Nextdoor and Walmart Partner to Launch “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” Program

Written by Team Nextdoor

We’ve partnered with Walmart on a new program called “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” to make it easier for neighbors across the country to help one another during COVID-19.

The “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program builds on our recently launched feature, Nextdoor Groups, that enables members to organize around a shared interest or project. With “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” Nextdoor members can now ask a neighbor for help with shopping at their local Walmart. This support network makes it easier for neighbors to connect and coordinate the pickup and delivery of groceries, medications and other essentials, completely contact-free.

If you need help or want to offer help, just go to the “Groups” tab and you will see Walmart stores in your area pinned to the top of the page. You will be prompted to share a message in the group feed to either request or offer help. You can then connect with a neighbor via the message board or direct message to work out details of the shopping trip. Additionally, the Nextdoor Help Map will now display Walmart locations, store hours, and store information. 

We are inspired by the outpouring of kindness we’ve seen on the platform and across the world, and we’re grateful for Walmart’s partnership to make this important connection between neighbors around vital services. We need each other now more than ever, and we’re proud to be a platform where people come together to ensure everyone has a neighborhood to rely on. 

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