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How to Make an Impact in Your Community on Small Business Saturday

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Written by Danielle Styskal

At Nextdoor, we believe that local businesses are just as much a part of the neighborhood as the people who live there. When they do well, your community thrives, too: Data shows that for every dollar spent at small businesses in the U.S., approximately 67 cents stays local. That’s a major part of why supporting these spots and services—the cafe around the corner, the independently-owned market, the established-decades-ago auto body shop, your tried-and-true electrician—is so meaningful. 

November 30th is the 10th annual Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to celebrating and supporting the businesses that make your neighborhood special. Whether you’re a regular or a first-timer, join in the global movement of people helping their communities thrive by shopping and supporting local. 

4 easy ways you can celebrate local businesses this holiday season and all year round on Nextdoor:

  1. Help someone discover a local business you love by leaving a recommendation. 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know over any other type of advertising. That means every recommendation you leave for a business on Nextdoor helps your favorite spots and services gain credibility in your community. It makes it easier for neighbors to discover them and become loyal customers (like you!). 

    Just search for a business on Nextdoor, click the “Recommend” button on their Business Page, then share the reasons why you keep coming back.

  2. Shop Neighborhood Favorites, the most-loved businesses around. Each year, you vote for your go-to businesses and crown Neighborhood Favorites in categories like food and drink, retail, personal care, and more. See who made the list this year—and find out what they have planned for Small Business Saturday—by signing into Nextdoor and visiting nextdoor.com/favorites

    Bonus: When you’re out and about, keep an eye open for shops, restaurants, stores, and more with the green Neighborhood Favorite stickers in their windows!

  3. Post about your plans to shop and support businesses in your community. Remember those stats from before? They’re a reminder that sharing the love about local hotspots or trusted service providers can have a serious impact on their success and your local economy. That’s right; your selfie or status update on Nextdoor might be what your favorites need to achieve mainstay status. 

    While you’re ticking off your holiday shopping this year, post to the Nextdoor newsfeed to let your neighbors know about any special deals or local events you’re attending on Small Business Saturday.

  4. Think outside the (big) box and save with Local Deals, only on Nextdoor. Big-name chains aren’t the only businesses running deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Browse the Local Deals section on Nextdoor to scope promotions and discounts from spots nearby. Even online shoppers can score with Local Deals that you redeem online.

    Pro Tip: Local businesses and service providers that don’t have a storefront can create Local Deals, too, so even if they’re not technically on your shopping route, they’re still on Nextdoor.

Check out Local Deals in your neighborhood now—and all holiday season long!


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