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Feed Hope with the #FEEDSupperChallenge

Written by Shannon Toliver

Hunger is a massive issue that is impacting families and communities around the world as well as here in our backyards. Despite being the world’s greatest food-producing nation, there are over 40 million neighbors in every county across the United States who face poverty and hunger every day. Food insecurity affects people in all walks of life – your next door neighbor, child’s classmate, or even coworker may be struggling to find their next meal as a result of underemployment, stagnant wages, and rising costs of living.

To support our neighbors facing hunger, Nextdoor teamed up with FEED and Real Simple to launch the #FEEDSupperChallenge as a rallying cry for neighbors to come together around the issue of hunger, especially as we head into the holiday season – a season of plenty, a time for reflection, and a time to give back. 

How to enter the #FEEDSupperChallenge:

Turn your next neighborhood gathering into a fundraising FEED Supper by asking your guests to donate instead of bringing a bottle of wine or dessert.

In addition to raising awareness and providing meals for neighbors in need, three lucky participants will have the chance to win a FEED Home Luxe Crate as well as a year’s subscription to Real Simple by entering* via Nextdoor, Twitter, or Instagram. If entering via Nextdoor:

  1. Post a photo or video of your FEED Supper Challenge moment to your Nextdoor newsfeed.
  2. In the caption, tell us why fighting hunger is important to you and include #FEEDSupperChallenge, @Nextdoor, @RealSimple, and @FEED.

The FEED Supper Challenge will run between October 16th and November 30th (see below for rules & prizes). We believe food has the power to bring many together and together we have the power to bring food to many. By hosting a FEED Supper – which can be as simple as pizza with friends or as organized as a Friendsgiving feast – you will raise funds that will go directly towards providing much-needed food and nutrition to our neighbors in need through our giving partner Feeding America.

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In honor of World Food Day and to kick off our partnership, Nextdoor, FEED, and Real Simple brought together New York City neighbors, city leaders, and influencers for a conversation about how hunger is affecting our communities and how we can work together to combat it. The conversation was at its core, hopeful. There are incredible groups working hard every day to combat hunger and cyclical poverty. By bringing these voices together, and by using ours to get the spread the word, we believe we can create lasting change. 

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“It’s a tremendous honor to partner with FEED to support those facing hunger in our neighborhoods,” shared Sarah Friar, CEO of Nextdoor. “The food crisis that is impacting millions of Americans is a huge societal challenge and, as we see on Nextdoor every day, it’s often the neighbor who extends a helping hand to someone in need that truly sparks lasting change. We hope this challenge will inspire more neighbors to come together in local communities across America to make a true difference.” 

Since neighbors are key to sparking change, we were excited to include the voices of New York locals who have been working to make a difference in their communities. Margarette Purvis, President and CEO of the Food Bank for New York City, and Christine Quinn, President and CEO of Win, joined us for an inspiring panel to discuss how neighbors everywhere can participate in the fight against hunger.

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From L to R: Lauren Bush Lauren, Christine Quinn, Margarette Purvis

“Hunger is a solvable problem and it is up to us to take a stand for those we may never meet and also for our neighbors in need,” says Lauren Bush Lauren, CEO and Founder of FEED. “We won’t solve this overnight, but if we all do a little, it will go a very long way.”

Thank you for bringing your neighbors together and joining us in the fight against hunger!

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    • Is there an elderly individual or couplethat our South Watch group could adopt this year? We want to help one couple this Christmas who is deserving.

      • Hello I am a well travelled English lady who will arrive in Encinitas shortly.. returned from Australia..
        I am seeking to help individuals who need assistance in some way.. I am a professional organizer and a nurturer
        The only issue at the moment is I need a place to stay while getting organized in regard to helping assisting others
        Do you have any idea how I could accomplish that.. it wouldn’t have to be permanent just until I get my my feet on the ground… with the festivities around the corner I need help in that area

      • Yes i know a couple brittany terry just lost her job after being for 2 years has a husband and 2 kids, a 6month old and 3 year both has lead poison cause the apartment their residing in has lead base paint, she has been trying to find a 2 bedroom to rent in white pigeon, I watch her kids when she was working, being a grandparents I’m concerned about getting her and family in a safe place,

      • If anyone wants to make a 16 and 17 year old believe in Santa again PLZ help. I have not been able to work since April due to a broken toe that will not heal. By the grace of God and loving friends bills and necessities are…ok but this will be not the 1st but 2nd year with no Christmas and no late Christmas at tax time due to not being able to work.

    • Would love to help, you are going to be blessed. You are doing what Jesus loves and requires. Life is so short and full of hate. It’s still people in this world that mean business with God. Please let me know if I could help in anyway that possible

    • I agree we here need a Feed Party for this community of our Seniors & homeless families & children can we do this soon?

    • Teresa .. I live in Tipton IN and I’m in need of food bad .. I’m on disability for chronic migraines and cant work . Is there anyway I can get some food. Thank you Jennifer

      • Even though i am not in your city or state but i can simi point you there right direction.
        Pass by churches and look for signs of food banks or call ea church and ask.
        Also try 211 the hekp infomation line that is full lots of help and resources.
        If you happen to find a church that does give food. Ask if they know ofvany more.

    • So I have 4 girls. I recently lost my job and am pending any benefits. (Medical, cash and food) we have no food and if I go to the day labor they shut off or food stamps. I don’t know what to do I’ve never not been able to provide for them i feel like curling up in a ball. I have gone to food pantry but that isn’t enough no snacks for school you know little things like that. I don’t know what to do any ideas would b appreciated! Hungry mom and mom of hungry kids

  • This is nice however a lot of people aren’t able to make it to food banks. Outreach organizations who go into communities and feed, clothe and help house those in need also need support. Is there anything you all do for local nonprofits such as that?

    • Seacoast Church on North Rhett has a Dream Center. Field to Families brings produce every Thursday. They have clothes, dentists, doctors, etc.
      If you call Low Country Food Bank they will give you local food banks that they distribute to a specific zip code. They also provide food in an emergency and at times deliver.

    • I am the director of Triad Food Bank and we offer a variety of programs for this community. Go to our Triad Food Pantry .com to find ways to help your neighbors. We are just a phone call away.

    • There is a backpack program at York Suburban High School called Food For Thought. It sends food home with food insecure kids each Friday for the weekend. The program supports our neighbors and accepts food or money to continue the program. Call the High School or Luther Memorial Church for a list of food items needed.

    • Please give to your local food bank, West Valley Food Pantry, 5700 Rudnick. Yes, West Valley has a new program that delivers food to needy Seniors who are unable to get out. They deliver on Mondays for example.

    • Absolutely…I’m on SSDI at 61. I have custody of my twin 19yo grandsons. I go to BEAM monthly, but that just enough food for 3 or 4 days! Feeding these boys cost me more money than my mortgage.

    • What is the nearest location for my are of those in need of help? I am in Pennsylvania. Do you have a map or phone number to contact them?

    • I support the food pantry ‘We Care of the 4 States’. 2 miles east of Rangeline on Newman. (417)625-1600 open two days a week.

    • I am making homeless packages to give out.i still need and will pay for travel size hygiene products ( including women’s) deodorant, socks, combs, maybe some fruit and dog food- many will feed their pets before they eat. I have purchased many other items but seem to be falling short. Payday is right around the corner and if I don’t receive these items will purchase them myself. Anything will help. Thank you and be blessed ❤️

      • Hi Lynn…I have frozen Ollies dog food in my freezer. I became a member,had it shipped and my dog will not eat it. It’s high quality food. I hate to throw it out. I also have a 3.5lb bag of Pedigree small breed dry food. Call me if you can use any of this or know anyone who can. 865 286-9295.

  • People aren’t always in the position to donate their money. We have a woman in our Nearby Neighborhood who has been using Nextdoor to feed the hungry for years. #FeedingChildrenOneCanAtATime She collects refundable bottles and cans and uses the money to provide full meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Her goal this year is to feed 13 families for Thanksgiving & Christmas. This woman is a Nextdoor Hero IMO.

    • Darlene and I would like to help with this lady’s expenses in feeding those in need this Thanksgiving and Christmas. She can contact us at Darlene’s Real Swell toys (661-823-1920)

      Kindest Regards


    • Hello! Patrick,

      My name is Charlotte. Would you please tell me the name or contact information of the Next Door Hero, #FeedingChildrenOneCanAtATime
      I’d love the opportunity to donate. More importantly to roll up my sleeves and be put to work.

      In the Light…

    • I would love to know how to donate to your local hero. Would be especially significant if the donations could stay here in our neighborhood.

    • Prince of Peace Episcopal Church, 5700 Rudnick, W.H. feeds the homeless and needy on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays at 5 PM, Taylor Hall. It’s a full dinner with dessert. We’ll be serving this coming Saturday with one of our usual complete dinners, and then on the 23rd our Thanksgiving dinner with 12 turkeys, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, Brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce, desserts, bread, and drinks. All are welcome.

    • What a wonderful program! And God bless the woman (above comment from Patrick) who strives to feed local families in need. She truly IS a local hero!
      There is another event that is happening for the 26th year, at Arcadia University in Glenside. It is their annual “Empty Bowl Dinner”! I belong to Tyler Park Center for the Arts and Earth Center Pottery in Richboro. We donate handmade pottery bowls, mugs and other pieces to this event every year. They receive hundreds of handmade bowls, mugs and other vessels from many local art centers and schools. You pay $15 ($12 for students) and bring one non-perishable item to Grey Towers Castle at Arcadia University, on Monday, November 11th from 4:30 – 8:00PM. You choose a beautiful handmade bowl or mug to keep, and you can have all the homemade soups (donated by area restaurants) and breads and desserts (donated by area bakeries, stores, Panera, etc.) that you want! It is a fun and delicious event and you are helping to fight hunger, both locally and abroad.
      Ticket information can be obtained by visiting,
      emailing, or calling 215-572-4000.
      All proceeds benefit Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network and Rise Against Hunger.

      • Anne- Yours is a wonderful, heartwarming post! Actually, everything on this blog is great. I have been reading and posting to ND for a couple of years now, and have never seen it b4! There used to be something similar in Austin several years ago, but it was discontinued for some reason. BTW: what state are y’all in? I don’t think any of the posts had that info. AND — Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    • Our city has a great place to help with feeding and caring for the poor. TheGOOd Shepherd Mission. They have a food bank that feed over250 families a week, they serve hot meals to whoever need it noon and su[[er daily. They have dorms for the homeless to find a safe place to shelter. They do this all with only donations from our community . The are a Christian ministry with NOGoverment help. You cane sure that whatever you donate will go directly to the needy. They have an on line gift place. or you could donate help in either of their resale stores or help replenishing the food bank daily. The best bang for your buck.

    • I’m grateful that you shared this heartwarming story. Whomever this woman is, I find her mission & efforts so stunningly admirable.

    • I am all for helping those in need locally. Do you have contact information for her? I would like to donate to her cause.

  • I’ve formed a neighborhood social group and we’re planning a holiday gathering. I’d love to have people donate to this but am not going to get onto a new platform such as Instagram in order to do so. You’ll have more participants if you open this up to old-fashioned Facebook users. 🙂

  • I have been hosting a fundraiser in New Milford since 2013 with proceeds going directly to the Loaves and Fishes program; these people turn out 365 days a year to feed the hungry.
    This coming January I’m hosting a fundraiser in Litchfield, having moved to Bantam in 2018, for the the local Friendly Hands Food Bank.
    Although I have great admiration for all charities of this kind I like the personal touch where I can give and see the effect.
    Best of luck to everyone doing their bit for humanity.

  • Every Thanksgiving at the Keene Assembly of God Church in West Keene by Wheelock Park my sister and brother-in-law who is the pastor of the church host a Thanksgiving dinner for everyone who wants to come. My fiance(Wayne Brown Jr) and I went last year to help and will do so again this year, I believe we served around 125 to 150 people last year. It is for anyone who has no place to go for the Holiday and it does not cost them anything. WE even deliver if someone cant get out. No one should be alone and not have a Thanksgiving meal

  • This year instead of a family gift exchange we we’re hoping to gather food, supplies, clothing and pet supplies to local organizations. Does anyone know of any taking donations?

  • I love this idea. And I am aware that poverty in America is often a result of our economic, judicial, and social systems. In feeding those in need around us, let’s not forget that we also need to change our economy to one that is based less on greed and more on service; change our laws and the enforcement of those laws so that all people are actually treated justly, not just white people and those who can afford good lawyers; and move America forward in the goal of making this truly a land of opportunity for all.

    • Thank you Mathilda. The Service to Self time is over and Service to Others is the key to solving these socio-economic problems. Remember others in your prayers, give what and when you can, be it time, money, food, donation, whatever you are able. We are all One and that person who is in need is YOU. Put yourself in that position and imagine all you might need to make it through a day, then do something about it. Your heart will expand with the awareness of giving and others will benefit from your generosity. A World of Plenty for All is the goal and it’s up to each and every person to make it happen. The time is NOW to tip the scales toward filling All lives with the incredible wealth which we have so greedily kept to ourselves, to move away from Service to Self mentality and towards Service to Others by letting all lives overflow with Gaia’s bounty. We live in a World of Plenty for All right now, but only if we make it so.

    • Your contribution to the discussion made a lot of difference as it appeals to me . I wish I could get some help here in this Community platform to pay off my Legal fees with my immigration Attorney who is handling my family case file with the USCIS, with a deadline of November 22, just before Thanksgiving.

  • I thought we had an obesity epidemic in this country? Doesn’t our trillion dollar food stamp program help? You’ve certainly researched this, and have identified a starvation problem in the USA but I’m confused.

  • Olney Help delivers a three day supply of fresh and non-perishable food to those in need in Olney, Brookeville, Sandy Spring, Ashton, and Brinklow. Sunday November 3 Cub Scout Pack 774 will be collecting food for us in front of Safeway from 10 to 6. Find more information about Olney Help, a 501c3 non profit, go to

  • This is a great idea. There is a way to reach out locally right in your own area. Chicago Hope Food Pantry is a nonprofit located at 2505 N Kedzie that has served the hungry in Logan Square and Avondale for many years. There are many ways you can help.
    1. Donate your time. Volunteers are always welcome.
    2. Donate nonperishables. Start a food drive on your street, at your job or in your home or organization. Help us help others.
    3. Donate money. Pantries need help maintaining supplies for operation.
    4. Drop off gloves, hats and socks for our clients who often go without or live outside.
    5. Spread the word. We’re here to help others and appreciate the support.
    Call us at 773-499-9763 to learn more.

  • 160 million Americans are overweight or obese. Things to ponder.
    A) are overweight people hungry
    B) are obese people hungry
    C) why are some getting all the food while others go hungry
    D) why is it so imbalanced
    E) as intelligent creatures we haven’t figured out equally food distribution
    F) why does this concern me and the future of mankind

  • We have a food bank very close to us but we would like to host a dinner/gathering. We have tried getting attention for food Donations on our business page, JK Security & Surveillance, without any success. We are new to our community so understand can be hard. Any suggestions??

  • Darlene and I would like to help with this lady’s expenses in feeding those in need this Thanksgiving and Christmas. She can contact us at Darlene’s Real Swell toys (661-823-1920)

    Kindest Regards


  • for some people, it’s not the food (itself) that’s needed but someone to cook it for them. Many people I know have plenty of food, but either cannot cook or don’t know how to cook it themselves. I have a neighbor and her 3 daughters that live with her and none of them can cook! I reminded her about her granddaughter, but I wonder if that was enough. I am gimped myself so I cannot cook for her or I would be glad to. Meals on wheels is pretty expensive too. and that makes it hard for people to utilize that service.

  • I run a food pantry and we have to BUY the food, even what’s been donated, from the local food bank which is part of Feed America.

    Avoid the middleman and donate directly to a food pantry near you!

  • Use to be companies gave their employees turkeys fir Thajsgiving, Christmas. Niw they are too cheap to help a family have food on a holiday. As a widow I fear that I wont ever have a Thanksgiving dinner again as it can no longer fit into my budget. Many people out there have same issues. Holidays should be joy filled. Communities should help.

  • I work at a local food pantry and we help nearly 6,000 families a year plus feed the homeless. Giving local, helps our community and you know where your donations go.

  • You can also give locally Thursday at the DWC in town at 5:30. There will be a truck picking up donations. Baby diapers plus food items are welcome..

  • In our neighborhood we collect non-perishable food and make a monthly donation of it to Care and Share. We also do fund raising gatherings and accept donations that we use to fund our project to help feed the homeless. We gather twice a week and make sandwiches and assemble sack lunches that we take and distribute to the homeless.
    Steve Hummel

  • If you live in the West Windsor New Jersey area please think of doing something more locally you can donate food directly to folks by placing food in a Little Free Pantry. The little free pantry will be located at the West Windsor arts Council in West Windsor New Jersey one block from the Princeton Junction train station on Alexander Road.

    Ribbon-cutting coming this coming Saturday, November 10 at 10 AM. If you can’t make that date or would rather help in providing monetary support please think of Donating to the little free pantry which is a program of send hunger packing part of Mercer Street Friends a not-for-profit organization’s delivery of food directly to those in need.
    Go to. Go to the comment section and put “SHuP W W-P”

    Thank you for future support.

  • I can get some clothing and shoes and coats rounded up . I will let you know and leave them in plastic bags on my front porch on TUESDAY morning . I’ll post my address : THE GLEN.

  • Sadly we have tried to help our neighbors with food they can help pick and get a portion for themselves..we have a roadside stand but people do not want to cook anymore……….but on “neighborhood” you cannot sell or advertise, so I have given up..sadly in the frost we lost much and much more to sad people do not want to help themselves..just saying..we are just a small farmer sharing our bounty with family, friends and God’s people..

    • Several times I have picked up fruit or vegetables from a “Nextdoor” neighbor. Sometimes it is free and sometimes there is a cost involved, but I am so grateful for the time and energy people put info raising a garden or maintaining an orchard I don’t mind paying them. Thanks to all of you!

  • Good afternoon , lovely neighbor’s
    Wonderful and I’m amazed that there’s a door where hungers enter to be feed , it’s a blessings , just wanna know next meeting and the venue plez
    Peace & blessings be with you all

  • What wonderful ideas that everyone has brought up to focus on as we prepare our own tables for the holiday season. I challenge my Christian neighbors around the country to all be mindful that unfortunately there are many people in our neighborhoods across the country who go to sleep hungry everyday but we can be the hands and feet of our Lord by our service to others. Let’s all pitch in to come up with even our own ideas or plans to feed as many families in need as we can. Maybe it’s a plan of your own or within your church. If we all have a plan imagine how many families will enjoy a meal over the Holidays. If you feel to crunched on work and your own families plans at least give to help to your local food bank’s or the local Salvation Army. We can all be servants to serve others in a big or even a small way.

  • If anyone wants to give to the Fire Victims of Santa Rosa and the surrounding area’s! Our Brother in Law has had evacuate twice! Never Needing help but those that are too old to start over. May I suggest Guy Fieri 2019, he has a sight that will contribute that he has supported his skills, to help his community God Bless This man!! I only hope when I am to old, and need help my community will do the same for me!!

  • Shopping at S&S .. Brookline .. today and made a $25 donation to help feed elderly locals during holidays. An easy way to help in our own neighborhood. Easy to do, simple add $25 to your grocery bill.

  • This program is thoughtful but for me comes up short as it draws away from the needs of my own Nextdoor. I was just a factory worker but never accumulate debt. Today I have extra by living a small footprint and never owning things like a cellphone. –

    My calling is to help the homeless by spending thousands of dollars a year and I have no 501c3 rating. Sometimes I will call a church or local 501c3 and ask if they can help a family of five living in their car for “one” night, for a moment they are quiet, then some offer me a few bags of Top Ramen and other things. To all Christian churches are you serious, to all pastors soon your butt cheeks will be quivering as we live in the presence of God. Token food drives are a start but the Christian Church is called to do so much more.

  • We are doing food recovery in our community in partnership with county environmental services. We divert Prepared food from the waste stream and make it available to people living in transition that do not have access to a kitchen…such as living in a car. We are currently processing about 4500 pounds a month. our program is called ABUNDANCE (

  • Free Food & Clothing Giveaway
    Location; The Rock Church
    ……………….33093 Deeble Entrance St.
    ………………..Lk.Elsinore, Ca. 92530
    Dates………..Nov. 21st. 10am – 12noon
    ………………..Dec. 19th. 10am – 12noon
    Please bring your own bags. Thank you.

  • I have been sponsoring & hosting a monthly Food Bank Benefit Song Circle, the last Sunday of each month….have done it for years. People come to sing together, and each brings donations for the local Food Bank . We get to do the ;things we love most: sharing our resources with others, and sharing harmonies through songs. We are located in north Seattle.

  • Why dont yu ask everyone to fonate $1…its more than nothing at all and thru that there will be those that will offer more sbd u will get thst $1 from those who are unable to donate anything else this opens the door so when u ask for donations those who really dont have much. And are embarrassed by giving only a few dollars wont have a problem giving thst $1…those dollars add up….

  • We, at Heart’s Place Services, Inc., have a weekend backpack program that currently feeds families over the weekend via our weekend survival kit. We are currently feeding 790 people in Baltimore City where our backpacks are delivered to homeless students each Friday at the schools that they attend and are currently in 12 schools in the city, which in itself gives you an indication of the amount of homeless people are located in our city. The backpack of food feeds a family of three, with the provision that if the family is of a greater number to increase the amount of backpacks given.

  • I have for sometime now have been wanting to do something with the food leftover from restaurants. Of course its at the time of closing everyday whatever is left is thrown out. Its good food but they need to sell fresh everyday. My daughter worked next to a bagel place that at the end oc the day the employees gave it out. I remember still eating from those bagels 2 days later and still good. If someone would please help and give me ideas of how we can team up or create a team to pick up and deliver to those in need. I think of meals on wheels, would be a good example and connection. Maybe do a Facebook where restaurants can register to have the food picked up and the same for people to register who need it. Is there someone out there that can help. That can brainstorm. I’m in Miami but i think its something that once its structure can work any where in the U.S.. This will help our environment as well. So many good benefits.

  • Hi Patrick, would you mind sending me a way to contact her or send her my contact information. I live here in Edison and I would like to see how I may help her reach her goal. I have a small business and I was looking to partner with a charity to help. I would like to see how we could work together and maybe go past her goals. It is so very sad how in the US people go hunger and children go to school hungry. My children have never experience this and I am very grateful for this. I would like to help her because she is a small charity and everyone knows about the big ones and it is local. My cell number is (609) 752 – 1673 and I am on FB as Karen Ann Wilson. Thank you Patrick, Karen!

  • How about offering a food donation pick up service. With all of the folks looking for a volunteer opportunity, recruit some to drive and pick up non-perishable food items from homes. I’m physically disabled and no longer drive. Unfortunately, I throw out food, because I don’t have the mobility to get to a food pantry. If places really want to increase their food donations, create regular pick-up for food donations in your area.

  • Shalom Everyone,

    This is something that I would like to do in the community in Collingdale. Also, Spread the WORD of GOD to feed them spiritually as well.

    Please let me know!

    Min Joas

  • my mother passed away a couple of weeks ago. I have a freezer full of stuff that I need to distribute. can you help?

  • Spectacular love!
    Thank you for initiating such a beautiful charity.
    I have been cooking for seniors for over ten years. I am the director of the senior ministry at Brother Bennos. Our forgotten seniors in poverty is a very important issue. I love our seniors. I am also able to get free food from Brother Bennos.

  • Food of God (FOG) is a nonprofit feeding program (Tax ID #27-5348142) in Oakland, CA. Every week volunteers serve almost 100 folks in a public park in downtown Oakland. We do this to show the face of hunger to those passing by and wondering why so many folks are lined up. Our hot, free, vegan meal is freshly prepared and served to all who come to our tables. We are a non denominational program, multi-faith program. All are volunteers trying to help those in need. As winter approaches, the need increases.

    Your idea is terrific! We admire those who reflect on those less fortunate. As a nutritional champion under the auspices of the Alameda County Community Food Bank (under Feeding America) we serve only meals that are high in protein and nutrition. FOG also distributes donated blankets, jackets, hats, scarves, etc. to those in need. We need your support! Please join us on any given Thursday in the park at 21st and San Pablo Avenue, right across from the Greyhound Bus Station. You may make direct donations on our facebook page Thank you!

  • What I see in all this programs is that there is a group that is overlooked… a group that cannot get to the foodbank or anywhere else and that is the elderly or disabled or such who are homebound and are totally overlooked. I would like to see something set up for them and though this looks nice it is not addressing this need.

  • Hi Patrick I’m in the possum creek area. our nonprofit organization Neighborhood Association of Jefferson Township working with Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist church will be giving away thanksgiving baskets to residents, individuals that attend church’s in the community and those affected by recent tragedies. This is done by referring a neighbor. Please inbox me if interested at

  • I have a business that is called JLC Springfield Community outreach gathering and it is comprised of several outreach events during the year focused on sharing gods love , we have annual events through the year and everything is free and open to the community a non profit organization that runs on donations so far this year we had learning the fundamentals of basketball for the kids and a mother daughter painting luncheon and what we call operation backpack we had free food games clothes prizes gave away bikes and scooters backpacks with school supplies in them and on november 23rd we will be having are community thanksgiving dinner at the L 1530 South yellowspring street from 12 noon till 4pm.santa will be there with prizes for the kids alsofor more info 937-460-1888

  • The Bread of Life Kitchen in Lake Isabella, has been feeding the hungry and homeless for over 22 years. We are truly thankful for the many who have assisted us feeding the needy in our valley. As always we are able to do this with the generous assistance of local residents and businesses. We are approaching the Holiday season. Looking forward we need additional volunteer assistants, cooks, food donations and serving supplies. If you, or you know someone who would like to cook or assist with a monetary donation, please contact “A Helping Hand Ministries,” Pastor Bill at P.O. Box 839, Lake Isabella, Ca 93240. 760-891-6942. You may also drop by WEB Recycling and ask for Debra Smith..

  • Great ideal I have a business that help in the community which is JLC Springfield community outreach gathering a non profit organization that has different programs through the year that are annual events so far this year we had the fundamentals of basketball for the kids and we had a mother daughter painting luncheon and what we call operation backpack and we had free food clothes games and prizes we gave away bikes and scooters and much much more walmart also partnered with us this year and it has been since run on donations only now we are getting ready for are community thanksgiving dinner which is november 23rd from 12 noon till 4pm at the L 1530 S. yellow Spring St. for more info call 937-460-1888 we will also have a raffle to help raise money for these events we also will have santa there with gifts and prizes for the kids

  • SOCO Episcopal Churc , visits the elderly every Monday at 4:OO P.M. The nursing home is at the corner of Live Oak & S. Congress Ave. Some of our elderly , need socks, tooth paste,shampoo etc, Our elderly friends greatest need is just your time at least once a week visit of an hour or half hour.
    If you are interested please give me a call 512-971-0784

  • DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL FOOD BANK (Find site online and FB page) Food Banks provide immediate aid, Deliver food boxes to the elderly, and assist in Food stamp applications

    SNAP has two sets of work requirements. If you are age 16 – 59 and able to work, you will probably need to meet the general work requirements to get SNAP benefits. The general work requirements include registering for work, participating in SNAP Employment and Training (E&T) or workfare if assigned by your State SNAP agency, taking a suitable job if offered, and not voluntarily quitting a job or reducing your work hours below 30 a week without a good reason.
    You are excused from the general work requirements if you are any one of these things:
    • Already working at least 30 hours a week (or earning wages at least equal to the Federal minimum wage multiplied by 30 hours)
    • Meeting work requirements for another program (TANF or unemployment compensation)
    • Taking care of a child under 6 or an incapacitated person
    • Unable to work due to a physical or mental limitation
    • Participating regularly in an alcohol or drug treatment program
    • Studying in school or a training program at least half-time (but college students are subject to other eligibility rules).
    If you have to meet the general work requirements but you don’t, you are disqualified from getting SNAP for at least a month and must start meeting the requirements to get SNAP again. If you get back on SNAP and then don’t meet the requirements again, then you are disqualified for longer than a month and you could be disqualified forever. …
    “You are excused from the ABAWD work requirement and time limit if you are any one of these things:
    • Unable to work due to a physical or mental limitation;
    • Pregnant;
    • Have someone under 18 in your SNAP household;
    • Excused from the general work requirements (see above). “

    From The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information.
    “SNAP [incl FOOD STAMPS] is administrated by USDA in cooperation with state social service agencies. The authorizing legislation states that the program is intended to “alleviate hunger and malnutrition” by “permit[ing] low-income households to obtain a more nutritious diet through normal channels of trade.”1 Today this goal is accomplished through the issuance of monthly benefits in the form of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards that can be used in retail food stores. The SNAP benefit is based on the Thrifty Food Plan (TFP), which is intended to provide a minimal-cost, healthy diet based on household size (see Box 2-1) (Carlson et al., 2007a).

    BOX 2-1
    The Thrifty Food Plan. The Thrifty Food Plan (TFP) is a model-based market basket of foods that represents a nutritious diet at minimal cost and serves as the basis for establishing the maximum Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefit. (more…)
    Households with very little or no income receive the full TFP amount. Other households receive the TFP amount minus 30 percent of their net income because the SNAP program assumes that each household with income can contribute 30 percent of that income to the purchase of food. To the extent that 30 percent of household income is insufficient to purchase an amount of food equal to the TFP market basket, the SNAP benefit is issued in an amount that, combined with 30 percent of household income, totals the TFP amount for that household size (FNS, 2012b). For example, a household of four people with net income of $1,000 per month is expected to spend $300 per month of its net income for food. Because it needs $612 to purchase the TFP market basket, SNAP issues the household $312 in benefits.2 Eligibility for benefits is based on a gross income limit of 130 percent of the federal poverty threshold for a given household size, and net income may not exceed 100 percent of that threshold (households that contain an elderly or disabled person are exempt from the gross income test). The TFP, basic eligibility rules, and benefit levels are the same throughout the contiguous United States. See Figure 2-1 for a timeline of the of the dates of key SNAP legislation, as well as changes in participation and average benefit amounts over time.

  • I would like to donate to a family or a group for the holiday. How can I find these persons or group .

    Each one help one

    • My niece is Austium age 41 love to shop at Wal-Mart . We Thank You and Have a Blessed Thanksgiving. Your kindnes wil never be forgotten. Happy Holidays from my Family To Yours. The Wiley family

  • We, as a family, would be honored to participate. Do you have a list of people/families that would benefit from a delicious meal and perhaps?good company? If so, please forward the. Information,
    Thank you in advance for organizing this and for assisting us.

    • Does anyone here in the Texas City neighborhood have someone we could assist this year. Also if you have any suggestions on how we could meet and discuss please reply. Thank you for all responses!!

  • Casa Lopez Restaurant at 325 S. A Street, Oxnard is hosting a Feed the needy Thanksgiving dinner/luncheon for our citizens in need. We are in need of 15 to 20 turkeys, 10 to 15 hams, bread, stuffing, potatoes & vegetables, pies, pastries to prepare for November 26 from 10 to 3 pm. Take all items to Casa Lopez for the chefs to cook. In addition we need volunteers to help man the event. Please contact Mr. Gomez at (805) 890-2193 or Osbaldo Lopez at 9805) 240-9730 or 377-6680. We also accept cash donations to purchase the items.

  • What are your hours and what’s address to drop off donations? God Bless you for all you do my wife donates to several non profit organizations.

  • Just joining this is a cool lil deal u guys have going on..I have a lil business id like to advertise that I will posted on here soon..and I just wanted to say I think this is great for locals and to bring the community together and keep it all in the fam instead of helping out ppl we don’t even kno….NEEEWAYS LOVE THE SITE AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK………Joey

  • Our local food bank was totally out of food other than a few cans when I went yesterday. They constantly struggle to get/keep food and other household items in stock (and it’s a Feeding America site). Compare to a year ago, when they were fairly well stocked, but since the government shutdown at the end of last year, it’s been fairly empty. We had our food stamps reduced to zero, when our autistic grandson who is in our custody, got a job at a local church. How wrong it that? I don’t expect him to give us all the money he’s earned, I want him to save it, for when we are no longer around… My husband and I now have to choose what meds we get, as an added stress to what food to buy (or go without, which is more often the case)

    How broken is this system…

    • By the way, I am fully disabled, awaiting a lung transplant, and our grandson is 16. My husband has had to give up what few years he had left as an earner, to care for us both, and the local church is kind enough to take him off our hands for a few hours a day, and pay him minimum wage for it, and we get penalized. FL Medicaid, snap and ebt and totally broken.

  • Hi, Even as I write this I have tears rolling down my face. I’m not elderly yet though due to the obstacles my small but loving family has been facing this past year all my hair is quickly graying. This brings me joy and saddens my heart because though my husband and I have always been type to do and give for others even when it took from us. Its reason I married him. Thought this time a year ago we were on an upward climb and though he works everyday in dangerous weather. Long hours and though our hearts are good we cant seem to shake what’s been happening in recent months to us. We have lots of clothes to donate and they are all different sizes and boys, girls, and mens we unfortunately do not have any money and sadly but honestly due to being taken advantage of by a landlord we trusted and strived to help because we once believed they were much different we dont even think we will be able to give our son who we gained custody of through fighting for visits because it was discovered his birth mother was on drugs. We were denied seeing him and once we got him we were heartbroken because though my husband paid child support and would often send extra money through the month thinking it was for food for him and his siblings who didn’t not belong to husband or myself. We thought we were not only helping but each time we prayed it would get her to allow us to see him. He was malnutritioned and he is skidding and has food insecurities. Though we feed him even if we go without or I have to walk 10 miles to food bank and he takes vitamins and is healthy and now caught up on shots. He tells us of when he had rats crawling over him and roaches and only crackers to eat. I cant tell you how many times I have broken down and my husband and I have cried. I sit for hours watching him sleep as he sometimes yells out or begs for things. We are not sure we will have a christmas but we are sure we will always fight to give him everything he needs and shower him with love and knowledge. He did not know any letters or numbers or how to have a conversation and now knows them all and writes his name. We are proud and love this child unconditionally and though everywhere aside from food pantries I’ve tried turning to has denied help for us I still find joy when i see communities coming together and doing this. I wish there were more and more like all of you on here and i wish you all many many blessings. Happy Holidays and I hope one day soon we will not only be able to help give our sweet boy the things he deserves in life and even things he wants but that we can again help others as it brings great joy to the both of us. Keep up the love and I send ours to you all. P.s if anyone knows anyone that can pick up clothing and shoes donations I have plenty but we only have one car and husband drives from greenville to arden daily for work so I’m not able to get anywhere to donate them. Welcome to them though. 864 770 5852 just text please and let me know so I know to answer or text you back.

  • I dont understand if your asking for help which I would love to do but I’m in need of holiday help I’m a disabled mother of a special needs adult daughter I cant sign up for and Christmas programs that will help me get gifts for her shes 27 but mentally she can be anywhere from 10 to 14 depending on how good her day is she still believes in Santa she just went through a bad ordeal she had a bad seizure because I open my door to help my homeless cousin who had her daughter sleeping in a car she wouldnt stay cause her boyfriend wasnt allowed to she choose him over her daughter and place to sleep so her would shower and sleep here then go to school well she got suck I called my cousin asked her to pick up her daughter take to urgent care it took 4days I’m the one who got sick I’d my best to stay away from my daughter even though she was showing signs the er dr said she has flu in her blood and I need help but my cousin wont return any of my calls my daughter misses the lil girl and then the bad seizure I dont have money or strength to make a Thanksgiving dinner this year and I definitely wont beable to give her any type of Christmas so if you can help us in any way I would be forever grateful thank you

  • Hi Lynn…I have frozen Ollies dog food in my freezer. I became a member,had it shipped and my dog will not eat it. It’s high quality food. I hate to throw it out. I also have a 3.5lb bag of Pedigree small breed dry food. Call me if you can use any of this or know anyone who can. 865 286-9295. I help the homeless monthly through my church.

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