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Announcing Your 2019 Neighborhood Favorite Businesses!

Written by Annie Barco

The final weeks of summer are upon us and if you’re like us, you’re looking for ways to soak up the sun and enjoy time with friends and family. Lucky for you, Nextdoor is here to help! We’ve announced the 2019 Neighborhood Favorite winners in your community based on votes from you and your neighbors. From pizza places and farmer’s markets to bars and bookshops, there are countless Neighborhood Favorites to explore. Find yours at on web, iOS, or Android.

UPDATE: The giveaway is now closed, and the official winners are in – congrats to our 10 winners! Thanks to everyone for participating and supporting local business ?

Samantha Halabrin
Susan Gray
Valeri DeCastris
Christine Devine
Megan Kirk
Abbey Kessman
Dylan Kasprzyk
Catrina Hare
Cathy Moore
Dianna Thorstensen

Give your Neighborhood Favorite a shoutout!

In celebration of our amazing Neighborhood Favorite winners, we’re kicking off our #NextdoorFave social giveaway this Thursday, August 15th. Over the next two weeks, spread the love for a Neighborhood Favorite in your community. At the end, we’ll award 10 participants with a $50 gift card to their favorite local business.

10 chances to win a $50 gift card! Here’s how to enter: 

If entering via Nextdoor:

  1. Head to and login to your neighborhood.
  2. Post a photo or video of your Neighborhood Favorite to your Nextdoor newsfeed. Find the winners here.
  3. In the post, tell us what you love about it. Be sure to include @Nextdoor and #NextdoorFave.

If entering via Instagram:

  1. Follow @Nextdoor on Instagram.
  2. Post a photo or video to Instagram of your Neighborhood Favorite, making sure your posts are visible to the public.
  3. In the post, tell us what you love about it. Be sure to include @Nextdoor and #NextdoorFave.

If entering via Twitter:

  1. Follow @Nextdoor on Twitter. 
  2. Post a photo or video to Twitter of your Neighborhood Favorite, making sure your posts are visible to the public.
  3. In the post, tell us what you love about it. Be sure to include @Nextdoor and #NextdoorFave.
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We believe that when local businesses thrive, communities thrive. We can’t wait to see which local business is your #NextdoorFave. Happy posting!

*No purchase necessary. US/DC residents 18+ only. Void where prohibited. 8/15/19 to 9/1/19. Official rules here and FAQs here

Reminder: this is Nextdoor’s national blog and comments on this blog post will not count as a contest entry. To connect with your local neighborhood, please login at!


  • I love Porch Light in Prairirville; I go there at least 3 or 4 times a week. I have become friends with the waitresses and cooks. Everyone is so friendly; my husband and my friends just love the delicious food, and the family atmosphere. It is my home away from home.

  • Ruby Tuesday s my fav for lunch love their Salad Bar
    $ tree fav place for party and cards

    Pennys and Belks for clothes

    Lowes for flowers etc

  • Ruby Tuesday fav for Lunch Love their Salad Bar
    What a burger fav fast food
    Belks Pennys for clothes
    $ tree for cards and party stuff

  • I would love to give a shout out to Fruitland Hardware. I am disabled and live alone. Steve helps me anytime I have a question or need anything.

  • Sweet. Peas. Best. Food. In the piedmont. Area. Petes. On. Hwy. 20. Another. Food. Joint. With. The. Best

  • Porky Pigs BBQ, CR128 and RR 2341. Open Saturdays 11 AM until sold out and he certainly does sell out.

  • Arlene’s Flowers on Lee boulevard a lot of hard times about the way she does things she’s a super lady that lady who owns the business is a super lady and all of her associates who work there are awesome and I always really enjoy going there to get flowers and truffles and stuff just a neat little store Arlene’s flowers Lee boulevard

  • Arlene’s Flowers on Lee boulevard she is a super lady and all her associates are awesome just a cute little story to go to and I really enjoy buying flowers and truffles and different things from her and the lady who owns it just as nice as she can be

  • North Fork Vet Clinic is by far the best vet in the area. My entire family has used them for over 20 years. Dr. Sheriff just can’t retire. He has cut down to 4 days a week , usually. I have even called him at home once when I was very concerned that no one had called about my dog on a Sat. He met me at the clinic after hours to I could pick her up. My daughter fought with her dog Lucy to control her diabetes for 5 long years, which is really unheard of for a large dog. Currently, my other daughter has a rescued husky who keeps having blood count issues. The whole staff have been wonderful with us

  • Murdoch’s is the best of my neighborhood stores and in Cheyenne. They have something for everyone! I can get everything from dog food to sandals at Murdoch’s. They sell tools and every kind of items that you might need. My very favorite department in Murdoch’s is the clothing section. They have numerous brands of jeans, tops, jackets, etc. I purchased my last two pairs of Fat Baby’s at Murdoch’s. Fantastic store!

  • Take Me There Transportation Service is the best! Number 1!! I have been traveling for 36 years, taking a lot of car services, Take Me There is the best, reliable, affordable. Thank you Take Me There!

  • was great having John Travolta here at Lenny’s pizza , again………feels like the 70’s all over again……

  • does Alta Hill have a website. I did not see one but would like to see there flower arrangements for future orders.

  • How can I post info about the kingwood women’s club holiday market … we are non origin and all money given to many philanthropies.. October 21 preview night
    Oct 22 shop all day and additional luncheon

  • This is a good thing people need money in their pockets and announcements always better I like so now that I’m having a wonderful life better than last year and the next year will be better!

  • I believe this is a great way to keep the “business” in our area. If I can be of service feel free in contacting me. I do LIFE,LONG TERM CARE,INVESTMENTS and HEALTH CARE (individual and Group)

    • Fact Mike’s Lawn service. Mike is super dependable and does great work for reasonable price. Also can do home repairs. He’s done lawn work and repairs for me and did a great job. 850/292-6584

  • Apparently, my lawn service has gone out of business (phone disconnected). Can anyone recommend a good one?

    • I’m a local handyman and I have dryer vent and a cleaning tool. I have an LLC, I carry work comp, gen liability and commercial auto insurance. My name is Shane and # is 612 271 1984. If you need someone give me a shout.

      Thanks for your time

      • Thanks, Shane, I think we may have a few handyman jobs coming up. Do you charge by the hour or by the job? Thanks.

        • I just left a comment for you and I didn’t think to ask you where you are located. I just always assume on nextdoor that the people are in Lake City, but I see that that is not necessarily true. Please let me know where you are located. If it’s outside of Lake City, I’m afraid I won’t be able to use your services. Thanks.

  • We had our house power washed by Long Island Homeowner Services. The job was done timely and professionally. Greg was polite and we would definitely recommend him.

  • I am knew not to brumbelow but just doing what I love out of my own home selling flowers already potted in beautiful cedar made pots and painted with clear cedar nothing over the price of 30 $ made with love and joy ps come at anytime always someone home just need help advertising

  • i don’t have a picture but i would nominate Jalisco taqueria on Balfour because the girls are friendly and caring and the food is always excellent.

  • Aspire Colorado is making local wellness products in refillable containers, to provide a way to reduce once-through plastic on things we use every day. They have tooth powder, deodorant, lotion bars and even liquid all-purpose soap. They are hosting recycling boxes for hard-to-recycle plastics that align with their products, such as toothpaste tubes, tooth brushes, razors, razor blades, pens, mechanical pencils and felt-tipped pens. The boxes are in front of the business outside, where any neighbor can drop their items, and learn more about how they can reduce once-through plastic waste. Located at 2009 Ford Street in Golden, a home business.

  • I want to be able to vote for a band. So we will say entertainment. I wanted to do it last year and there was not an option and I have not seen that this year either. I want to vote THE BRASSWIND as the best entertainment of the year.

  • Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind is my favorite @Nextdoor shout out! Lighthouse provides FREE classes and training for people who are losing their vision and need help adjusting to vision loss. We even provide free transportation to our facility. We serve Citrus, Hernando and Pasco. Give us a call, 352-754-1132 or visit our website, We are here to help. #NextdoorFave

  • My fave business around my neighborhood is the Country Cafe – always good food and friendly service

    • My favorite place in Wedgwood is QFC. They kept the neighborhood feel and traditions Matthews had and are just as friendly! It is so easy to run over there, eapecially when I need something quick!

  • Hola! I recently moved to Washington from Texas in search of better jobs and better opportunities for my 7yr old daughter. I am happy to join “Nextdoor” and I’m excited and anxious about shopping at Prosser! I haven’t visited or shopped at many stores due to unemployment BUT, I look forward to shopping here pretty soon!!

  • I haven’t figured out how to post something. Could you help me? I’m looking for ladies who are interested in playing me I an train on Friday afternoons. If you could post that for mr, I would be grateful.

  • Would like to nominate Pat Miller Specialty Shop who is now sponsoring a raffle for the Greyeffect foundation (a non-profit) who supports new mothers with information about SIDS death for babies. It also provides a foot monitor for the baby as an alarm to the family – Drawing is for a custom made outdoor table. Will be drawn on Labor Day.

    • This a new local Mom/Pop business that provides excellent service and products. In fact, I purchased all Christmas gifts last year from them and plan to do so again this year.




  • Greetings. New to Seminole/ Largo 33777 from Orlando Area. Posted Professional Guitar Lessons on this site. Received 1st call , Retired Mother/ 5yr old Gr son together. Save $$ Learn alot..Papa Joe’s Professional Guitar lessons..Please review/ Comments.321-945-4680 Cell.

  • Just discovered the Thirsty Whale Bakery and bought 1/2 dozen long johns with maple frosting and nuts.
    OMG- good treat and I will be going back. Would recommend a tet-a-tet set outside to wait when the lines are longer. Friendly people with patience while their customers gaze the bakery. I will look for a table if this business is interested.

  • I dont have a photo but Functional Therapy is the best in Town! They have the most modern equipment in town! The only one in the state with this equipment! I have been going for several weeks now and they have helped me soooo much! Scolosis in my back! They have done wonders! Located at 7606 Fern ave. Shreveport,La.

  • Forget about Tacos at Burger King and start a petition to keep Section 8 Housing out of Murry Hill – where the old BofA is.

    Paul Hensler

  • East Ward in Winston Salem loves ZESTO’s

    Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream | Delivery Menu | Order Online | Takeout Central
    Browse Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream restaurant delivery menu. Order delivery online from Zesto Burgers & Ice Cream through…
    2600 New Walkertown Road, Winston-Salem ·

  • Gurkhas. The new Indian restaurant on 3025 east 3300 South south in the old cafe rio location
    Very clean. Very good food. The owners are friendly. It’s a good addition to our area

  • Sunset Therapeutic Massage with Rochelle Faust is wonderful 1397 West Sunset Blvd. I am also getting RF Treatments to reduce belly fat which is amazingly effective

  • No pics. But I LOVE Trader Joe’s in Bedford! Friendly, helpful staff who seem to love their work and their customers too. Welcome to the Neighborhood!

  • I was wondering of a decent recommended local dentist, in the Inner/Outer Richmond area…I have Delta Dental Insurance…and Provider Listings…likely a bit of work. male or female…..I speak English… Thanks Very Much///

  • I was wondering of a decent recommended local dentist, in the Inner/Outer Richmond area…I have Delta Dental Insurance…and Provider Listings…likely a bit of work. male or female…..I speak English… Thanks Very Much///

  • Twin Creeks Estates is a wonderful place to live. Been there since 2005 and all positive. Neighbors say hi to each other, keep eyes out and report things. Keep yards looking nice. Security does great job. I love Twin Creeks Estates.
    Randall Kleveland

  • I would like to recommend Body Wisdom Therapeutic Massage LLC in Oakdale as a favorite business. Debby who is a massage therapist and owner is amazing. You will never be disappointed by her service or friendliness. She also has others such as an acupuncturist and metal health therapist rent the space and offer services. It is a wonderful hidden gem of Oakdale! #NextdoorFave

    • I think this app is the best app ever made. Not because of the app itself necessarily but the idea. I’ve seen so many posts of neighbors helping neighbors and not one post where anybody is online bullying or anything like that. I am proud to be a part of this app. Thank you whoever made this app and the idea of it.

  • If you’re looking for a good veterinarian near 4 corners. Paws and Claws is an excellent one.
    It’s on 192 Dr. Diane Philips.

  • On Nextdoor I have found more valuable information then the internet or Facebook! The way people share their knowledge and information on topics that are important to the way and how we live at home and in our community have been so educational and helpful. I do not get out much due to no car and my health. Thank you Neighbors!

  • I believe that Mike’s Resturant is the faviorate in the neighorhood hang out and eatery. It’s a no brajner!

  • I have a favorite business but am an old dog who hasn’t mastered some 21st century tricks such as posting photos. Please make that optional.

  • I’m sorry. I am tech challenged but want everyone to know how Juan at Hightower rescued our air conditioning this morning. We’re considering adopting him. He is that wonderful!

  • My favorite business is the Flower Nook on Iron street… They are so into offering opportunities to collectors, artists works, open houses for the community and the flower arrangements and plants are fantastic! I got a little air plant(takes no dirt) lives on my dining room table in a glass…so beautiful!.. I’ve purchased Kansas made products there that are wonderful.. The staff is friendly, helpful and the owners are there to help you plan for weddings, anniversaries, funerals… and a general bit of flora an fauna for your everyday!. (I would post pictures if I could figure out how !!!)

  • Shuga Beanz is the best place to get a hot drink , A Frappe, a Macchiato all flavors, protein shakes. Sugar free drinks amazing drinks from awesome Barista. This great group of people a retired military family.
    My favorite drink is the Peach tea my husband loves the hot latte. They have it all at Shuga Beanz

  • Great Pricing on Junior and Adult Golf Instruction Deals in Riverside California at Jurupa Hills Country Club with Steve Bean Golf Schools.
    Steve has more than forty years teaching experience and is owner of Southern California Golf Schools with more than 20 plus locations in Arizona, California and Nevada.
    Steve teaches locally in Beaumont, Riverside and Fallbrook.

  • I just hired Kevin Brown to do some electrical work, setting up a RV plug and breaker and he did n outstanding job!! Highly recommend him. He was honest, and very efficient. His email is

  • Black Bart Restaurant – San Andres
    Had dinner last night. Food excellent and very reasonable. Free wine tasting. Helpful wait staff. Encourage everyone to give it a try.

  • I had the very nice pleasure to be shopping at a fairly new business called Model Institution. The young lady that helped me was such a joy to talk with. We covered topics from Stag-horn ferns to gemstones, crystals and vintage items that were displayed in the store. So interesting, kind and knowledgeable. I hope to be able to share this store with many of my neighbors and friends. they are located on the corner of SW Ash and SW Burnham St. across from the dog park.

  • Lakeview Mini Mart on Harrison Avenue. Diva is the one I deal with primarily during the day. She always knows what I want and need. She is always very polite and helpful.

  • Shrimpys bar and grill on Rte 1, owners are wonderful, staff perfect and the food is the best.
    Live entertainment if your lucky you’ll see Cathy Gorman singing.
    Gorgeous and so tallented and a friend.

    Just go your gonna love it

  • David and company hair and nail spa also known as diva nail spa is in the shops of San Marco they are fabulous you really get a great bang for your buck they do wonderful work at a really reasonable price great people. A one-stop-shop for hair nails pedicure waxing whatever you need and every single one of them are incredibly talented

  • Yum yum Bakery at lemon bay shopping
    Center has the very best bread and bakery
    Goodies! The owners are always friendly
    And their soup and sandwiches are super!

  • AM Door and Supply Co on rt 45 in North Jackson for all your residential and commercial doors, windows, patio doors, storm doors, garage doors, and hardware! Free everyday at- home/ business estimates!

  • Walgreens on Joe Frank Harris Pkwy has a great selection on many items you need when your you don’t want to spend a lot of time in a store. You couldn’t ask for a friendlier staff. Staff always pleasant, helpful and courteous. Same goes for the pharmacy staff. Great company.

  • I just used Bippen Electric, to input 2 fans, 3 lights and help with a microwave and oven plug. Awesome
    company, Chris Bippen gave me an great estimate and Randall did the work. An awesome family business.

  • Home Zone Painting and Repair – Richard Bourne
    Great workers and Richard stayed by the estimate he originally gave me, even though there were extra things to do. Very reliable company.

  • Favorite place to eat: Joe’s Diner because they serve breakfast until they close at 2 p.m., and breakfast is my FAVORITE meal!!!!

  • Mail America #3
    On 47th and R
    Newman and his dad run a family friendly business. They are polite and diligent in the service they provide both in customer care and all the other mail, office, western union, services etc. I recommend them to all in the neighborhood.

  • PLUMBER JON’S (559) 323-5667 Jon Lacey, Owner. Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

    He is the best troubleshooting plumber. He is honest and does not gouge you. Other plumber wanted to knock tile and wall down. He spent hours trying to fix shower and bathtub handle and drilling holes in the wall. Jon fixed it in an hour without a need to knock anything down!

  • No fair entry via Instagram or Twitter only. I don’t “do” either one. Should allow via Nextdoor app or Facebook.

    • Hi Cathy, you are more than welcome to enter via Nextdoor!
      -Head to and login to your neighborhood.
      -Post a photo or video of your Neighborhood Favorite to your Nextdoor newsfeed. Find the winners here.
      -In the post, tell us what you love about it. Be sure to include @Nextdoor and #NextdoorFave.

  • Has anyone else been notified they’re a Neighborhood Favorite only to find that another company is listed? 🙁 I’ve reached out to Nextdoor and filed a ticket and they continue to ignore me. I’m really frustrated because we sent out a notification that we won and someone called us out that we’re not actually listed. I feel sabotaged and like Nextdoor is eroding the trust and transparency that earned us a Neighborhood favorite in the first place. Now we look like liars.

    • Hi Elliot, thanks for reaching out. More than one business can be voted as a Neighborhood Favorite in each category, but only 1% of all businesses win this award, so there is definitely reason to celebrate! Congrats ?

  • “Social dry lounge” at plaza de lapaz in Laguna Niguel, best blow dry bar that just opened! I get my hair blown out while my kids get their haircut

  • You will enjoy the best BBQ, Brisket and Steak at your local Chillin & Grillin Shack Restaurant and Catering at the Central Garage location in KW….They also have a large menu with half pound hamburgers, best in area.

  • If anyone wants an excellent haircut, the place to go is BSG on Larrabee St.
    It’s an awesome spot that will leave you feeling handsomely styled and pampered.

    The 2 stylists are very talented, leaving you feeling comfortable while you’re there. Whether you’re in Blake or Brandon’s trusty hands, you’ll have no worries as to whether they know what they’re doing.

    Be sure to take advantage of a Nitro beverage while there.

    It’s a small shop so you really feel as if you are in someone’s cool man-cave as opposed to a more bustling environment.

  • If anyone’s looking for an experienced contractor to remodel any room in your house or condo, you have to call Simon at Cal-First Builders! I found him on Home After speaking to 4 others, I went with Cal-First. He did an incredible job on my total kitchen remodel. Amazingly, it was done to perfection in about 4-5 weeks. I’m a picky guy and it turned out beautifully. He came back to perform a minor cabinet adjustment 5 months later without hesitation. I’ll use them for every other project in my place. You should too!

  • I love the South County Senior Center. Their lunch program is very. good. I take classes rhere and am a musician in the ShowStoppers performance group. The people are very friendly.

    IThe senior center is also quite close to rhe Edgewater Community Library, which is also very nice.

  • Ultimate Granite on Rolling Acres Road…Best Selection, Best Price….they go out of their way to please their customers and there is never pressure to buy…I LOVE my quartz countertops and my new BR sinks…which were surprisingly affordable

  • In confused, is this a listing from all over the country? I was looking for a local place here in Orange Park, Florida.

  • ZEPPS Pizza on the corner of Schneider and Main in North Canton has great pizza. I like a thin crust and they offer great coupons. Try it, you’ll like it!

  • Intrigue Jewelers is the BEST. They are so customer oriented and they really listen to exactly what you want or exactly what you need. They will work with you until they get it exactly right. They also are good
    about keeping the jewelry in good shape by cleaning and checking it every 6 months at no expense. I would not go to another jewelry store even if I lived further away. They are the best!

  • Robs Bayside BBQ in Fresno CA, on Aslan and Cedar!

    They are a family locally owned small business. They have a desire to help their neighborhood and they give out free food from time to time and bless people with free literature. These kind of businesses with a heart for the community need to be blessed.

    Please stop in and buy some great BBQ from their shop. Talk to Rob, He has a great story! May God bless this business.

  • Try Advance Auto for parts. Will and Chase and the gang will hook you up with the parts you need.

    You can also try Capital City Auto for car repairs. Ann and Dean take care of the vehicles I drive.

    Try Bethel Baptist Church at 810 Edgemont at the corner with Mitchell for a great down to earth sermon By Clive Ellis. He is not a thumper but you will hear him preach from the Bible and sing from a REAL hymnal. Service starts at 11 am on Sundays.

  • Our favorite company is We Clean! The ladies do a great job and always go the extra mile for our family.

  • Sun Pharmacy in Rising Son, Queen Street.
    Most personable, invested, kind people I’ve ever dealt with in a pharmacy. In addition, their collection of gifts, books from local authors cards, and medical necessities completes a wonderful store and a shopping experience.

  • Wash world I don’t have a plcture but a very clean and friendly place to do laundry small business owners i support them

  • We love Cubbies Pizza on Young and Harris. Pleasant people great customer service and really good food.
    Y favorite is the Alfredo Fettuccini.

  • SHEFFIELD LAKE SENIORS. They don’t charge To join, they treat everyone the same, they have informational meetings, they meet every Monday at 0930-1100, and you feel welcome from the first time you visit!!! I love them!

  • Sun Bird Golf Community is a very pretty, very nice place to live. It is super quiet in the summer time as nothing much is going on at all for those living there year around. The recreation/entertainment director does almost nothing until snow birds come back. (Very disappointing) I’m not sure if she is even here in the summer time. The beautiful new kitchen closes at 5:00 or 6:00 and is only open a couple nights a week, and until 12:00 on Sunday. A lot of churches are not out until 12:00 SO THIS IS SO RIDICULOUS!! They have entertainment every other Friday night, but the kitchen closes very early so you can’t really enjoy dinner and dancing here. Most everyone goes to Oakwood, Cottonwood, Phase 1, or even Mulligans as you can get food until around 10:00. I don’t understand why Sunbird is not more active. Even the restaurant manager does very little. She should plan a single’s hour for men and women to meet up. (Maybe half price for appetizers) It’s very hard to meet new singles’s coming in here.

  • My favorite neighborhood restaurant for Sushi and Bubble Tea is Kyoto Japan located at Snyder Plaza in South Philly. Their salmon sashimi, sushi rice, bubble teas, and other items on their menu are delicious, and their establishment is sparkling clean.
    For pizza you can’t beat the price of Not Just Pizza’s Monday special. Just $4.99 for almost every medium size gourmet pizza on their list. #NextdoorFave@Nextdoor

  • On Track Automotive, 55C, Route 34, in Matawan. (Located in the J. Manzo Complex) The owner Kevin is hands on in all aspects of the business.
    They do complete service maintenance, diagnostics, brakes, tires, shocks, steering, engine tuning, tire lights, check engine lights, pretty much everything automotive! You can even arrange for easy drop off and pick up.

  • my favorite business is Montoro Caffe ( coffee in Italian ) LLC. located online at
    and the reason why is: their website is simple but elegant and easy to navigate. Their prices are fair for a Premium Specialty coffee rated 86 out of 100. their monthly articles are extremely informative and educational for not only the Novice but also the Experienced Coffee Coneseur. They are building their offerings to now include Coffee machines and Accessories but, their sister site https://abeaconofcoffee offers a very reasonable system for Cold Brew and coffee especial blended and ground for Cold Brewing. Last but not least, Montoro Coffee is a flavor found only in the mountains of Huila, Colombia and trust me it’s worth the purchase at twice the price.

  • Best Philly Steak 6350 Sheridan Blvd. Arvada, CO 80003.

    Friendly staff and the cheesesteak is delicious. Koren bento boxes are spicy.

  • Frozen Spirals. 5055 W 72nd Ave. Unit f.

    They have vanilla and chocolate base they put on a flat dish chop it smooth it out until its ready. Then the roll it up into spirals. They have caramel, chocolate and other sauces for sundaes. You can add fresh fruit candy whatever you want to the base. It’s fun to watch and a very yummy treat on a hot day actually any day.

  • Nan’s handmade jewelry.
    She has beautiful earrings, bracelets and can customize pieces for your events such as weddings and sports teams.
    Cute and fun pieces for kids and adults.
    Her price ranges are perfect for my budget.

  • Children’s World is great! They are all so nice and accomodating as well as have the post office there.

    I have no young children, but still like to see what they have for Great Grandson and other children that may be needy.

    I feel that they are a great part of the community.

  • This is a one-stop shop for all your household’s basic tech needs! Cellular service, home phone, electricity, broadband internet, satellite television and home security/automation, all through major provider. This brokerage also handles business services, which include credit/debit card processing. What I like best about StyleFashionZ is its partnership with Feeding America. The services I subscribed now contribute to the nationwide crusade to wipe out childhood hunger!

    • Most of these places do NOT list the city and state that they are in, so it makes it very difficult to go to them unless you happen to know where they are.

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