part- time bc as you KNOW, you never know every day is different, so much so that for me there are days I don’t even get out of bed for longer than a cpl hours. On those hard days, I need my family, friends and faith more than ever. If you ever need to just chat about what you are going through, I would love to have someone to be able to connect with that has no judgment, and completely understands how – not only physically – but emotionally chronic pain can break you.

          I wish we lived closer, but sometimes it just helps to be able to have someone just LISTEN to you and how YOU are dealing with it on any particular day… b/c (at least for me) sometimes I don’t want to hear people give me advice on how to “get out of my funk”, “go take a walk”, or the misu popular “you’ll be ok, THIS WILL PASS”!!!

          Yeah, I know that, bc if it DIDN’T pass I spent be here today!

          I hope you do reach out, if not to me at least to someone, and even if you only need to talk with me until you find someone closer that can be a face-to-face chat. Just know you are 100% NOT ALONE– I sm actually just under 36hrs out of a 4 level bilateral steroid injection, so when I saw your Chronic Pain post, I dare it as a sign! Try to have a great day! And I hope to hear from you soon, and tell me what you are going through with your pain issues (as EVERY SINGLE PERSON is different).

          • Hi Nancy, Thank you for reaching out. Some days are so hard to deal with , as you know. Just talking to some one who understands what we are going through helps. I was a Nurse and Fire Fighter when I was injured now I’m on disability . I’ve lost my independence , my career , and my marriage of 25 yrs. I lost my Mom 8 months ago to cancer. My dad has a bad heart. Sometimes it feels like my world is falling apart. I have 3 children , grown and married. My children try so hard to help me , and I don’t want to burden them , and my grandkids are a big help too. But as you know , it wares you down. I’ve had 5 back surgeries , Rods and screws , and a stimulater put in last year, now my hips are starting .My movement is very limited. I use to be active and now I’m lucky if I can walk to the mailbox. I’ve had the shots also but they don’t last long. I hope yours are working. I don’t want to hear peoples advice either, Stay in touch

          • Hi Nancy, my name is Anna. I’m in NC n going through a few personal things myself. Separated from my husband for one, Im 47 n an dialysis patient for 8 years now. That’s the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with as for health. My husband n I have an 18 yr old son n my daughter is 25 n 3 small kids to. My daughter Meagan n I haven’t been one to just get out there and talk to anyone bc ppl r so quick to talk to you one min then turn on you the next minute. I have alot going on with my life n my daughter does as well so I try talking to her n listen n try taking the time to spend with my son too. He’s going to be graduating this year n I am very happy for him. I enjoy being around people (although) I’m generally a quite person. I like to hear about other ppl n go to church n enjoy that too. I’m a free spirited person n try to always think positive n hope n believe that things will get better soon enough.

          • Hi all…What I don’t hear on this blog is much positivity and/or any real viable solution to improving one’s mental, emotional, and physical health! I’m going to cut to the chase…Since most people agree that a “Creator” created us and not “Man,” then it stands to reason that our Creator is a part of us at all times! If your reasoning is in agreement with this concept, then you might try what I have successfully practiced most of my life (I’m 74 now). At least every morning, upon awakening, give thought to ‘your Creator within you’ by giving ‘THANKS’ for all of the good things that you do have, which actually sustain you on a daily basis, followed by a request to help you to have a comfortable, happy, and “painfree” day! Persist in this as a habit, and you might just see your life miraculously change (for the better of course!). Have a great day each and every day! Sheila.

          • Hi! I’ve been reluctant to reach out to anyone but also have a chronic very painful back condition and need people more than ever. I have found the website “The Mighty” really helpful! Maybe you will too. I’m in California And would definitely at least visit you if you were nearby. In the meantime please know you are t alone! I watch so much tv I’m starting to talk tv more than anything but I am glad to be able to check out this way. I send love and prayer to all those here who are suffering mentally and physically. Lynn

          • Hi Patricia (and Nancy),
            Just wanted to chime in here and let you know that you are not alone. What struck a cord with me is that I was a Paramedic and a Physician Assistant when I got sick. I was bitten by a tick in 2000 and they refused to treat me at the time. By 2005, I had meningitis. Then in 2007, I had it AGAIN! I kept getting sicker and sicker with all types of strange illnesses. From 2008-2011, I saw 14 doctors searching for an answer to my failing health never thinking of the tick bite until I heard the words, “You have Chronic Lyme Disease and things will get worse before they get better.” By Aug. 2012, I couldn’t work anymore, I was 41 yrs old, disabled and moving in with my mother. The next 4 years were a blur of aggressive treatment which drained my retirement fund, made me bedridden and nearly killed me on 2 occasions. Thank God for my mother who became my caretaker because now the Lyme has attacked my heart and I am bedridden 24/7 and can’t stand up without passing out. I have lost everything. My apartment on the river, my 2 careers, ALL of my money, my hobbies of competitive ballroom dancing and National Pool Competitions, most of my friends have drifted away and this is year 7 in bed. However, as time passes you learn to build a new life (even from bed). I became a writer and published a book called WHEN BODIES BREAK on Amazon with 32 of my blogger friends who all have “invisible illnesses” and I write a blog myself called which aims to encourage people who have chronic illness while showing photographs from my other passion photography. Once you go through the stages of realizing that your old life is never coming back you start to imagine all the wonderful possibilities still left for you in your current state. Your life hasn’t ended, it has just changed. Switch from a TV to a computer and the whole world will open up for you. I am busier than ever and I never leave my bed!!! But, I like to think that what I write and everything I have been through has a purpose to help others who are just beginning their journey of suffering with Chronic Illness. I will be here for you if you ever need to talk or if you want to read the book or the blog, they are still up and running. Everything goes to charity so please don’t think this is a “book pitch” because it is not. We felt that if telling our stories could help people then we were willing to go public with how we had survived illness and learned to thrive despite our circumstances. Patricia…I am also in North Florida, Northeast FL as a matter of fact so even though I can’t get out of bed to come see you, please know that I am close by and thinking of you. Nancy out in TX…I am so sorry for what happened in El Paso today. My heart goes out to your State today. For everyone else who reads this and is suffering, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are here to support each other so let’s be kind and do that. Be as well as you can be, minute by minute and before you know it…you will have made it through another day. Take care ladies.

          • I have the same problem,, I never blame any one that have issue,, people sometimes they will fell the problem when happing to them …Hope you get better soon I know is not ez.. pray will help..

        • Sorry, that comment was for Patricia! And anyone else that is suffering in any way that needs to talk about it

          • I live in Fate, TX. And since going through all this foot– the last decade (in varying degrees), for my long faught battle with severe chronic pain that began slowly progressing in my late teens early 20’s… and just like a “snowball effect”; by the time it was so severe couldn’t really do anything about it but: PT, Arrosti Therapy, Accupuncture, Medical Massage, Deel Needling, Deconoression, Injectiins, Rhizotomies, Discograms. my MRI’s still led me to my 1st 2 next surgeries @ 32 & 34 (18 months apart)… and since I still have Thoracic AND major lumbar slipped, pinched, strained, deteriorated & herniated discs there are more to come soon!

            And the depression just seeps in ever so slowly that you didn’t even realize you don’t leave the house for days at a time. So I it would be amazing to be able to tak to someone who is going through similar issues (whether Depression Disorders, or Chronic Pain, or both)… only people who go through it can TRULY GET IT.

            We don’t want pity, or even sympathy, we’re just looking for acceptance for a condition we have no control of and an ear to listen when we know we’ve done everything we’re can (and v.v. to BE THAT EAR when someone else needs that too). Please reach out to me directly to my email address, af I am unsubscribing to this particular thread, bc I got what seems like 50 emails in less than a day!


          • Patricia, It is my pleasure, and I sm sorry to hear about the loss of your parent. We’re seem to be on the same sinking ship, as my dad was in ICU 2x for over a month with complete kidney failure, he is home now, but not in great shape. I’ll keep your dad in my thoughts, and please email me personally as I have unsubscribed from this thread bc of the 50+ emails I received in 1/2 a day, that had nothing to do with me.


            I sincerely hope we can keep in touch, bc sometimes it justv takes that ONE person who GETS IT, that can REALLY make a difference! And I hate that you are going through the same things as I am, as I wouldn’t wish this on ANYONE!! Hopefully something good will come out of knowing each other!

            Please email me directly, I’d love to hear more about what you are going through, and I am going through quite a few other things (that NOT surprisingly are all intertwined with my debilitating chronic back/neck pain.)


          • Hi Nancy, I live in Muncie, Indiana. I’m dealing with near to what you are. And, Patricia, I have been a nurse for 10 years. I was married to an abusive addict/alcoholic man for 20 years, the marriage didn’t last through nursing school. He was not like this when I married him and he knew how I felt about these things, I loved him dearly but would not suffer the foolishness. My three kids, 32, 17 & 15 years old have suffered through the mess just as much as I have. I have always put them first and at any sign of a problem, get them help with my constant love, reassurance and sometimes therapy. My son, in the 10th grade now, was always popular, self-assured, and athletic. We have lived in our same home for 20 years and he grew up with all his friends since kindergarten. Now he states he has severe social anxiety and cannot tolerate going back to school this year and asked to complete high school through the online learning programs which I am allowing him to do. It is breaking my heart he feels this way, and i feel responsible. How can such a beautiful young man, so full of promise, have so much anxiety he wants to hide away? Maybe because that is what he see’s his mom doing, 🙁 I will be taking him to the pediatrician for his normal school shots and we will talk to him about solutions and outcome goals. Me, I had neurosurgery 9 years ago at L4-5 for herniated disc. The discs above and below are bulging, but the doctor said the insurance wouldn’t pay for those to be fixed yet. The sciatica pain was nearly enough to kill me before, I dont know how I did it and kept working, it has broken me down but i did keep on trying as much as i can. I have been let go of so many jobs I can’t even count them anymore. I just cannot keep up. I’ve been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and PTSD. My other diagnosis are Fibromyalgia, Thyroiditis, Chronic Pain and Insomnia. I get cortisone/toradol shots in my back still. I have nightmares about once or twice a week. I am socially isolated at home, I believe I am disabled from these disorders, which I do not choose to have!, but, the fact is, none of us would choose this and it is hard for me when people say, “I just dont let myself think about things that bring me down like that”. They do not understand the taperecorder that replays in the subconscious, paralyzing and sometimes terrorizing scenarios we’ve experienced. I am so weak and hurting, and depressed at times, I cannot even keep up with the dishes in the sink. It disgusts me to have a house thats not clean and in order! I do have an emotional support animal that is my best friend, he is a solid black German Shepherd, and I thank God for him! I think about when I retire, I dream about running a K-9 training camp. I love animals. I am starting another new job, two days a week only and also have decided to go back to school, online, to become a Nurse Practitioner. I do not know how I am going to do these things but my will to survive keeps me pushing forward. I was laid off last December and am in the process of negotiating a modification for my mortgage, too. I am so afraid I am going to lose my house and end up living with my parents! The situation is so close I can smell it and even plan the what-if scenario in my mind. What will I need to do if this happens? You know? So, anyway, I just wanted to share my story with you and all that feel this way too. You are not alone, I am here to talk to any time any if you need a friend to lift you up, I will do my best! I promise you that.

          • I am experiencing loneliness, and depression. I would love to make friends with you and people in my community. I m in Chicago in south Belmont cardigan area
            All replies answered and welcome to get to know for social connections


        • I am in Idaho and live with pain everyday I just have to keep moving if I don’t the pain is worse and I take care of my Mom who is 85 have a nice night.

          • To Tammy in Muncie Indiana, Things can become overwhelming on your own, you need to take on one thing at a time. I see your kids are your number one concern. I had a similar situation with my son. He started high school on a high note and did very well, but began to suffer anxiety and wanted to withdraw by the end of his sophomore year. He easily tested out and enrolled in the local junior college where he ran into the same demons. He is 32 now and rarely leaves the house and lives in a ideological world on the computer. Don’t let you children quit high school, find a school/environment where they can thrive while they are young. Once trends are set in, it’s near impossible to change course.

          • To Sam where are you sir what city and state. It sounds like you could really use some resourses and possibly a break. Your taking on quite abit for just one man no matter if you have your own health pro blems or not..Im very concerned for you..Please get a hold of PatientAdvocate just google it and tell them what you are going through with your wife and daughter and lets see if you cant get you some help with your two important ladies in your life.Take care

          • Hello everyone, When I think it can’t get any worst. My sister had a stroke, she’s only 60y.o. and with all this stress my back pain gets worse. The Dr. changed my medication and wants me to not be stressed. Seriously. Tammy, Brenda , Sam and Teresa I’m here for you . Just talking to someone who understands where your coming helps. Feel free to e-mail : Carol the email you gave me doesn’t work (

      • Hello Jeniffer so sorry to hear about the tragedy you have suffered just keep the faith you are not alone, as you can see there are a lot of good people in this world that are reaching out to say it is going to be ok. and to the many people around the world who are going through something never give on God. Thanks to all the people and their comments

    • Jennifer,

      You are going through an enormous amount of difficulty right now. You have suffered multiple loses of permanent things in your life. You are grieving for each one. I am praying for you and I am will to help and be a friend.


      • I can imagine what you are going through. I have primary immune failure. I have asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, systemic lupus erythematosis, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, sjogrens syndrome. I am on over 30 prescription medications daily. In addition I take 2 injections that I give myself, an inhaler I use 2 times daily, nasal spray 2 times daily and prescription eye drops twice daily. I have also pain medication which don’t help much, rectal suppositories and retention enemas. I’ve had many joints replaced. My hands are now closing up from the rheumatoid arthritis. I hurt always, My bones are really bad and if I fall I always break bones. My life is a lot of work everyday just to maintain myself. My poor husband is very healthy and wants to be way more active than I can be. I have a dog that I dearly love who I rescued last August but probably will need to have her rehomed very soon as I’m having difficulty taking care of her. I deteriorated so much since we got her. I fell last October and broke 6 bones in my lower back and my pubic bone. I was on total bedrest for 5 and a half months as your pubic bone can only heal when it’s immobilized. My husband and dog suffered a lot from this. I did too. Any comforting words are welcome. Thank you.

    • Jennifer,

      There are a number of social organizations that you can join. Meals On Wheels is one of them. Each week I publish a list of week end activities. This may surprise you, but volunteering with a local government committee is a quick way to meet people and get active.

      Just some thoughts.


    • Where did you move from? I know what it is like to loose loved ones. I lost my first husband in1999 and then I lost my only son Jan 2005 and my mother Sept 2005. It is not easy I know and your way of coping needs to be shared with a group about grief.

      • It always helps to pray…think that you are not alone; there are many people suffering losses also. Time is a good healer and as someone suggested, reach out to social organizations. However, need to be cautious, there are many predators out there ready to take advantage of lonely people?

        • Hi Rosa, my name is Susana. I live in southern Ga. I saw your post about eating the right foods to help with pain, Do you have a reference where I can look up types of food that would help with inflammation and pain relief, if so would you mind telling me where to find it. I can be reached via Thank you!

      • Hi Loretta… my name is Kevin.You’ve had time to heal but the pain never goes away…. how are you dealing with things now are you social church sports hike…it helps…. your free to call me if you want…I know I could put a smile on your face

      • My name is Karen, I have terminal leukemia, my husband left me and forced me to sell our house. I was suppose to die in 15 months and when it didn’t happen he told me he didn’t love me any more and I bored him. 15 years together, broke my heart. I have been fighting to live for 4 1/2 years. God takes care of me but lonely. All I have is my cat, McCain parrot and most of all God to keep me going. Vancouver, Washington.

    • Hi Jennifer have been experiencing loneliness and mild depression myself when I find myself alone and my mind keeps going back to the sadness when no one is around just having someone to talk to or listen to and even the touch from a hug out confidence helps

      • I left a longer comment about my full condition, but I too have been suffering with depression. My diagnosis is officially Major Depressive Disorder, but who really knows… bc I had to get off my anti-depressants bc I had a SEVERELY EXTREME HALLUCINOGENIC REACTION.

        Most of my depression/anxiety is do to my decades of severe chronic pain that messes as much with your head as it does my back. As I mentioned before, there are days I am only out of bed for a cpl hours and some days I can’t sleep no matter how tired I am, and a varying shade of a gray cloud over my head.

        I am so blessed to have great friends & family, but if you PERSONALLY do not have anxiety and depression (for whatever reason it was triggered), they just DO NOT GET YOU!

        Please reach out to me if you ever are feeling you need to talk to someone who understands why yesterday’s clothes, that you slept in, are perfectly fine to wear today too!

        I hope this finds its way to you, and if you HAVE to have a gray cloud over your head today it is a “silvery gray” and not a “charcoal gray”!

        • lol, Nancy, you have made my cloud a pretty silvery gray today, even if I am still wearing the clothes I wore yesterday and slept in, lol! 🙂

          • Hello everyone, if anyone needs to chat because they feel lonley, please feel free to contact me anytime. Loneliness and depression is a serious thing to deal with.

      • Hello !
        Tony ,
        My name is Cathy
        Live in Columbus Ohio,
        It’s called the….The Buckeye State.
        am alone as well & I also would
        like a friendly chat W others who
        Also who have the same issues.
        Would be nice U know…
        Email address,
        Hope to hear from another person
        Has the same style of life ?❗️

      • Hi Tony , I find the evening is my worst. That’s when the depression and loneness really sets in , and everything that has happened just comes back in my head. I try not to thing about things but it’s hard. Your right having someone to talk to , and hold you goes along way.

        • Hey again Patricia,

          On your comment thst evenings are the hardest, I tend to mostly agree with that, unless I MAKE MYSELF go to my bestfriends 40th birthday party and my mind forgets to signal the pain/anxiety/depressin /loneliness alarm that constantly reminds me of everything I CANT OR AM NOT DOING for that brief period of time bc of the distraction… (a good TV show or movie can temporarily silence the reminder of how sad my life is, too).

          So my worst time of the day can just hit me like a ton of bricks outta nowhere at 3am or 3pm… Please contact me when you are at that time in your day, bc even having someone else know that your crashing is a small step to getting yourself out of it, bc you KNOW someone else is thinking about you at that exact moment you need it the most. As I said before email me directly, and we can exchange numbers, so if you ever need me to stand with you on that ledge, I will be there sending you my strength too, through the tightest “virtual” grip to get you through the worst!

          I’ve been there, and I’m lucky to STILL be here (it’s too personal to go into on an open forum), but PLEASE email me and we can then exchange phone numbers, and you will know you are never alone!

          Again it’s:

          Hope this can help you in any way! As you and I seem to have lot of relatable situations.


          • Reading these comments reminds me that things can always be “Worse” no matter how bad you think your life is.

        • If you said where you live, I missed it. I am in WV and feel like you. I have had many medical issues and suffer from major depression. My wife of 19 years (we were together 23 years) decided to have a affair and leave me and our 2 older teenage daughters. I too have no one to talk to about this. She left 2 years ago.

          • Hi Darrell, I know where your coming from. I was married for 25 yrs and my husband left me for another women. Well to me she’s not a women , just scum of the earth, My children were all grown when he also left his own children and grandchildren . He told them he has a new family now. I’m here for you if need a friend.

    • Hiya Jennifer,

      Such sad news. I am very sorry for your loss. I would be happy to chat with you…maybe have a coffee one day. Please feel free to reach me via email and I will give a phone number. Remember…sometimes it is not always a day at a time…sometimes it’s minute by minute. Wishing you peace and brighter days.

    • Hi Jennifer where are you located. I have not had the type of lose you have had but can relate to the loneliness

      • My husband has passed away also. I can understand what your going through. My kids are all grown, in demanding jobs, and out of town on business some. I do have grandchildren but they stay active in sports. I’m so sorry for your loss and your children need you more than ever. May God bless you in your future. It does get easier as time goes by. Weekends are longer than they were before.

        • Barbara i feel your pain . I lost my husband and and daughter 13 months apart. My daughter this past March. Weekends are terrible. I’m looking for a friend female or male to just do things together . Not interested in a romantic relationship just friendship. To things with

          • I’m so sorry to hear your story Margie. How awful to lose your husband and then your daughter. How old were your loved ones? We’re they sick? Where do you live? Do you have family near you?

            I’m praying for you!

          • Hi, I would love to meet my neighbors and help them and support them if they are coping with pain. You can contact me for friendship 512 773 6714 Alfredo.

          • Hi Margie were do you live I to have lost my husband of 43 years . Have no children or family close

          • Hi Margie,

            I also could use a friend and divorced three months after 38 years of marriage very difficult but I had to leave for medical reasons and she wasn’t willing to go in a nutshell answer me if you’d like to communicate maybe we could talk I’m a good listener when I’m not jabbering like some crazy Parrot.
            Where are you? I’m in Arizona but it’s a dry heat

    • Welcome to a friendly neighborhood Jennifer! Enjoy! Good to have you in our little Paradise!

      • Hi Jennifer . I’m so sorry for your sure is very hard to deal wiht all that. I got divorce 4 years ago I have a 8 year old boy and is very hard I have no friends sometimes to chat. I feel Lonely sometimes to just looking at the walls but you don’t have a family I do enjoy when my son comes over by trying to do everything I can so I don’t keep myself inside the house by myself.

        • Im Nancy, my email is:
          (I have unsubscribed to this thread bc I recieved apprx 50 emails in 1/2 a day.)
          But am diagnosed with depression and anxiety and cursed with a life time of chronic pain, so the isolation from friends and family that JUST DONT UNDERSTAND (even though they try so hard) doesn’t help much, bc it’s always the same “keep trying”,”keep your head up”, “THIS THO SHALL PASS”!

          I just want to be there for anyone who is in need of someone who actually understands and be able to get the same support and won’t throw me a bunch of cliche quotes. Sometimes, I don’t know about y’all, but just LISTENING to (no HEARING) me, is just what WORKS!

          I am REALLY Looking forward to keeping in contact with anyone in a situation where you just need an understanding, open hearted person to just GET IT!

          • Hi, Nancy,
            I have read a few of your comments and would like to ask about the food you eat.
            Many times we, inadvertently, create our own “problems.” I would like to recommend half a teaspoon of turmeric, on a daily basis, for your pain. Many people claim turmeric is great for pain.
            Next, I would recommend you eat, at least, two ripe bananas every day. Add to bananas a few walnuts and cinnamon. Have good fish or tuna twice a week (no tilapia) and lentils once a week. I suggest having a green smoothie (spinach, celery and an apple with unseatened almond milk) on a faily basis, and no sugar! Cut on intake of carbs and depression medication. Sleep, sleep, and sleep! Bananas and cinnamon wil help in that.
            Faulty nutrition causes all sorts of ailments. Try improving/changing your diet to create plenty seratonin and melatonin for your intestine and brain.
            I am convinced your health will improve if you eat well, and if you add a little praying and meditation, your life will drastically change! Your family loves you and so does God!

    • I just witnessed 4yr as a widower and understand the loneliness, the longest 4yrs of my life am also retired so makes for long days and nights but have companion here is a pic meet my Jenna and of course me
      Ron B if would like to chat 488 0107
      Stella mann

      • I Ron Iv’e been on my own for 25yrs the first 10 is the worst my husband died of a heart attack, I’m retired from Citi Bank for some time now. Were I live I don’t know many people. It would be nice to talk to people,
        just as you said it does get lonely. You can send me e-mail if you wish.

        Elizabeth Murphy

        • Hi Elizabeth were do you live? I live in Doral, FL.
          Been in my own for 25 yrs too, and yes sometimes it gets lonely. I’m retired for some
          time now, had my own business.
          Will like to get in touch.

      • I lost my husband and struggle to remain upbeat and open. I start my own groups and constructed a book exchange in front of my house. My uke group meets today

      • I am elderly and I have issues with my brains. I often can not say something because it just won’t come to me.

        I am alone and I very much want to have friends. I’ve love to talk with you and I love to cook.

        • Hi Liz.. I am elderly and I love to cook also guess we live far apart I am in the state of Ky. Wish you well.

          • Hi Liz , not sure if this is going to you or to Barb, but it is meant for you, I too live in Ky, near Scottsville, where might you be?

        • Hi Liz. I understand your situation. I live in Las Vegas. I think it would be nice to get to know you.

        • Hi Liz I can hear your loneliness in your post and my heart aches for you and maybe myself as well have been a widow about 10 long years now and people say it will get easier I am still waiting, I don’t mind hearing from you and anyone else in need of a friend my email is open and ready to respond

        • Hey Liz Biss,

          Where do you live? If you are in the Dallas area, I would love to come keep you company and help out when I can. Bc I would hope someone would do the same for my mother or grandmother if I was unable to. Please email me personally: ☆☆☆☆

        • Hello Liz, I understand that the proper words sometimes just wont come to mind. I have had this problem for most of my life, and I am now 65, I always wanted to sing, but it is impossible if you cannot recall the words. I do not think it is dementia, even though it could be kin, and I do not think it is alzheimers, Praise God, I guess you call it a glitch in the brain. Whatever it is, it takes some practice to live with it, I am glad you enjoy cooking, I do too, but my back is so bad it is hard to do for the most part. I wish you the best, sincerely, Gayla Stahl

        • Liz, I am Em (short for Emlyn). I live alone with my Min. Fr. Poodle in Tucson, AZ. I have found one great friend on this website. I lost my husband in 2017, but volunteer two days a week at a kindergarten in our mid-town as a Teacher’s Aide. (I was a certified Teacher’s Aide when I lived in Illinois, before moving to AZ.) I am looking for more friends to talk on the phone with, go to movies and lunch with, etc. I would love to meet other Sr’s. in Tucson. I am 84 years young and have problems with words, often, too. Some people do Crossword Puzzles to keep their brain sharp – or take a non-credit class in a Jr. College or such. Good luck. Em F.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      My name is Maria and I enjoy meeting new people. That’s awful of what happened to you but you’re still alive!
      New beginnings is for you now!

    • Hi Jennifer,
      My Name is Richard & I know what you mean about being
      Lonely, Because I lost my Wife not to long ago. I have A little poodle named CHAZY, & Whin I get lonely I take her for A ride. She love,s to ride. You have A nice day Jennifer.


      • Richard,

        My dogs have given me the best medicine of all in all my battles with depression and chronic pain where I can’t (physically or emotionally) even get up! Those dang dogs love me for me, and since I was told having children wouldn’t be smart with my back issues (and other medical stuff that when looked at from a larger standpoint made sense), but my heart will be broken every day for the rest of my life knowing how much love I could’ve my child… that’s why I am a nanny and a substitute teacher (and have been on and off all my life).

        Id love to keep in touch so please email me directly, as I am unsubscribing to this thread since I recieved over 50 emails in 1/2 a day.


        Give your pup extra loving, bc when all my chronic pain got the worst and my depression was isolating me more and more, I lost my 2 old dogs less than a year apart both right before Christmas…. so I am so blessed I have the 2 I got this time, I rescued her from a shelter, but looking at it– I’m pretty sure it was the other way around, bc she came into my life right after I lost my almost 16yr old dog that I had got in college…

        Hope to hear from toy if you need anything,

    • Hi Jennifer, I’m sorry for your loss. I was wondering in what region of the country do you reside. There are many of us who like you have lost husbands, Fiancé’s and beloved family members. If you would like conversation you may email me and chat. You are in my thoughts and prayers Jennifer.

    • Hi Jennifer
      I am so sorry for your devastating loss. I know things are really in shambles for you right now, but you will get through all of this. If you ever need a friendly ear I am here!
      Peace & Blessings my sister

    • Hello Jeniffer, You have my condolences and prayers regarding the loss of your fiancé. I know that you are grieving and feel loss. However, please know that there are many folks available to support and comfort you during this time. Reach out to those in your community and at grief counseling services. I can tell you that time and fellowship will heal you.



    • Hi Jennifer,

      What city do you live in? I am in Ashburn and just started a monthly dinner at my place to bring neighbors together and create a sense of belonging. If you are in the area, you are welcome to join. We had an amazing group of people who attended the first event; it was such a great success that we are planning our next one for August.

      If you can’t attend, feel free to message me – I am happy to connect you with some local events that can provide some incredible friendships!

      Sending hugs,

      • Hello Randy how are you doing, I am Robert Dale I like you and I would like us to get to know more about each other please contact via my email address let’s get more acquaintance privately,

    • Hi Jennifer, sorry to hear. My name is Theo. I am living in Sterling Hill community. I like to connect if possible.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! So sorry for your endeavors, hoping this place will find you happiness and you’ll never lack of friends..

    • Hello Jennifer, I know what it means to lose family and friends. My prayers to you so that you can get out of this stage of your life with much less suffering. We all know suffering in this life. Just a friend in Dallas Georgia.


          • Sorry to hear you too have lost your husband. It’s a hard path in our lives to travel. I think what this type of communications idea has done is to open the door to the knowledge your not the only one dealing with this stage of life. You don’t feel comfortable expressing your feelings of loss and emptiness to family. They have their daily life routines because nothing has changed for them. You can express your feelings here and others listen because they are are experiencing the same empty spot in life that you just can’t seem to fill or change. Chat here if it helps you in your hardest moments. God Bless you.

          • This is Tonya again. Thanks for your reply. You did not have a “reply” section under the comment. Reading some of these comments really have made me Count MY Blessings! for my ordinary,healthy life!

            I am seeking a couple of people to pen pal with…I still talk with a lady in England
            that I met on such a site when I was in high school! Many years ago. God Bless

    • Don’t feel lonely Jennifer I just moved to this neighborhood to I had to change my environment from where I was but I’m going to be a friend and your time of need

    • Hello Jennifer! My name is Carol. I was really touched by your story. I am sorry for what you have gone through. I would like to join any group like a friendship group because I would join. It gets lonely sometimes. I’m elderly with MS and not able to get out and around much. So it is hard to get out there and make friends. I wish we could get together and talk. Where are you located?

    • Welcome to neighborhood. Sorry things have been so rough lately. Hang in there, lean on your faith. Sending good thoughts your way. : )

      Where you from and how’d you wind up in Rockwall?

    • I can imagine what it must be like to be in this situation. My children left and I haven’t seen or spoke to them in 16 years And I dont know why. It hurts like hell but I can’t do anything about it.
      My email is
      Anytime email me. We can tk
      Maryann Moeller Chatsworth. Nextdoor

    • Hi Jennifer
      My names Patricia. I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been through a lot also. I find it hard to be social these days. Because of the way some people are. Feel free to contact me and we’ll get to know each other and maybe help each other out.

    • My name is Larry I live in the same area as you and basically the same situation as you.. 44 years old single white male just like to hang out in their friends

      • Where are you located? I am a ALMOST 40 yr old — just Hong on to my lat few months in my 30’s (?).

        Ihave left longer messages about my situation, hoping you are doing well. I am in the DFW area, and if you would like to reach out to chat anytime please email me directly… °•°°•°


    • Jennifer I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I would love to be your friend. send me an email anytime

    • 1. Get yourself to a Support Group—for widows, single moms, new residents, young mothers, besides if apply chem dep, anxiety, etc. 2.
      “google” every kind of activity, support, interests of every kind, in your location.

    • Hi Jennifer . I’m so sorry for your sure is very hard to deal wiht all that. I got divorce 4 years ago I have a 8 year old boy and is very hard I have no friends sometimes to chat. I feel Lonely sometimes to just looking at the walls but you don’t have a family I do enjoy when my son comes over by trying to do everything I can so I don’t keep myself inside the house by myself.

    • Thanks Teresa….My phone frequently makes stupid spelling mistakes and if I don’t check mess before I send it can look like a fifth grader wrote it….anyway Jennifer I am so sorry for your losses and you did the right thing by reaching out…feel free me I moved here 2 yrs.ago but have no friends yet……anytime

    • Hi Jennifer my name is Brian sorry for your loss if still looking for someone to talk to hit me back

    • Good morning Jennifer/ I am so sorry about your loses ! May I ask how are you doing? I am not sure where you are living ? (time zone?) i would be happy to listenvand communivate with you – and get to know you – my name is Julie

      • Hello everyone.
        My husband and I recently moved to Las Vegas and we don’t know anyone here. I am incredibly lucky to be married, but my last family member died last year, so I feel lonely too.
        I suffer from anxiety and back and other pain. Jennifer I’m sorry for your loss.
        If anyone would like to email feel free.

    • Hi my name is Omar you can contact me I am here for hiking or go to a coffee… 415 571 5767

      • I live in Columbus, Ga., am retired and the few friends I have are very limited as to what they want to do. I have tried some of the other on-line sites and had no luck meeting any one. Would be interesting to see what responses I get on this one.

      • I lost a son 17 years old in a car wreck I’m so proud to say I was his mom I’m so sorry about your wife I understand the pain ?

    • I lost my wife 12 years ago on a car wreck. If you ever want to talk I’m here. I’m very sorry to hear of your loss.

    • I am so sorry to hear that . My name Angela Culberson my phones #504 2587653 call I can pray with you and be a friend

    • Hi. Sweety , i know how you feel i just lost my wife of 18 years to cancer January 29th of this year. So i kinda feel like a shut in . Dont get to go anywhere o do anything

    • Hi, I am sorry for your loss. I have compassion for you. I live here in Presidential Meadows. I can try to meet you and support you socially.
      You are not alone we here for you.

    • Hi I am David Yes it takes time to adjust to those changes. It will get better as time goes on.Where are you from and now are.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry about your lose. It makes me sad to hear about a lose. I know what your going thru. I, too, sometimes feel lonely but I do enjoy my own company. We can never have too many friends. You keep your head high and keep moving forward. You can text me anytime.

    • Hi Jennifer, My name is Baron. I am so sorry to hear of what you have gone through. Truly sorry because I have gone through simler trials. What got me through was joining a local church. They gave me the counciling and support I needed. I also now have a great circle of friends who truly care about me. Let me know if I can be of help.

    • Hi Jennifer i am so sorry
      I have also moved here after a loss. I would love to meet you sometime for coffee please reach out!!! I have also wanted to start some kind of book club. We had one that had been going strong for 18 years when I left. It is a nice way to meet different women.

    • Hi Jennifer, where do you live? You can message me anytime if you want to talk/have questions ect…

    • I’m sorry for your loss and would like to share my loss with you to help you cope and would like to discuss how we can make a difference maybe with a startup non profit for others without the same issue please email me at

    • If you need a friend or someone to talk to I’m here my name is James york no one should be lonely it’s not a good feeling I’m a good friend to everyone I can be text me or look me up on Facebook or messenger day or night

      • Hi James,

        I get very lonely and am not able to get out and around. I could use a friend and someone to talk to. It would be nice to communicate with you and become friends. I’m one of the elderly that hasn’t caught up with all the technology. I can’t text you, Facebook, or Messenger. I can just communicate with you via e-mail.

    • You will be ok. I move to Topeka 20years ago and it took me some time to open up, after my separation and later divorce. I found volunteering helped a lot to form friendships. If you are in the Topeka area l will be more then happy toshow you around…Have a good day.?

    • I’m so sorry For your loss. My name is Lisa do you attend church anywhere? I always have a ear if you need to talk.

    • I am sorry, to hear about your lose. It is very touching, how people reached out offer ways to help. I would like to go out or talk, we will pray, i hope everything works out.

    • Jennifer,

      I recently moved to Bethesda (April) after losing my mother. I’m not sure where you live, but if you are nearby and would like to meet, I’d welcome it.

    • Sorry for ur lost. My name is Z looking to hang out and make a new friend I’m going thru a divorce

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I am so sorry for your loss . I think its so brave of you to start a new chapter in your life with your children.

      I am a single professional and living in a suburb has made it hard to connect with neighbors who are married with families. I just lost my beloved dog two days ago and feeling lonely. I would love to meet some new neighbors. I live in Spring, Texas, where do you live?

    • I’m sorry about your loses and would be happy to get together with you.

      I live in Manhattan (NY).

      Let me know.

    • Sorry for your loss Jennifer. If you ever just need a ear im hear. I hope you find some great people to help you past this tragic hurdle.

    • Hi Jen, I am so sorry to hear about your family demise. What country, state and community are you, I’m here in Middle Tn and would love to have you as a friend.

    • Hi Jennifer so sorry to hear about your loss.i am 55 disabled and home all the time not by choice I can’t drive but I would love to be your friend. I only have 1 friend in Palm city. If there is anything u need I might be able to help or I can be there for a shoulder to cry on
      Send me a repky

    • Hey Jennifer. My name is Delecia from Dallas Texas. I am new to Nextdoor. I am a military veteran and have been through a lot mentally. Through counseling I can now breath again. Talking helps. I now assist others and friends as a life Coach. I had to learn how to establish new friendships from my coaches and mentors. You are welcome to chat with me. We can discuss in messages how to connect. With help you can get through what you are battling. Wish I was closer but we have so much communication methods. Let’s see when is best time and day is best. Peace and prayers

    • I just want to wish everyone light and love today. If anyone is feeling lonely and sad anytime, please feel free to reach out to me. I’ve struggled myself with issues that have lead me to group and individual therapy so I’ve gotten pretty good at listening! ?

    • Are you in the Lakeland FL area? So sorry to hear about your family. Would love to chat if you would like to.

    • Hi Jennifer – So sorry to hear about your losses – it must be a terrible burden to get through on a daily basis – I lost my wife 4 months ago and the loneliness and pain is sometimes unbearable, however life must go on.
      Not sure where you are living – I live in Palm Coast and would be happy to correspond with you to help you through this rough spot and you would be helping me deal with my loss.

      Keeping forward Jennifer and God Bless on your journey.

    • Oh I feel so sorry to hear of your troubles. Grief is an awful thing to experience and it sounds like yours is 100 fold. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I’m probably older than you but I like to think I am young at heart.
      What city are you located in? I am in Gainesville.
      I love to play cards and have been wanting to start a card group.
      Keleen (Kelly) Nichols

    • Hi Jennifer. I’m sorry for your loss. Text me anytime maybe we can start walking on the beach you can also email me. In subject please put your name si I’ll know it’s not spam. I also lost my daughter in April I’m having it ruff

    • Hi Jennifer. I’m Victoria. My husband passed away 18 months ago, I lost our homes due to his medical costs prior, I moved in with childhood friend while thanking God I even had a friend left.
      I relate to your story. How can I help you? Reach you? Are you in my area? If so let’s get together or make a plan together. I isolated for a year before I felt like getting out. I don’t recommend that!
      I’ll check back.

    • Hi Jennifer. I’m Victoria. My husband passed away 18 months ago, I lost our homes due to his medical costs prior, I moved in with childhood friend while thanking God I even had a friend left.
      I relate to your story. How can I help you? Reach you? Are you in my area? If so let’s get together or make a plan together. I isolated for a year before I felt like getting out. I don’t recommend that!
      I’ll check back.
      You have gone through so much trauma. I can’t imagine the pain and heartache of the aftermath. I’m sorry. I pray you find your way again and I wish you peace and comfort from whomever reaches you. Godspeed.

    • Hi everyone. After my daughter’s death in 2015 I thought I needed to change the town that I had all the memories with my only child. It was to painful. Every corner I turned every shop every store that I went I would cry. So I decided to move to Austin TX. I might say I don’t cry much anymore because there is nothing that reminds me of my child in this town but I am so empty and lonely Inside that I am thinking of going back to Houston.

    • Hi Jenipher sorry for your loss, and my name is Meyiya , I hope I can connect with you and develop a friendship that will last forever , I too lost my son to automobile accident and my husband died before my son I was lost in this world , but now the loss made me a stronger person , if willing to talk to someone and be friend I am more than happy to.
      Have a good day

    • Jennifer,
      That is horrible.
      I wish you the best.
      If you need to talk to someone reach out to me.
      I am always around.

    • Hey Jennifer,

      I’m new too, with a 4 year old, if you are open to meet, love to have you over or meet for coffee

    • Good morning! This is Elias from McAllen, Texas. Sorry to hear about your situation. Consider joining a social group as a means of meeting and making new friends. I with my co-founder started a social group here in mcallen, I.e.
      And it has been a great success, singles over 30 and strictly social. We started with 10 members in November and we are at 140. Members love it and we continue to enroll new ones regularly. Wish you well…

    • Hi my name is Jodi. Lost mom last year and am about to loose dad. My best friends in whole world. Would love ❤️ to talk or meet with you. I too am new to area and very lonely

    • Does anyone know an outreach group to help Jennifer. I hope you find some concerned people in your area. It’s hard to let people in sometimes so please give her love and understanding. Find courage Jennifer

    • sorry to hear about you tragedy. I also feel lonely especially after my mom’s passing. if you would like to reach out to me , can call me@516-378-0250. reside in rvc

    • Hi Jennifer, I lost my fiancé Jan/2018. I am so sorry to hear of your losses. Healing is a process! Take your time and try not to be pressured with questions and the agendas of others. Remember: “ONE DAY AT A TIME”

    • Wow, I am so sorry for your loss. I like you have some issues, but this is not about me. If you need a friend to talk to reach out. I will be praying for you in the coming weeks to find solitude in you loss. God bless you, mike in pa

    • Hi Jennifer, I am so sorry for your loss n situation.
      I have relocated from Northern Ca. To Arizona Five years ago. Came out only knowing one person n been friends long distance for 40 years. However we live a distance from each other plus her husband is very ill and unable to get time away on her own. It has been five years and I too have had little success connecting with woman of my retired age. I too feel lonely and so I have turned to reading my Bible and Jesus Christ . I miss working or when my son was school age back then. It seemed I was always having lots to do with work, family n friends. Moving to a new local n starting a new takes time and so as I go on doing my best with the Lord’s help One day at a time. I have seem to accept the peaceful serenity I have now in my senior years. I will ask the Lord Jesus to grant you His Peace n Grace to get thru this trying time. Caroline

    • Hi Jennifer,
      What area do you live in? You are getting a lot of people willing to help, but we need to know what area, okay? Please know I am so sorry to hear of all that you have gone through. I know that is painful. You are in my prayers.

    • Jennifer,

      What you are going through is awful and I’m so very sorry for the loss of your love one. If you find yourself in a place where things seem to be spinning out of control, reach out. So many of us are here for you. Add me to your friend list. God bless and keep you and your little ones.

    • Hi Jennifer! I am so sorry to hear of all the loss you have suffered. I am not sure where you are but I am in Maryland. Please give us an idea of where you are so those close to you can reach out. Even if you’re not close to any of us, please know that we care and thanks to modern technology, we can still be in contact in some way to help you. I wish good things for you and your children.

  • loved these stories; thank you to all of you who contributed! I would love to get to know more of my neighbors better, but just haven’t had (or taken) the time . I appreciate these particular stories . . .

      • I understand what a debilitating health issue is all about. I was diagnosed with an “incurable ” disease.
        Had been bed ridden for 10 mo till two friends took me to the HEALING ROOM in Issaquah which is a non profit Christian organization . Almost over night, much to the surprise of my doctors all my symptoms went away. Great organization they are world wide. If your interested email me or google it. If your outside the area there are over 3000 rooms world wide.

        • Baron Dickey,

          That is very interesting about the healing rooms. Sounds like it is something to research before finding it and getting well again. Thanks.

      • Hi my name is Lisa I’m heat sensitive other than that my mobility is limited. I’m here if you need to talk. Do you attend church?

      • Your only alone if that’s what you choose. There are people who are glad to be there for you! Keep your head up!!!

    • Hi, I would love to meet my neighbors and help them and support them if they are coping with pain.

  • Hello, On the subject of Coping with Social Isolation and Loneliness I submitted a posting on my personal battle with Social Isolation and Loneliness. I am a member of Sierra Highlands Neighborhood. I submitted my posting on July 27, 2019. Thank you.

    • Sierra Highlands sounds like it is in the state of California. I live in the Mojave Desert of California in the southern part of the Antelope Valley.
      I will try to find and read your July 27th posting.

  • Great story and an inspiration so where is our hilltop or local derby Woodbridge get together that would be fun says:

    Great story and an inspiration so where is our hilltop or local derby Woodbridge get together that would be fun

  • Wow a hole new perspective. Love this. I want to start a help group. Seems like a lot of complaining. Maybe a research and help group. Lol well thanks for such inspiring sights.

    • I would like to volunteer again since I don’t have money to offer on my very limited income. I love cats & dogs & enjoy assisting seniors, companion visits or I have a clear driving record & a nicer 4 door sedan.

  • You mention loneliness. After reading the articles it show no one from the Irondequoit area. Where uIs the get together feeling here

  • All of the stories were so uplifting in this day of not even knowing our neighbors…..years ago I knew everyone on the block and we had a club and did so many things together… I dont know my neighbors….that is a shame….

  • This is a great idea. I struggle with loneliness, anxiety and right now social anxiety. A few set backs in my life changed me and I want to change back to who I was. This article is inspiring and I would like to start a group myself. I am a caregiver at heart, it’s in my blood however, I am alone currently but, I think helping others will help heal myself in the process. I just need to know how to start and run the group.
    Thank you for your article. Keep up the good work!

    • I myself is very lonely ! I don’t understand if we have family !why are we so lonely?iI ask myself that same question everyday!I have sibling.I have a dad.yet I am very lonely everyday.!!family isn’t family anymore!!.I stuck in the old days when you visit with family have Sunday dinners together.have your grandchildren play with cousins .family gatherings are only weddings funerals.sad world we are living in.

      • Totally relate…I moved to St Petersberg to be closer to my grown children one lives in Orlando and one lives in Tampa
        My daughter in Orlando cost me alot of money and grief (her and boyfriend fighting all the time) so I moved to Tampa…could not locate my don…wouldn’t answer my calls! Finally after moving to St Pete he called me…told me he was getting married…I went to the wedding but since then he has had very little time for me….and we argue alot because of it! Adult kids can become real ungrateful A-holes when they no longer need us !

      • Hi Twin , I miss the old days too., wish I could go back in time when family and friends meant something

        • To Patricia and Twin,

          I’m with you two. I also wish we were back in the old days when we had famlies and friends that cared and were worth a lot to us.

      • Sadly you speak much truth about the families we’re born into. Often we find friends we meet and become closer to them than our natural family members. And so it is. Keep your family close at heart if it’s difficult to be together and do find and enjoy friends. We all need someone.

    • Hi Tammy, I was also inspired by these articles as I experience anxiety and panic attacks as well which tend to lead to loneliness. One tends to think that they’re the only one going through difficult things when we’re clearly not alone. I’m a caregiver for my parents. It would be nice to facilitate a support group like the woman from Scotland did.

          • Hi Diane , I live in N. Florida. Its hard to find people close to me. But the ones I’ve been talking to have been great. If you need a friend I’m here .

          • Hi Diane
            I’m Cindi wished I lived near you just to hang out talk about anything I live in Calif /Los Angeles
            Lots of parks and Beaches are close and of course my dogs are my best friends

        • I agree- we all should say up front where we live. I live in Providence, RI and just lost my husband of 45 years about 3 months ago to cancer. What else is new? Alls I hear is cancer.. he was a terrific guy, always smiling and never in a bad mood. I was very fortunate to have him for so long’
          But like others, would love to meet people around where I live in the Fox Point area. I walk in India Point Park just about every day in the am. Gotta loose some lbs. haha! Today I noticed so much garbage left around the park. Wouldn’t it be a help to clean it up a bit while getting together there!! We could be called the “garbage pickers”. As you can see I’m a jokster and like to have fun! I’m going to throw this out there and see what happens: anyone that’s interested in meeting go to India Point Park this Sunday at 1 pm. I have blonde hair and black glasses. I usually sit on the bench to the right of the park when you go down the stairs that enter the park. Introduce yourself and say, you want to join the “garbage pIckers!” ?
          We’ll have a lot of laughs while helping the park look better – oh and getting to know our neighbors. Maybe I’ll See you there, Aug. 4!

      • Jane,
        I experience the same thing so I can relate to the panic attacks anxiety.
        I hate the panic attacks.

    • Thank you for your candor I really appreciate it! I too have started to have some anxiety as well as social anxiety. I believe it stems from a divorce that I truly did not see coming and the fact that I am a single parent to a very smart autistic child but also I am totally blind and live in an area where there is no public transportation. I have become self-conscious when out in a group. I would like to continue to talk to you more and get some ideas from you thank you again

    • Would love to talk to you need lot help. I’m having surgery after surgery and dad dying. Please call 2164701600. Would love start group at my house n Solon if anyone would like to come??

  • Very Impressive,I happen to like your website.It has saved me a lot of time.Hopefully I can repay the favor

  • These are wonderful heart warming stories. Thank you. Please make this a monthly feature. I love the worldwide aspect of this. I have a friend from my Toastmaster’s Club who just moved to Paris where his wife was transferred. He knows no one there. I will share this story with him about the Paris group of NextDoor friends.

    I have just returned from having lunch with a new friend I made through NextDoor. She had seen comments from me on our NextDoor community and and thought, because of my last name, I might be from her native country. I’m not from her country, but we had a wonderful discussion about coming to America, immigration, assimilation, language studies, pronunciations, America the melting pot, TOEFL, and look forward to getting to know each other better. I live alone and she’s an empty nester.

    Last year, I made another new friend through NextDoor who contacted me because she liked my thoughtful and helpful replies to members who raise questions related to home renovations, charities, moving, etc. Just a few days after I met this woman in July 2018, the electricity went out in my building. She offered to store my food in her basement freezer. Now, she’s suddenly hospitalized and I’m on her short list of friends and contacts. Now that’s what community and NextDoor are all about.

  • Geez Jennifer, my heart goes out to you .. that is beyond rough. You keep moving in the right direction & you’ll find yourself in a better place. Perhaps you already have – )

    ~Bart (Tarrytown local 🙂

  • Count me in, how about evening socials, bring your own beverage and snacks.
    Change houses every week?
    I’m Marian across 325 where the red barn is and the donkeys used to be.

  • Great Article… Thanks for sharing! We did a neighborhood potluck dinner using nextdoor a couple of years ago and really loved it… this inspired me to do it again! Anyone from the Emmaus, PA area come join us!

    • In Dec 2016 I saw a “Christmas Day Open House” announced on the NextDoor in Fairfax County, Virginia. The couple invited anyone who didn’t have any place to go on Christmas Day to drop by for pancakes, bacon, and coffee. And they invited precinct police and fire department employees working that day to come in shifts. The hostess told me later they had between 150-200 people drop by. Many of the early arrivals stayed all day to help with the cooking, serving, and cleanup. What a grand gift to the community. Anyone could do this on any holiday – have an open house and invite NextDoor members.

      To the person who tried to get a group together and meet at the beach…I would only suggest you avoid using the word “lonely” in your promo, and discuss fun things the group can do together that are low to no cost, say you’re having an organizing meeting to get things going. Expect to do most of the work. But hey, that’s why you’re doing it in the first place, to have something to do and meet a few people.

      Organize a book group, read books from the library. Friends of mine belong to a “Read the Classics” book group and meet every 4-6 weeks. They select the books a year ahead, buy the books at used book sales (low cost), then donate books back to the group or the library after they discuss the book.

      Reach out privately to people who make comments and suggestions that you like, on your community’s NextDoor and invite them to get acquainted over coffee or ice cream; fast, low cost.

  • Well, coming together with lonely neighbors, like myself does NOT work here where I live in Southwest Florida!! I reached out and used these articles as an example and I did not get one response!! I guess I’m the only lonely neighbor!! I tried to start a group and set up even an afternoon on Saturday when we could meet down by the beach at the picnic tables but no one even commented!! I deleted my message after leaving it up for a while because I was too embarrassed to be the only lonely one! I was hoping to meet some new people to make friends but I guess that’s not going to happen!! 🙁

    • Hi Joanne, Shannon from Nextdoor here! I think it was so brave of you to share your feelings with your neighbors. Please don’t feel discouraged – even though nobody replied this time, your post may have had a really positive impact on someone’s life 🙂

    • Not knocking Florida, but most people there are from the North and with few exceptions, they are difficult to befriend.
      I started volunteering in Thrift Shops, like the Salvation Army, etc…and have met some awesome people.

      • Hi Uschi , I’m from the North , been in Florida for 30 yrs. I find people here are not friendly at all. I always wondered about the Southern Hospitality , It doesn’t exist.

    • Hi Joanne, I live in southwest Florida also. Where about do u live? I haven’t worked since my daughter was a baby & now she lives in another state. My husband is still working so I’m alone a lot. Would love to meet up for lunch or beach or?

    • Seems you have same problem as I do, just don’t know how to get back and start meeting people . So lonely and don’t know anyone. I feel the same .

    • Hello. I’m sorry to hear that, but I completely understand. I wanted to start something myself, but my fear of rejection didn’t allow me too. You are very brave for trying this. I’m in Florida (tarpon springs area) and I would be glad to meet you for a picnic. I moved here 2 months ago with my 14 year old son, but I haven’t met anyone. I also have trust issues and some anxiety. Let me know if you want to arrange something, I enjoy picnics and the beach so we have that in common! Lori

    • Joanne,
      I understand what it’s like to be lonely. I live in MI, and due to poor heath it has been difficult to build lasting true friendships.
      It’s sad that people can’t take time for others any more.
      I would love to be your email/ chat friend!

      • You can write to me by e-mail as I do not get out much and usually check my mail every day

    • Elderly gentleman active reside in Randolph county looking for developing human contact friends for fruitful activity mutually beneficial.Any interest contact my email.

    • I HEAR YOU. I’ve started many groups over the past five years and a few people show up once and then dissolve away. I put a book exchange in front of my house and “invisible” people take and supply books but I do not see or receive any reactions from these people. I live in Auburn, CA, outside Sacramento.

      • Hi Loyce. I live in Virginia. Would love to chat. I ran a Senior Meet-up group for a few years. Worked in a book store and have a small library. Worked part-time in the area visitors center. Love to read, kinda travel and talk. Just turned 70. Folks here not to friendly. Do some things alone. One daughter, son-in-law and grandchild who live close.

    • Hi Joanne, I live in Kendall, would love to meet for coffee and chit chat. Or a walk in the park…Let me know.

  • Hello everyone. My name is Jack Oliver. I would like to invite each and everyone of you that live in the Hiawassee, Ga. area to attend McConnell Baptist church where you can meet a lot of christain people and here a very inspiring massage from our pastor!

  • Good afternoon, Tammy. I was wondering where you are located and if you have started to group.
    Thanks, Diane

  • If a friendship organization happens I would like to be part of it. We were a military family for 20 years. In the military neighbors are family. We have lived here at the same address for 47 years. Most of our old neighbors have passed away or moved, and they were very distant with each other anyway. Some regular activity to look forward to would be nice.

    • Hi Barbara, you sound like a very stable lady. Just my type, but unfortunately I’m too old unless you like older men with Cancer. Good like, God will take care of us. If you ever just want to talk- let me know & I will be happy to talk to you. I’m very lonely. If you are wondering-I’m 78yoa. Smile be Happy. Bud Simms

      • Hi Bud…just wanted to say that I am impressed with your upbeat attitude, especially to be suffering from cancer. God Bless

      • Bud
        I’m sending healing energy to you sir
        Drink lots of water with lemon that helps alkalize your body

  • What a wonderful idea and the greatest idea was to publish these stories. I too am lonely — not due to my personality, since I am a giving/caring person who has proven it over and over by visiting friends in Nursing Homes and by attempting to befriend people/neighbors, but the neighbors don’t seem to care about others and remain in their own little clique and don’t ever call an elderly person to see if they might need/could use some help. It’s sad that our society has changed so since I was young. The way people ignore others is not the way I was raised.

    • When I read your email, it seems you are in the same situation I am in. Most of my neighbors don’t even say hello. I am really independent and try to do everything myself, but some times it would be nice if someone offered to help. I have always volunteered with meals on wheels, feeding the homeless, cooking for “Gods Wednesday” for a church, and various other things, but had to give it all up as I grew older. We must be about the same age group as I remember the way my Mother always told us to be of help to others, and to care about the elderly. I agree things have changed an awful lot.

      • I am getting older too and you are right things are so different now. Unfortunately our kid’s are so busy they don’t have time for Sunday dinners. It is so Sad. I miss my
        Grandparents I was able too help them with odds and ends and spend time when I was younger. Our Grandson is our hero, he comes bye whenever Nana and Papa need something but we rarely see our grown kids Shawn from Everett Wa.

    • Hi Jacquelyn my name is hope I understand what you mean I to come from a large family but always felt so alone I lost my husband 2 years ago and a year later lost my daughter I feel so alone at times this is my first time reaching out but i felt I could after reading your post thank you

    • I want to visit the elderly in nursing homes, however it can be depressing at times. When my mom was in one, I would go around and talk with all the residents. Now that my mother is gone, I really miss that. Would love to do it as a group so we can lift each other up when the visits are done!

  • This is a marvelous concept to enhance good relationships and good neighborliness. Thanks for this great work. God bless your team richly.

  • I also live in a community where only one of my neighbors has ever offered to help me or even talk to me. I am 84 years old, and am very independent, but sometimes I would just like to have some company. Just a few days ago my internet went out, and with it my phone and TV. After three days, I saw someone going into the house next door and asked if he had a cell phone I could use, he said he didn’t have one with him. So I asked him to ask the young man who lived in the house if he could help me to phone the cable company. He said he would. After waiting 2 hours for him to come and help me, I finally decided he was not going to bother. I have always tried to help others and was so disappointed they would be so callous to ignore an old lady who needed help.
    I am so sorry to have written all of this, but reading all these emails made me think there are still some people who care about others.
    Thank you, and God bless you all.
    From Merritt Island, Florida

    • I am chagrined, very upset, sad, mad, etc etc etc that you have been treated in such a manner!!

      If you have not received help yet, please email on this site provide your address, and TV cable provider and I will call whoever you need called to get you help!

      • Thank you for your offer of help. The problem has already been taken care of, or I would not be able to write this. I went to a couple who have been really nice to me, and asked them to call the cable company for me, and they set up an appointment for a repair man.
        I am always afraid if my internet, phone, etc. go out I will not have a way of getting help in a medical emergency.
        Thank you again for your concern.

        • Ms. O’Neill, I have been doing travel nursing for the last 8 years. I have been a nurse for 34 years. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and I work the emergency rooms and I am also Board Certified in Geriatrics because it is my passion working with the elderly. My permanent home is in NE TN.I have worked quite a few travel contracts in Florida. When I work as a traveler I must know the laws and regulations set by each state in regards to emergency room patients.In the United States (especially in the state of Florida due to more retirees than most) ALL cell phones will allow you to dial/call 911 for an emergency. Even if the battery is totally dead ALL cell phones made within the last 16 years have a function that will always allow a call to 911.Even it has been turned off for non-payment or the internet is off, it still has the ability to place a 911 call.It does not matter which carrier you use or if you have a pre-paid service that is out of time.The only way a cell will not call 911 is if it’s totally broken and unable to use at all. Also, I read an article in AARP where anyone over the age of 55 in any state can get a free government cell phone that gives you 250 free talk or text minutes a month. The free phones will also call 911 even when you are out of minutes/time or if it is dead. The article also discussed those necklaces and bracelets that are for falls or any type of emergency there is a way to get those free also. Please see about getting the free phone so you will always have a back-up for an emergency if you need it. You could have called your repair person the day that everything went out on you. I really hate that you were alone and afraid and your so-called neighbors would not call for you. That honestly breaks my heart that people do not care enough to allow you to make a quick call, or that they did not bother to call for you. I will be glad to give you my cell number by e-mail if you want it.You are welcomed to call me anytime just to chat or if you need someone to call and get you an appointment for a repair. I would be very honored to do that for you. Just send me an e-mail and I will send you my number if you want it.
          Sincerely, Lisa Fair BSN, RN, BC, MSN

          • Mr. Renn, Sir you might be older but always know that you are also much, much wiser with age. I would not have any common sense or any of the clinical skills that I have today as a nurse if it were not for the wonderful older nurses that taught me in the hospitals. I was lucky enough to be with older nurses that showered me with their “Pearls of Wisdom”. I was at a university and received a 4 year nursing degree and then went back and received my Masters but my true learning came inside the walls of the hospitals from my mentors. I thank you and Ms.Florence ONeill both for sharing here on this site! I love reading your comments and stories. Lisa

    • Hi Florence- I am 74 and wish we lived closer because I have the same problem. No one seems to care. Maybe it’s Florida- when I lived in California there were groups that would come out and help with anything- hanging curtains, putting together patio chairs, fixing electronic equipment, organizing my closet and grocery shopping, etc. One of the groups was Real Estate agents that got together to help the elderly. It just takes able people who decide to do something for their community but that doesn’t seem to exist in Florida. Maybe old people can get together and help each other.

      • @Janie-I am speechless-

        WOW-and to think I moaned and groaned over a muscle strain. I can’t wrap my mind around your plight. I seems so unfair. I lack sufficient words that may help comfort you. I am 64 and can still get things done-but i can see the day when I will not be be able to tend for myself in so any ways. And if someone (like my last gf) does something for me, she expected $$$$ in return.

    • Hi Florence,

      I am in Melbourne, Florida. I would be happy to connect with you and do whatever I can to make things a little easier for you.

      • Hello Eunice, thank you for your kind words, you really made my day.
        I would be very pleased if we could get in touch. It is quite a drive from Melbourne to Merritt Island, but maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle and have coffee or something. I usually don’t drive very far as I have been having problems with my car, but we could figure out something. Thank you again.

    • I wish we were neighbors! That is awful. I’d like to think most people are not like that. I am moving to a new neighborhood and I intend to seek out the older retired folks because they have a lot to offer. Life experience is valuable!! God bless you Florence

    • Hi Florence, My name is Patricia , I live in N. Florida. I find people today just don’t care for others anymore. It’s a shame. A lot of people are takers not givers. I am a giver but when I need help , like yourself . something as simple as a cell phone They don’t want to help. Wish I could go back in time , when people cared for each other.

  • Hi Joanne,
    I wished you lived in Colorado. I would definitely have sent a response to your suggestion and been at the beach for a picnic. My neighbors are having a block party and exclude us. My husband is disabled and needs a great deal of assistance, but still feels the sting. It would be great to have neighbors that would come over for a cup of coffee or tea, or even speak when I walk my dog or when I husband is on the driveway waiting for public transportation. I understand how awful it feels to not be included or acknowledged in a community.

  • This was a great article, it is amazing how many people around each of us are suffering from loneliness.
    I, myself am in that boat. I am in my mid sixties and all of a sudden I found myself completely alone with no friends or family around. There are many days and nights after coming home from work that I find myself thinking of what it would be like just to have someone to talk to. I reach out to what family I have that live in other states but they are always busy. I constantly keep trying to find things to stay busy. Long story short, loneliness is horrible. I enjoyed this article, it does give some hope.

    • I know this feeling too well. I reach out , but everyone seems to have their own group and family that fills their time. I would so very much enjoy just having a conversation with another.

    • I to am in your age group & totally alone. I had to move to a State I don’t know & have no friends or family here. It has been very difficult & lonely. Just would be nice to have someone to talk to & have coffee with. Debbie

      • Hi Debbie
        Where are you from?
        We can talk….. I’m originally from Europe and most of my fam is there

    • Hi Albert , I feel the same way. I’m new to the blog but there are good people here. Just talking with others helps . I’m still lonely and depressed but just knowing we are not alone in the way we feel helps. If you want to talk I’m here

      • Hi Patricia and Albert,

        I feel your pain and loneliness. I also go through that all the time. I’m 70, ill, and disabled. I’m not able to get around, don’t have a car, and it’s too hard to hobble outside to get to the bus, so I’m alone all the day most days, which depresses me.

        Carol S.

        • Hi Carol , I’m also disabled. If y.ou want to talk I’m here for you. Where do you live ? I’m in N. Florida . Talking with others helps a lot , no matter the distance

  • I am a retired medical research person, I retired with zero, friends. I must have been a threat to those I worked with. I am friendly and outgoing , very sensitive and caring. What can I do what can I do.

    • Hi Kathy!

      Where do you live? I am in Westchester, IL.

      Would you like to talk? I would love to discuss your medical research career……Contact me.

      • To Kathy, ret med researcher. Me too ret med practitioner & research. Live in Eden Prairie, suburb of Minneapolis. Would correspond phone or email. If email me, I give tel# or see it on “Jennifer” response abt 30+ resp down. *I’m done doing this blogging Nextdr thing, never done blog before now with 25+ emails i the last 3 hrs, forget it! Elliot

  • Frankly I do not have proper answer to solving loneliness after losing someone you love the most. I just lost my wife of 56 years to Alzheimer . She fought this this sickness for seven years . We gave her care and comfort and in the end we were all were emotionally and physically drained . Severe depression and loneliness set in and I had to find answer . I immediately recognized I live every day as if it were the first day I had ever seen and the last I were going to see. I had to find a solution . Live with gusto and enthusiasm . I started painting in all styles , forced myself to become physically active, I avoid the folly of hurry . rush and doing any work under tension. .
    decided to visit exotic places that I have never been with my wife and appreciate the natural beauty . So on Aug 11th I am on my way to Alaska on a mega ship . I maybe solo traveler but with new found enthusiasm I will make many friends . Join me and I will wash away depression and learn to live for the future . That is the only answer I have .

    • You’ve got the right idea! My husband passed away 3 years ago and the loneliness changes but doesn’t go away. You have to find things that help you move forward. I just got back from Alaska Saturday. Had a wonderful time. Went on many excursions… even made a glass sculpture. Have a wonderful time.

  • Wonderful stories. I’m sad to read that so many people are alone and lonely and have no friends or family around. My husband and I live inNorth Las Vegas and recently move to a 55 and over active adult community. We are some of the younger people here and do not yet participate in the many daily activities that our community provides but will as we age. I’m very outgoing and would love to meet anyone and befriend anyone who wants to meet a new friend

  • I live alone and do not like being alone. I am 62 yrs old and still work full time. I am slowing down but have not stopped yet. I have been going through a very difficult time with feeling of rejection from family that I do not have a relationship with anymore. They do not live in the area and it is difficult to find new friends on my own. I have many personal things to take care of and need a break from all the stress in my life. I need new friends and a best friend.

  • It would be nice to know how many or who is from Spartanburg SC. It would be nice to meet people (seniors) to have someone to talk to. I am widowed , my kids are grown and have their own lives to live.

    • I am a 23 yr old male looking to make new friends in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. I like sports, the outdoors and going to dinner. Thanks!

    • Hi Janice…your town caught my eye as I am originally from right outside of Charlotte NC.
      I now live in central Mississippi and have been widowed several years. I am a Baptist and very active in my church. I don’t exactly know how people communicate on this site. if they
      don’t leave e-mails. I do enjoy corresponding with pen pals. Maybe just leave a comment to this and we can exchange e-mails?



  • Believe it or not I met the love of my life thanks to this site. Well, who I thought was. We were together for going on 3 years till she decided she wasn’t happy with me anymore and threw everything in the trash. I feel like the ground was ripped out from under me.

  • Anyone in France with the last name LECOQ please contact me. My ancestor came from 1 league West of Havre in 1792. H2 was the son of Stephen lecoq and Ann Boseare. He has 4 4 brothers and sisters. They were Pierre Etienne, Pierre Gerehome, Louis Emma, and Louis Annabelle. Please respond in English as I neither speak or read French. Bob LaCoe Texas, USA.

  • Hello to everyone I’m in Forest Park here in Ga. I recently moved to the area and I don’t have any friends in the area looking to make friends

  • Hi, I am fairly new to Muncie, Indiana. I am retired and have found it hard to meet new people. Anyone in the area looking for a new friend, please contact.

  • Hello Jennifer! I live in Upstate SC and would love to reach out to you. I lost my best friend and love of my life in June 2016. Life is too precious to live it alone without friends and family. If you are in my area of the world, please let me know. I want to meet you and introduce you to my friends.

  • Hi Florence,

    I am in Melbourne, Florida. I would be happy to connect with you and do whatever I can to make things a little easier for you.

  • Hello..
    I’m excited about this forum!! Cause I love to gab w/people!! My problems is..I want to gab from the my home via text or email. I have a family of dogs, cats and two parrots. So I like to stay in..and would like to just stay in touch by writing new friends about stuff!!!
    I live outside of Indpls., In in McCordsville.
    Kinda like a pen pal thing!?! Via email or text is my favorite!! : )

  • Where the heck is Jennifer?? This may be a planted letter. If so, it got results. I am in Eden Prairie, MN St Johns Wood/ Tanager Creek(Mpls suburb). Active, tennis, bridge, but no real neighborhood friends other than the wild turkeys & birds, rabbits, squirls I feed. Phone 952-974-0607 72yr old, retired medical professional.

  • this is awesome, i enjoyed reading these, they were very enlightening. i didn’t realize that there was so many lonely people in the world. it’s hard for me to make new friends, i am an elderly lady looking to make friends, maybe meet someone special, it would be nice to join an elderly group to maybe have coffee, play games do somethings together.

    • Lucy, that would be great if we could get together as a group. I am also elderly and not able to get out much. So it would be nice if we could talk to each other and/or play card games. Carol S.

      • thanks Carol for commenting back to me, i live in Rocky Mount area of North Carolina. i am able to get about and do things, just no fun doing them alone and like everyone else my most of my neighbors are to busy with their own lives to take the time to spend with you. like in the old days, neighbors were real neighbors, they looked out for each other. i am a Christian lady in my early seventies. the Lord has been good to me and i thank him every day for his Grace and Mercy.

        • Hi Lucy….My name is Tonya and I am commenting to you as you live in North Carolina, where I am from. Cramerton, a little town outside of Charlotte, but I have lived in Mississippi for many years now. I am a widow in my early 70s, Baptist, and enjoy writing old-fashioned letters to my NC family and friends. If you would like to
          “pen pal” via e-mail…..I guess this site gives you my e-mail address? Next Door has been in my e-mail for a while now but I usually just ignore it. So I am not really sure how it all works. Tonya.

  • We live in Kingman, AZ and it saddens me to hear of all the loneliness and also the happiness that this website brings. I still have my husband so therefore for I am very lucky and I am also on FB that I have all my friends and family….but I will correspond with you!

  • I can imagine what it must be like to be in this situation. My children left and I haven’t seen or spoke to them in 16 years And I dont know why. It hurts like hell but I can’t do anything about it.
    My email is
    Anytime email me. We can tk
    Maryann Moeller Chatsworth. Nextdoor

  • The Astronomical Society of Southern New England is offering a free observing
    session on August 5th. at the Attleboro Library at 8:30 PM weather permitting. Jupiter, other planets and various stars can be seen.

  • Loneliness is extreamly difficult and painful. Sometimes it feels as though this is a feeling unique unto me but I realize that there are many people experiencing similar feelings for so many different reasons. I try to keep active and involved but never seem to find something that feels like the right fit. Kind and caring people in ones life can really be uplifting.

    • There’s a big difference in being alone and being lonely. My husband passed away six-plus years ago. Of course, it was tough going at first, although he’d been ill for quite a few years. It’s a bit hard to find your feet when you’ve been married for almost 40 years. Now, I’m quite satisfied with being alone. Can people not be satisfied with their own company? Besides, I have cats to keep me company–a 15-year-old and a two-year-old. I lost a 16-year-old in May, hence, the younger one was added last month. Hopeful, huh? I just turned 76 last month and my health is fairly good but it’s about all I can do to care for them, myself, & the house. I love to listen to books and watch movies.
      There is a local group of girlfriends who meet once a month for lunch. I do some volunteer work. I go to church. I don’t feel lonely. Can people not enjoy alone time? Sure, maybe I’d like to see my son & step-children, grandchildren, etc. more but I don’t concentrate on that–I feel blessed for what I do have. When I do see someone, I thank God that I for it!!

  • Love to hear from single Seniors and hear about their challenges in making friends and maintaining,a positive outlook

  • Hi to you all – I’m in Arden-arcade, outside the City of Sacramento, CA. I wish more of you had put in where you’re located. I’m 76, living by myself, but I tend to keep busy. I’m in a fitness center five days a week & it really helps. I’m also a ‘volunteer’ chicken farmer with my church, Good Shepherd Lutheran, not too far from where I live. I take care of the “Girls’ (five of them) seven days a week. They’re all rescues. I found a wonderful boyfriend just over two years ago, thru a senior website. We’ve been ‘together’ for just over two years, although he lives in his house in North Highlands while I’m here – I see him at least once a week, & he’s always available to help me with whatever. Even with him in my life, I tend to feel alone sometimes but I try to keep busy. It helps. I’m blessed in that I have a three-bedroom one bath house, not paid for, but my mortgage is less than rent in the Sacramento area. It’s expensive to live here, but I’m a great thrift shopper (most of the ‘stuff” in my house came from thrift shops) & I’m fairly good at refinishing furniture. I just recently discovered that I have Macular Degeneration in one eye (heredatory) (spelling?) which is kind of scary but thank God, the other eye still works pretty well, so far. If anyone who has written a note here wants to communicate, I would love to hear from you. I keep terrible hours sometimes but will respond to E-mails as best as I can. I have a landline phone, strictly antenna TV, (no cable) and A Consumer Cellular cell phone that I barely know how to use – strictly for emergencies. But I’m blessed. I like all the comments here – I read lots of them. But again, would be nice to know where more of you are located – just a thought . .

    • Hi Karen, my name is Nina…I moved to Manteca (down the road from you lol) about 2 yrs ago from the bay area. I keep asking myself what am I doing here lol. Anyways, my son moved out here about 3-1/2yrs ago and I didn’t have family or friends left in the bay area, so here I am…but I don’t have any friends here and what’s worse, I’m not familiar with anything around here and there isn’t much…like in the bay area.

      Ok, enough for my griping…if you’d like to exchange emails or something, let me know.


  • Kathy. Medical research? I’ve had this idea: develop a short, easily read brochure to distribute to family practice medical professionals, religious organizations, funeral homes, other points of first contact. It would have a list of commonly experienced physical symptoms of intense grief, what to expect, what not to ignore, what to ask your physician. I never thought about this as a common experience until my daughter died although I saw it happen with my mother when my father died. Most people just don’t realize this can happen and are very frightened when it does. Others experience serious problems, like a stroke, that may have been avoidable. I’m on Nextdoor but you can email me at

  • My name is Donna. I am disabled and on 02. I can drive, however when I became ill at age 23 I have been alone ever since. My rare illness scared every one away. I am married with 2 grown ids and 2 grandkids. I am here all alone with never any visitors or friends. I spend my time cooking sewing cleaning, what ever keeps my mind off of being alone.I write poetry and was a musician until I lost my voice due to being intubated. My email is I live in Old Brooklyn and would love t5o meet some new people to have a good tome chatting and having some fun.
    My story is long and I keep journals for poetry and daily writing.
    I would love to meet any one that would lie to get together at metropolitan coffee house and get to know people and maybe I won’t be alone any more.

  • Jennifer,
    I do not know where you live, I would suggest turn to a great bible based church for now, where there are people that will listen to you and give you comfort. There people will pray with you and you can meet some great friends. I will be praying for you! May God wrap his healing arms around! I’m from Rocky Mount, Va.

  • Hi, I moved to New Port Richet, Florida in July 2018 after losing my wife of 40 + years to brain cancer. I have a Son that lives and has his business in Holiday, Florida. I have lost all but one of my siblings and she lives in Ohio and stays busy visiting her 5 daughters and their families. I am retired, in good health. financially secure and very active for my age. I would like to meet an unattached Lady to socialize with. If you are interested please email me,

  • I don’t find Jennifer’s answer about her location; if she did not indeed answer, is she real or merely a device to draw comments and perhaps personal information about the respondents?

  • Looking for friends in the Kingwood Texas area. Would be great to just go dancing with friends. I am in my mid 50s and believe in friendships. Went through a divorce less than a year ago after 20 years of marriage. Not sure what else to do….but I know its getting lonely and just feel like I’m aging by the moment.

  • Jennifer….PLEASE tell all these kind people where you are…

    Good luck with everything, and thank you.
    There are LOTS of caring people here.

  • Welcome.
    I live close to Marietta Square since 2004. I was born in India but now here for 37 years. Happily married with grown children. Will be glad to help you in anyways I am able. I am sincere yoga practitioner. I can share some of the philosophy if there is any interest. It will certainly help.


  • Just wondering, after skimming through so many responses. Did anyone find out where Jennifer lives? She started this thread, and I hope responded regarding where she lives.

  • Looking for a few people in my neighborhood to become close friends. My main hobbies are babysitting 5 of my 7 grandbabies and going to church on Sunday! I live in Shasta Lake City, CA.

  • Jennifer, I can’t even begin to know what you are going through, everyone experiences grief in their own way and on their own schedule. The first thing to remember is that is YOUR grief, and you can bloody well deal with it in your own way for as often as you damned well please. I found that attitude very empowering after I lost my husband to a sudden heart attack back in 1994. Our children at the time were 10, 4 and 9 months. For the sake of the children, I tried my best to treat every day as just another normal day, for the most part. This helped them adjust more quickly and lessened their traumatization. The next thing that i did was to swear to myself that the loss of my husband and their father was not going to be used as an excuse for any shortcomings on our part. We were going to always do our best, whatever the task at hand. I also made “Can’t” a four-letter word in our household. These are very small steps to take, and made a WORLD of difference in how I dealt with things, as well as shaping my children’s outlook on their own future. I also admitted when I had made a mistake, and apologized to my children directly. I could hardly expect them to own their mistakes if I wasn’t setting the example of owning mine. Day to day activities required some brainstorming and tweaking, but I am please to report that 25 years later one daughter has a BSN from Wright State University, has married the man of her dreams and they just built their dream home. My son is serving his country in the United States Navy. He is currently serving his second 6-year contract, this one on shore duty, where he is an Instructor at A School at Great Lakes Naval Air Station in North Chicago. He is the proud husband of a wonderful wife who supports him in every possible way and together they have provided me with two grandsons, who I indulge to my hearts desire. They have given me the honorary title of “The fun grandma.” My youngest daughter holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in English. She self-published two novels while still in high school. She recently escaped an abusive relationship and is flourishing once again as my new roommate. I don’t tell you these things to brag about what a wonderful job I did as a single parent. I honestly don’t know how it all happened. I was busy keeping food on the table, laundry done and all of the other tasks that I had performed while I was a married mother of three, only I did them for 25 years as a working, widowed mother of three. I tell you these things to insure you that, If a screw-up like me can do it, surely you can do it and probably with a great more finesse. I am currently working on a double major at Wright State University, one in Sociology and one in Psychology. I have a lifetime’s experience in both that are giving me one hell of a leg up on my younger, less experienced classmates. My only piece of advice to you is that you wake up every morning, make your bed and get on with the day, remembering to not only smell the roses, but to suck all the juice out of each day as you go along. I believe that when you reach my age (63) you’ll look back and wonder at how easy it all really was. I know I do.

  • this new blog thing with next door is very interesting but I don’t understand how it works. It appears that people from all over our commenting in the same blog and the blog goes from one subject to another I hope someone from next door can explain to us what this is all about and how to use it to the best advantage

  • I’m male 60 y o. In Seabrook live alone seeking friends LGBT friendly I just want to make friends . I have lived in Houston off and on since 1980 all my good friends have crossed over to heaven my mother and sister in Missouri. The other sister in AZ finding myself alone and not fitting in yet everyone who has met me likes me .
    I work nights .

  • Several people have insurmountable issues. Myself included. I’ve had a black cloud over me since 2006. 6 spinal compression fractures. Plus a whole lot of other diseases. So I made a choice as to how I’m going to live the remainder of my life. I chose to find 10 wonderful things everyday. I started this with 3 wonderful things and worked my way up. It came as a surprise to me how things started to turn around. ( Not Health Issues). But life in general. So immediately when doom and gloom enter my mind I try my best to snap it out with positive reinforcement. I know I didn’t invent this process. The surprise for me is how quickly it worked on my mental health. Humor me anyone reading this in despair and give it a college try. Then post here your results

  • Really? Let’s try to be a little more kind and sensitive to others. She was reaching out in an attempt to help someone. Let’s not be so critical because we are perfect. (NOT)

  • I really think this Jennifer is a ghost and we should not answer anymore of her postings as of today I have received 20 from this person.

    • Loretta –

      You think somebody just planted it there and disappeared. I wonder if there ever was a Jennifer involved or not.

      • Does it really matter if there is a Jennifer? Maybe someone is just trying to start new conversations and inspire new friendships.

  • Wow, we as a people have lost something…..I can’t believe what I am seeing and reading. I see this in just about every neighborhood now no kids out, no parents communicating, dead neighborhoods.
    Something is wrong and we need to correct it ASAP.

  • Hi all!
    I just joined nextdoor yesterday and received an email to ‘read stories ‘. I just read everyone’s posts.

    It’s nice to see so many sharing personal stories and challenges.

    I still don’t know where Jennifer lives, but would like to tell her that you are not alone. Many in this community have offered you their love and condolences, as do I. Please let us know where you are.

    I would like to comment on Teresa’s reply to Della, without causing anyone to feel offended. I did not see anyone say that perhaps Della was only looking for clarification to the use of ‘mishaps’. I only saw accusations of ‘judging’, while many judged Della. Seems a little hypocritical, in my humble opinion.

    Anyway, I would like to give my heartfelt prayers to all who posted the challenges they are facing. There are too many to name everyone.

    Posting your feelings here is a start. Keeping them inside only causes them to fester and makes you feel worse. Best of luck to all.

    Brian, New Jersey

    • Lucy, I live in Virginia and I don’t know where you live if it would be possible for us to get together to talk and have coffee. Carol S.

          • Hi Bonnie, i live north of Raleigh, about an hour from Raleigh, Rocky Mount,NC. i come there sometimes.maybe we can chat and see if we can meet up sometimes. you have to be so careful about who you meet and where, the world has gone crazy

  • It would be great if this was geared towards more regional areas (in addition to far) as many of us don’t really have the means for travel. Just a thought.
    I the Ahwatukee Foothills area of Phoenix, AZ.

    • You are so right. We are all too spread out from each other and like you said not easily able to travel. So we better try to see where everybody is located. I’m CarolShriver and I live in Franconia (which is just outside Spriingfield), Virginia. Hope to connect with someone near me so we can get together, chat, and have some coffee.

    • I also live in AZ I lost my husband 2 years ago and miss him everyday , weekends are worse. I am 79?and I do drive myself to Dr and grocery stores. But it is hard for me to get out after 4 back surgeries and the disks have bent so I have lost 3 in. Of height. So I have a time walking very far. My daughter lives inTucson but they have their own projects camper which makes me think I will be even more lonely when they travel weeekends. I have two sons but they live in I’ll and CA
      I get very depressed by myself. I read a lot and crochet. So I try to stay busy. But they don’t stop me thinking about how much I miss my husband of 60 years of marriage. We always things together. I miss him everyday. When I wake up I feel like he is laying next to me. my kids don’t Talk about him much I guess that is the way they want to think about him, by just not mentioning him. I just found this news letter tonight stay in touch

  • I have read the comments i feel for everyone I feeli fit in I care for others, i will listen, live in N.C.Stay at home have many health issues.

  • Wow! So much loneliness out there! My advice is to lrsy, pray and pray some more….. Get involved in church and do some volunteer work All these things will help to ease lonliness

  • The real solution…let’s all genuinely love and care about each other and our feelings….sit out under the stars holding hands and maybe reading some poetry…..and possibly just there and think good thoughts because feelings are the results of our thoughts…..

  • Also, I’m not sure I agree with the adages like, “tragedies make us stronger”, and “God will never give us more than we can handle”……but, one thing that works well in assisting me to ‘escape’ is my music…..when I play, sing, and record, I can’t think about anything except the music and the pleasure it brings… I said, “feelings are from the emotions caused by thought”, and it rings pretty true…..’surround yourself with music, and all around you will be beauty’………….

  • HI I am seeing lots of messages of people being lonely. When I first came to USA with my husband at that time. I didn’t feel as if I clicked anyone I met. Within 5 years I was getting very lonely. This all changed when I began dancing.
    Now Lots of gyms colleges and american legion halls have free dance lessons. There is dancing at lots of festivals once you have a few steps down it is quite appropriate to ask others to dance (yes women ask men too)
    I have now been dancing for 20 years its amazing exercise and a great way to socialize. Its changed me a lot, I am much more outgoing.

    Now, I hear you all say … “but i don’t know how to dance” OR “But i have two left feet” .
    The most social part of dancing is when you learn to dance. When everyone is learning together and all in the same boat of tackling our lack of coordination, feeling incompetent.
    I encourage everyone to at least give it a try. There are SO many dances here i have added links to just a handful
    I carefully chose simpler videos (not professional dancers) so as not to scare you all off lol .

    social ballroom and latin

    contra dancing


    swing / lindy



    Argentine Tango

    I hope this will inspire you
    There is dancing available for all levels, all ages, and best of all – all incomes.

  • I’ve been reading and reading all these comments but do not see anyone from the Midwest. I’m from Iowa. Married, 62 1/2 years old and have no friends. I work full time, my hobbies are reading and quilting. We have 3 large dogs. I do suffer from depression & my husband tries to understand but I don’t think he ‘gets it’. I have 6 children and 13 grandchildren and my husband has 2 children. My 2nd son has not spoken to me since I left their dad 20 years ago, so his son won’t talk to me either. The first 5 of my children are boys. So I was elated when I got my girl.. lol.. silly me. She has MAJOR attitude and 4 years ago she stopped talking to me over peanut butter sandwich & subway. So now I no longer get to see her girls either. then my oldest decided he no longer wants me at his house when his “family” (his siblings) are there because it is just to stressful. So even though his boys are old enough to drive and they come to town every day, they do not come to see gram & grampa. I have one son that is a conductor on the railroad & works nites & every time we’ve talked to him about going to see his little guy, his excuse is, we have to clean the house. Well his little guy is now 3 years old. We are seeing him grow up on facebook. I have one son that is incarcerated and his ex-girlfriend won’t let me see his son. So yeah.. it sucks.. Sucks the big one.. and some days it is really hard on me.. others not so much. They all live in the same city as we do except for the oldest but they are only about 20 minutes away. I’ve had strokes, been in intensive care, surgeries.. and they didn’t care.. never showed up. I told my husband I want to move and not tell them where I’m going. But he likes his job so he won’t move. So here I am.. writing to a bunch of strangers cuz I have no friends I can go out and do something with. Well, thanks for listening, well reading, have a great week-end everybody.

  • Don’t mistake the appearance of loneliness for introversion. I am retired and as a former teacher and care giver I sometimes treasure a quieter day by myself. Always say hello to neighbors and watch for and listen for distress. In winter, elderly neighbors don’t leave home for fear of falling; so if they need help once in a while, watch for house lights or no foot steps to garbage.

  • I live in Edgewater, NJ and all of my good friends have passed away or live out of the country and I too am looking for new friends as well! Paul

  • I’m lonely all the time. I suffer from chronic pain and chronic fatigue so I have very little energy or inclination to do much but survive day to day. I would love to talk to others, but can’t commit to much more because of my health. Sometimes I feel great and feel like I could climb a mountain (but couldn’t) but I never know when that rare occasion will come around. If I can serve in a limited way, please let me know.

  • I liked the blog post. I live in the St. Louis area & met my wife here years ago. For the most part, we keep to ourselves because over time, we learned that trusting folks who pretended to be friendly to you while not being honest behind your back about you. So I had to point this out because while I wish things were different, and blog post’s like these are somewhat encouraging, most people I’ve met over the years, many of whom were neighbor’s, trying to be nice ultimately has always gotten me/us nowhere. Hence we keep to ourselves for the most part, again. But, I am glad there are those who are trustworthy enough out here & in the world. When I was in Iraq back in the early-mid 2000’s for OIF, I met many good folks there who were simply very, truly poor, as opposed to what American’s (most) think of as poor. Those good folks, I think of them sometimes & living in my home country makes me sad actually.

  • Hi, For those of you who may not be familiar, there are Prayer Centers and Healing rooms all over the US and other countries where you can seek help for healing. Whether it be physical, emotional, inner healing for trauma, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Many people are not aware of these but they are out there. I have been reading this forum today and wanted to let folks KNOW this is a great place to go and experience God’s love through people who are there to help. I have the link here if you are interested in finding a Prayer Center near you.

    Several years ago, my husband was instantly healed of color blindness and we realized God still heals today. So he just finished Seminary and started a Prayer Center in our city. We have seen many people healed and it is really beautiful to see what God is doing!

    May each of you see God’s Beautiful touch of His Love in Your life and know how special you are to Him.

  • I live in California and have found it very hard to make new friends since my partner passed away with Alzheimers in 2017. I live in an over 55 community but it seems there is a lot of negative feelings among some of the residents and for some reason that really makes me want to shy away. Does anybody have any good ideas about some of these issues?

  • What kind comments to read. Moves my Heart, especially after the horrific tragedy in EL Paso, Texas. God Bless all of you.

  • I’m so sorry for your pain and know how much loneliness hurts. But no one has mentioned the remedy. Jesus Christ! Run to Him and He will make you a new creature ans place you in a family who loves you! There is hope!!

  • not my neighbors…I lived here since 2006, officially the family house in my name…but family been here since 1963….and nobody is neighborly…they also keep to themselves and nobody talks to one another…I most lived here all my life and it always wasn’t like this…but when the neighborhood change…it really changed….nobody helps each other…nobody invites you to cookouts they may have…even though alot of people gather there…its sad, only thing most do is call the cops on you…if you can’t cut the grass…or they think you piling snow in the road…cops are called here for the stupidest reasons…but nobody come to check on you…or ask why…or if on disability who may need help…

  • Hi Jennifer, I’m so sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences. I would invite you out for a cup of coffee, or lunch but unfortunately it sounds like you live a far distance from my home in Boston….therefore this doesn’t seem realistic.
    I do want you to remember that you are stronger than you know, and with time you will feel better. Keep putting one foot in front of another and although you will have days or moments of pain/discomfort but with time it will be more tolerable… loved ones would want you to continue to walk on in this life and make new connections.
    Be Well, you can do this…..Theresa/Terry from Boston, MA
    p.s Person whose parents has been hospitalized for heart and kidney issues….I feel for you. We suffered through 3 months of watching my mothers slow declined in the hospital and eventually she passed. These long good bye are so terribly painful but I’m glad I was with her for support (although it was hard, my company was great during this time, I was pretty checked out) as she began her exit and through out.
    The world can seem so harsh. We should all make an effort to be kinder to one another.

  • So many comments left I could not read them all. Was there anyone from the West Virginia pan handle ? It’s near Winchester Va, Hagerstown, MD

  • I hope some people will give it a try and see if they feel better. Humans all have a need for socializing. I feel that in a lot of cases people get sad and loose self confidence from getting isolated so getting out to something like dancing is so helpful. Its socializing without having to chat (at all if you don’t want to). Thank about it – if you are isolated – its amazing what holding hands or a light embrace of a dance with another person can do for you.

  • Kim,

    I too became isolated after my disease really took hold. Can’t get out and about. I can’t wander very far with my cane because I’m afraid I’ll fall down. I guess being like this, it’s kinda like I became invisible. When I was healthy, I always took public transportation. Of course, right now, it seems impossible that I can reach the bus stop to go anywhere. I’m in Franconia, VA

    • Hi Carol,

      This is Abraham and I also live in Fraconia. Sorry to hear about your disease changing your daily routine.

      Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need anything.




  • I am Rohit Kumar in Chennai. Now I am 28 years old. For the last 2 years I was only with depression and not even a little smile on my face, Due to this reson I become short-tempered and I began to smoke also that become a habit. final I got the Blood in Cough. At the vast point, I consult the Pulmonologist in Chennai near my home. He Recommended some medicines and yoga too … Now I can Breathe Normal and I quit smoking too… Now I got married and got Kids also.

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