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Neighbors Everywhere Are Taking the #ICanHelpChallenge

Written by Violetta Alaiyan

With everything going on in the world, it’s never been more important to be kind, stay connected, and help one another.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen incredible stories of neighbors stepping up to lend a helping hand. From a group of 40 neighbors in San Francisco banding together to celebrate a 4-year-old’s birthday while practicing social distancing, to a woman walking her elderly neighbor’s dog, people everywhere are volunteering to help.

That being said, there are still neighbors around the world who don’t know who to turn to when they need someone nearby. We started the #ICanHelpChallenge to make sure everyone knows they have a neighbor they can rely on.

Here are some examples of neighbors who have taken the #ICanHelpChallenge:

Our neighbors need us. Take the #ICanHelpChallenge and let others know how you can help during COVID-19. Here’s how:

⁣1. Take a selfie with a sign that says “I can help”⁣
2. Post sharing how you can help on Instagram, Twitter or the Nextdoor app with #ICanHelpChallenge and tag @Nextdoor
3. Tag 3 friends and challenge them to participate⁣

Looking for more ideas on how to help while social distancing? Read 7 Ways to Help Your Neighbors During the Coronavirus Outbreak, connect with neighbors on a COVID-19 response plan via Nextdoor Groups, and find or offer help with The Nextdoor Help Map.

To connect with your local neighborhood, please login at

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