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Celebrating National Dog Day with Nextdoor

Written by ndmulti

In honor of National Dog Day on Wednesday, August 26, we’ve created a fun infographic with the most popular dog names across America. Did your dog’s name make the list?

At Nextdoor, we believe that dogs are neighbors, too.

We hear from members everyday that dogs – and all animals – are a popular topic of discussion on Nextdoor. Whether it’s to help return a lost dog to its home, come together to save a hurt or abandoned pup, or even rally around a neighbor who may have lost their beloved pet.

In honor of National Dog Day on Wednesday, August 26, we’ve created a fun infographic with the most popular dog names across America.

Along the way, we found names that surprised us, while others delighted us, and even names that made us laugh. For example:

  1. Atlanta residents are Star Wars fans. The most popular name for Shih Tzus in the ATL is Chewie.
  2. Neighbors in Boston sure love their chocolate. The most popular name for Beagles in Beantown is Cadbury.
  3. The most common name for Labs in Las Vegas is Mulligan. Fore!

We also asked Nextdoor members from across the country to share images of their Bellas with us in honor of the nation’s top dog name – click through to see if your Bella is included!

From all of us at Nextdoor, we wish you and your four-legged friends a very happy National Dog Day!


  • I named my Chihuahua/Jack Russel Terrier Pixie because I knew she was different and I didn’t want to call her and get a ton of other dogs running up to me thinking I called them! lol

    • Our dog, Lucky, 14 years old, was given to my husband so my husband called him Lucky because he was Lucky to have a home. Our little dauchsund mix is Luci Inch y lata.

      • We just got a new dog from RAGOM and her name was Lucky because they found her in Iowa as an abandoned pup…she is perfect and we feel very Lucky to have her.

    • I have Had A Buster, Rags, Checkers, Button and still have Scooter. All have been a Shih Tzu.
      Love them all! When it is time for Scooter to pass, I will get another one. Nothing heals my heart and fills the void like getting another dog.. They are truly gifts from God!

      • We two, one a Shi Tzu, named Kipu, a Himalayan name meaning Happy and Kitsi a Himalayan name meaning Tickle, who is a Lhasa Apso. We love them, what personalities. Shi Tzus are so affectionate.

      • I feel the same way about all of our pets. We’ve had a Gingin, a poodle, Keesha, Ginger, (a Keeshond & a Cocker Spaniel) Nikki, Sheba & Bailey, all three American Eskimos, Lulu & Lucky, both lab mix rescues. Last but not least, Graydee & Lucee, a g.Shepherd mix & a beautiful black docile mix of either wolf or Husky (blue eyes) & something big. The older I get, the more the animals mean to me. I love the way they look at me & make me feel like I’m the most important person to them. I’ve had cats too but there’s nothing like a dog.

    • I almost named my mini rat terrier Pixie, because my toy fox terrier is Tinkerbelle. After looking at the rattie’s spots, her name became Minnie because she has a spot the shape of minnie mouse ears.

      • I have a Chihuahua that we adopted from the Humane Society two years ago, They were calling her Pixie, and we kept it because she is just a tiny “Pixie”, Six pounds of bouncy, wiggly, smoochey giving love.

    • I have two lab and golden mix dogs. I have Brandon who is a chocolate lab and golden retriever mix he is 5 years old. And i have Hatchi who is a black lab and golden retriever mix he is 1 year old. To me a family is not complete without a dog.

      • I once had a lab golden mix named Lily. She was the sweetest, smartest dog I ever had. She lived until she was 12 years old and that was 12 years ago. I still miss her even though I have Luke who is a yellow Lab who is 11 years old. He is layed back and nearly as smart as Lily was but I love him too.

    • I named my Chi/Jack Bitsy because she was itsy-bitsy when we found her. Now she’s 13 & still psycho!

      My first baby, a black Westie, was Max and that was long before Max was popular. Even before the Bionic Woman (her dog was Max). It’s still a great name.
      I have another black terrier/? and called her Maxie after my Max.

  • I currently HAVE a Bella, just sent a Maggie and Daisy home! I love this list! And I know a dog with every named listed, even had my own Coco for 15 years! ♥

    • We have a Shipoo named Bella and she is so sweet and spoiled. My Husband and I love her very much. We also have a Cockerpoo named Diamond and they are both awesome dogs. HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY!!!

  • Thank you for sending this cute ‘note’; I’m a cat lover but I appreciate dogs also – . . .I live with Maya, Dobie, Sammi, and occasional visitor Mickey Mouse, a Maine Coon kitty, who visits from across the street.

  • I’d like to see more dog breeds listed in the “about” section so I can actually pick my dogs proper breed.

  • Hi, My dog’s name is Cherokee Rose. She was rescued with 8 puppies way out in the country by the police while walking along side the road. The vet thinks she is a mix of border collie and grrman shepherd. I think she has a bi of chow from the way her tial curves and she only weighs 40 pounds so she’s much smaller than the other two breeds named first. I named her Cherokee Rose because she had tobe quite a hunter to keep pups fed and alive in the countryside and when bringing her home her fur has a bit of red tint to the black fur, ever so slight.So she got the indian name Cherokee and she’s as beautiful as a rose ! She as sweet smelling as some roses.

  • I got my Australian Shepherd & Chow from the Humane Society in March 2003, when she was about 9 months old. I named her Gina Lollabrigida after the beautiful Italian actress from the 1950’s. The actress is probably long gone, but my Gina is still around and making me smile every day.

      • Gina is alive and well, living in Rome, Italy. There was a segment about her a few months ago on CBS Sunday Morning. She is still gorgeous.

    • You have Gina and we have Sofia (Loren). We didn’t know Sofia when she was rescued walking lost on I-30 in Ft Worth. Now that we know her I would have chose Julia after Julia Child. Sofia cannot cook but she has become a food connoisseur. Her present favorite is arroz con pollo (rice and chicken) lightly warmed. She also loves Italian specialties as well as Tex Mex and German brats.
      She went from 7 lbs when rescued to the present 14 pounds. She is our protector and will growl at anyone or anything she feels could physically hurt us, including
      the low flying airlines over our house (:

  • What began in 2006 as a rural region email alert notification system with over 500 rural members in 4 adjoining Georgia counties was enhanced by the addition of Nextdoor Windemede with approximately 1500 members in those 4 adjoining rural counties. Law enforcement in two of those counties monitor the messages as a cooperative activity for crime prevention. Last fall (2014) at a gathering of members of our regional law enforcement agencies the neighbor members of the Windemede Email Alert System and Nextdoor Windemede were congratulated by law enforcement for having provided information during the year resulting in the apprehension of 41 criminals who had committed crimes in our region.

    • I have a chi-min pin mix found on the streets of Oakland; named her Daisy Mae. I also have a 15, almost 16 year old mini-poodle named Jackson, after Jack Nicholson.

  • I named my German shepherd Zaheer Kelev because I wanted her to have a Hebrew name. Zaheer is Vigilant in Hebrew. Kelev is dog. My last German shepherd (a male) I named Zohar Kelev (Shiny Dog) and my last female German shepherd was Shomer Kelev (Guard Dog).
    Feel free to check out Zaheer’s Facebook page – Zaheer Greenberg. It is open to the public.
    WARNING: She is gorgeous.


  • I’ve had numerous dogs, all of whom were named to match the meaning of the name. One of my most cherished dogs was named Agape’, which means “God’s Unconditional Love”. She ended up living up to her name by being my service dog, a therapy dog, and a Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Dog for Sacramento County. We lost her too soon to heat stroke. Right now we have decided our dogs would have Bible names. We have a male pit mix named Solomon and a male English Setter named Micah.

      • Skunks have been spotted on Burk Way and Burk Drive in the evening, round midnight . One mother had several babies following her on Burk Drive from the bushes. 3 dogs have been sprayed. If you borrow a trap from Del City they will come pick up the critter, If use your own trap you dispose yourself. Any suggestions?

        • I get skunks EVERY yr.had a waterline replaced that the workers didn’t fill in the hole under the porch all the way.(didn’t know til too late that yr.)my son is going to crawl under when everything dies back(flower wise)and fill it in then….I am investing in a LARGE container of Cayenne pepper,which skunks despise!I’ve already started smelling them from the parkway near by so time is closing in.:( My previous dog was sprayed over TEN times and let me tell you…That tomato juice crap is JUST that,crap!I relate to it like the water being “boiled”for a baby delivery(something to keep idol hands content.and my dogs now ….there has been one sprayed so far and hopefully no more!

      • Yes dogs are very susceptible to heat stroke because they can’t sweat so panting is their only way of cooling themselves. Here in TX we have to be very careful during the summer outside with our dogs.

    • Was your dog in a car? In the summer Sacramento and Central Valley is not the place to leave your dog in a car or on the hot asphalt.

  • I’ve had all kind of names — but all with a funny ‘y’ spelling. Started when my vet left off the last ‘y’ on Bayley and she went by Bayle. So since then I’ve had a Laydebug, Soxye, Dollye, Lucye, and now a Jazzye…but her full name has a Bella in it…Miss Jazzyebella Barrooo! The cutest beagle you will ever see! Looking for some good petsitters btw!

  • Patches Lee , Cody-Oliver, Cooper-Dooper , and Little Bear- Baby Bear Sorry people these are my cats but I do love dogs. Hope to adopt one soon!

  • We have an adorable black and white poodle named Riley. He is less than 8 lbs and smarter than me.

  • Dogs are part of our families and our neighborhood. The clinic I work at is offering free mircochip with a registration. I forget the exact cost but it is under $25. Microchips are a lifesaver if your pet should be lost. No matter where they are chipped or what brand chip, any vet, or animal control can get them home to you. Please consider microchip for your pet with their next vet visit if they are not already chipped.

    • Hi Brenda. What clinic do you work at? Do dogs need to have a visit or be clients to get microchipped? I am involved with a dog rescue group and we are always in need of dogs getting microchipped at reasonable costs.

      If your clinic works with rescue groups, we can also discuss that with your clinic. With over 20 dogs in foster homes right now we need more than one vet. 🙂


      Natalie Fernández

  • Frankly it’s surprising to me that people are proud that their pet’s name is among the most trendiest in the nation. That being said, I’m somewhat disheartened that my beagle’s name DIDN’T make the list: Unhinged Squirrel Pursuer.

  • My German Shepherd’s name is Rita, after Rita Hayworth. She’s that gorgeous

    Her full name is Rita “buddy” Cavanaugh.

  • Blaise is my black lab rescued at 4 months and now is 1 year. Full of energy and surprises. He’ll grab something of mine and run under the bed where I can’t catch him. Regardless of all the shoes I lost, clothing etc. he’s mamas baby. ?

  • I have an Old English Sheep dog….he is 7 and I love him so!!! His name is Mr. Bear!!! When we brought him home he looked like a fuzzy Bear that is how he got his name!!!

  • I have a Black Lab Mix and I named her Maggie. Back in the 70’s & 80’s I was a big Rod Stewart Fan so I named her after his song Maggie May. Maggie is also a rescue dog. She was born BO-legged and I was told she will never walk. Well after a lot of physical therapy and a lot of love she started walking when she was about 4 months old. Now she is 9 years old and you would never know she was BO-legged.
    I also have a Jack Russell Terrier, her name is Jackie after Jackie Kennedy (that did not make the list 🙁 ) But she is just as special.
    I groom a lot of dogs so I know someone that has a dog that has every name on the list. Please check out and Like my Facebook page @ tinathegroomer.

  • Quote by President Truman,
    If you want a friend in Washington get a dog…
    My dog Quinn, showed up at my office rolled over and looked deeply into my eyes. It was love at first sight.
    He is smart, funny, and really cute. He rounds out our life.

    • Sir Winston Churchill said he loved pigs because a dog will look up to you, a cat will look down on you, but a pig sees you as his equal.

  • I named by Catahoula Leopard mix “Caleb.” A biblical name, in Hebrew, Caleb means dog, as well as “bold and impetuous.” “Loyal” is another trait linked to the name as Caleb was one of 12 spies sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan. Upon their return, Caleb and Joshua were the only two out of the 12 who told Moses, “let us go and take possession, for we can overcome it.” The other 10 spies argued against trying to take the land.
    Anyway, these traits fit my hound, Caleb – very well.

  • happy national dog day!! we have a jack russell terrier named Dash.hes every bit of his name.we have 2 guard any open door!!.teaching him new tricks is quick and easy…hes sooo smart!!

  • My dog’s name is Oreo, because she a perfect mixing of white and black. She’s a terrier mix, less than 10 lbs, and is an escape artist who loves to chase the neighborhood cats. When she decides to come home, she has the biggest smile on her face, because she’s done her job!

  • I have 4 dogs. Two Lab mix and a Blu Doberman plus a Brindle Boxer. The lab mix names are Ziggy, Saylor and Dobermans name is Blu and the Brindle is Shadow….. All are good dogs,,, I just get Leary at times when the neighbors kid will come over to the fence…. I have caught him twice as if he was going to climb the fence to get in…. I know the Lab mix dogs would lick him to death but the Dobie I don’t know. His previous owner abused the dog and it has taken quite a bit of time to get the dog to settle down…. He’s calmer now but he still has a mean streak in him…
    The Brindle “Shadow” stays inside….. There are a couple of dogs that are allowed to run the streets…. The owner does not keep them inside the fence and I get very mad when the big dog they have is out and wife walks Shadow in the morning and this dog comes growling at her and the brindle….. I;ve called animal control on him but nothing has been done……

  • Let’s see, currently I have Lola, a pit bull mix I rescued, but Panther was my best friend as a child. She was a pure black chihuahua. She had a litter that produced my next best friend, Boots, who of course was all black with a pair of little white front paws!
    But my favorite name comes from my best friend who named her dog, Habib!
    Cutest little chihuahua mix you ever seen.

  • We have three Bernese Mountain Dogs……..He is like the great philosopher, Rumi and this is how he got his name….Of all three, he is the one who stands back and thinks before he acts….Next, is the famous Roxy Hart – one of the dancer’s in Chicago….Yes, Roxy can dance….and if she had been born during the 1920 – she would have made headlines….and last but not least, Ruby Tuesday – named after the song…..
    I did have someone ask once “Why did you name her after a restaurant”…….LOL

  • We rescued Gracie when she was six, and kept her name. Saving Grace! She is a chihuahua and a mini-pin mix. Sweetest dog ever.

    • That is what our boat is named! Dock Holiday. LOL

      My pups are named Dyson, Buster and Debo. Love all of those little guys!
      And I’ve had an Otis and Amos (Labrador/German Shepherd brothers)
      And Asher (Chow/Husky/Lab mix)
      And Wally (Labrador/German Shepherd mix)

  • We always choose our dogs names from the movies. My daughter has Minnie Mouse and also an Indiana Jones (nickname Indy). My Jack-Jack is named after the baby in The Incredibles because he is a ball of fire and my Herbie is a real “love bug”!

  • We have a cocker named Jack (Jackie) we got from Cocker Spaniel rescue. He’s stone deaf now. And we have two poodles from Citizens for Animal Protection. We named them Hansel and Gretel because they are brother and sister, and were lost.

  • My three-year old Fox Red Labrador is named Kaya. She is a sweet docile lab who loves to lick and curl up around our two cats Kiki and Khalesi (Game of Thrones fan at heart)!

  • My husband, Nyle & I have a sweet little doggie we named “Darcy” although we call her many endearments–Darcy May, Boopers. She is a miniature Aussie, blue merle, one blue eye & one brown.
    She loves everybody–her favorite place to be is the corner of our front lawn watching for someone to come by–she just knows they are walking by just to talk to her.
    She gives us so much–joy, love and smiles on our faces every day. Needless to say Darcy pretty much runs things around here–and that’s just fine with us.
    Kathleen & Nyle Baker

  • Don’t forget that many of your Nextdoor Neighborhoods have a “Pet Registry” established (typically under “EVENTS” with pet pictures to help identify dogs/pets in case they get lost!

  • Every day is dog day for me (and that’s a good thang)…..I’m a little crazy now, but without having a dog at my side i’d be certifiably Nuts on Steroids. Katie is here with me now (a mix), and she is preceded by Delilah, Natasha, Chico, Daisy. Anybody here that wants to sell their dog for less than a million bucks?

  • I got a chuckle out of all the attention the subject of “dog’s names” received. I wonder if the subject
    of Veterans would get the same treatment???

    • C’mon Mr. Phd. Why don’t you give it a shot if you have any doubts. You might be surprised. Your comment was a downer and I cannot help but know that you know what the differences would be and why. One is very personal and the other is just plain old conversation. Honestly!

  • I dont have any on this list. We have within our family these Scooby Doo, Nani, Alika, Stitch, and Biggie. We like really different names. My dad is crazy when it comes to pet names. 🙂

  • My girl is Athena. She came with that name from the rescue group I foster her for. Well…a few months later we decided we couldn’t part from each other. I liked the name and kept it. My boy is Max (Maximilion) named by his rescuer, my neighbor. We kept that name too. 🙂 My last few fosters I have named Honey, Mia and Kayla. Kayla is still with me while looking for a permanent home.

  • Our beautiful Bella 14 years ,black schnauzer just said goodbye and waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge with several others we have loved and loss. Now we still have Gypsy,11 years, very sweet salt and pepper schnauzer, and Max 15 years a terrier mix rescued as a puppy, now deaf and poor sight ,so very lovable. Just have a new member of family, Daisy ,a 2 year old salt & pepper schnauzer. She was a show dog but enjoyed being happy more and we were lucky to be chosen as parents. Giving lots of love during the adjusting stage! Happy National Dog Day, may we pray that all dogs that need a home find one!

  • I have 4 dogs. 3 are Pekinese/Dachshund mix. Their names are Prince (daddy)we saved from going to the pound went out for a xmas tree came back with dogs. Kilo(Prince’s son )because he was the heaviest pup. Twitch(Prince’s daughter) because she was runt and she would twitch when she was little. Then there is our Beagle Eve who we found on Christmas Eve. She was roaming the streets starving and scared. So we took her home gave her food and love now she is fat and happy.

  • I have a Texas Blue Lacy. They are the state dog of Texas so her registered name is “Spirit of Texas” and of course we call her Spirit which fits perfectly because she is very spirited. She is probably the best dog I’ve ever had except she takes a while to warm up to strangers and can be intimidating to guests.
    My husband is required to throw the ball for her at least 15 minutes (he uses a ball thrower so it’s an all out sprint for about 75-100 yards/throw) each evening and then once her energy is burned off she loves to snuggle on the couch the rest of the evening. She has the most amazing expressions (she’s the queen of cocking her head to the side like “huh? did you say play?” or grinning or giving the “it’s suppertime” stare) and is a flat out gorgeous dog. Many people don’t know about Blue Lacys even here in TX so I always make sure I tell them that while they are a great dog to have: short slick hair, a nice size (about 40lbs) and beautiful you need to make sure you can provide enough exercise because they were bred originally to work on a ranch working cattle and blood trailing wounded game.

  • My sweet boxer mix is named Brock for wrestler Brock Lesnar. My boys loves to wrestle with him and so it stuck!

  • Our Boston Terrier’s name is Brock… named after the WWE wrestler, Brock Lesner… our son told us he needed a Macho name lol!… Btw, his middle name is Lee…

  • Hi there, I’m J.R and got my first dog almost 10 years ago. She is a white Aussie mix and named her Audrey Rose. She is the whole reason I became a Dog Trainer. At 10 she still looks and acts like she’s only 4. She was a puller, jumper and just wouldn’t listen to me. Because of her sensitive stomach I couldn’t use treats so with proper leadership and affection praise rewards she has become an amazing well behave dog I can take anywhere. If you want a well behaved dog with manners, I can help you!

    “Real World” Dog Training this Thursday evening at 6:00 pm in Fullerton! If you missed out on last Saturday’s INTRO class, we’re doing it again!

    Come on out for a really Fun Dog Training class for only $30.00!!
    “INTRO” to Street Safety is powerful, unique and results oriented.

    If you have a digger, barker, jump on me dog or a pull me down the street dog, then this training is for you! Be the Alpha of your household and teach your dog to have manners.

    Come join us for 2 hours of FUN and Learning this Thursday, August 27 at 6:00 pm in Fullerton. Space is limited to 10 dogs.
    Don’t delay and reserve your spot today.

  • We have 2 Jack Russell Terriers. The oldest and male is Jake and our little girl is Danica. Yes it’s after Danica Patrick! After we saw her we were trying to come up with a name. A commercial for the Daytona 500 came on TV and I said Daytona would be a good name. Then I thought of Danica and it was all over. Our JRT is a tough little girl and very beautiful, just like her namesake. To cap it off the breeders name is Danny so it was a done deal. Jake was much easier, my husband always loved the name and couldn’t wait to name a male pet Jake.

  • I have two boxers, Zeus and Sophie. By the way Zeus’ official AKC name is Wookie Zeus of Kashyyk (shout out to Star Wars! And to his father and mother: Luke and Chewie, his name couldn’t be helped). Sophie is just a Sophie. 🙂 BTW – looking for boxer number 3! They are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

  • Our dog is a mixed breed, beagle/basset and her name is Stella.She is approx 5 years old and she is named after a good Belgian Beer. She is very friendly and likes to be petted, you can see her often walking with my husband Theo around the neighborhood.

  • My Pugs are Maudie (from a rescue) and Sammy! I think Sammy is deaf because every time I call him, he ignores me! He will finally come when he is on his leash and when he finally feels like it. lol. I still love him to death though. Maudie is wonderful! 🙂

  • Our female dog (Jay/J. Lo) who just turned 13yrs. old this month, Aug. 2015!
    She’s a little Jack-Russell/Rat-Terrier mix, adorable & loving!!

  • We have two loving dogs:

    Stonewall Jackson (“Stoney”) so named because we acquired the Jack Russell Papillon in Wilderness Virginia, where General Stonewall Jackson lost his arm; and

    Winston Churchill (“Winnie”), a dachound-Jack Russell named after the one and only WC.

  • When we named our new baby Rottweiler Bella, we had no idea that so many other dog parents also chose to christen their beautiful pups with that name! Every loving dog out there is bella (beautiful) in its own way.

  • I have a litter of Chihuahuas named I Luv Lucy and Ricky Retardo. I also have one colored like a Rott so his name is RottnWiler

  • Our 16 month old Husky/Lab mix, who has one blue eye and one brown, is named after the Joker’s girlfriend HarleeQuinn.

  • We have three boxers, Sky and her kids, Emma and Duke. We also have a doxie named Sophie. My son has a chiweiner named Lilly.

  • In January a pit bull came to my house and announced she was going to live with us. When I took her to the vet to see if she had a chip (she had no collar) the tech there gushed at her “Oh you are so beautiful and you look just like an Amelia”! So she immediately became Amelia. And no, she did not have a chip, but now she is member of our family–my husband Bill and two rescue cats, Corkey and Grayson and we all live happily together.

  • I have a black pug. We named him Yoda. He looks just like Yoda. I love him dearly, he is getting old now and probably won’t be around much longer.

  • We have a 2yr. old black lab named Raisin. She’s very, very smart, sweet and loving! She does not have a commom name. We rescued her as a 3-month old puppy, and that was the name given to her by the shelter. I wasn’t sure about the name Raisin, but my husband, daughter and all the neighbors loved it, so it stuck. We love our sweet Raisin!!! ??

  • WE have a 11 1/2 years old Rotty…her name is Danka.Sweetest dog we have every had and we have had many. She is my daughter’s dog, but is the family’s pet. Well trained and a happy girl for that old.

    We will miss her greatly when the time comes. Dr.Y says maybe a year longer, but we will show him. HAHA

  • We have a Westie, his name is Tissue, he is white (of course with such name) and very charm, normally this breed has short tail, but this one has a long one.

  • We have a Japanese Spitz and her name is Yuki Mari.
    We also have a Border Collie Mix and her name is: Hachi.

  • I grew up with a black lab named Judy. Later we got Tinker bell, Bambi (a weimaraner) then, Daisy. Now I’m looking for another , ‘mut’. My grandmother had a Doberman called Trena, and my mother , growing up, had a German Short Hair called Sammy. There was a newspaper article eons ago about Sammy, because he would go to the mom and pop store and get, on his own can of Cal can dog food ONLY!

  • I have a feeling my rescue pup’s name will never show up on such a list. At least, not in the USA. His name is Chandak, which is Hindi / Sanskrit. It’s a boy’s name that means ‘moonlight’.

  • My 2 current are JUJU and MISTER/ skittles, I have had a Tiny, U, Bear, Silk, Pepper, DW, Little, BB, BB2, Little Man, Yahtze, Popcorn, Princess, Lil Daddy, Tucker, Lil Mamma, and Angel multi of dogs breeds though-LOVE them all!

    • My first dog ever (always had a black cat) was a pink Poodle named Tammy. Didn’t know what it was at 6 wks. old but Granny found it in OKC and thought it was dirty and dyed it pink and named her Tammy. Turned out, I brought Tammy home to Shreveport and had her for 17 years and then a silver Poodle, Covette, then got Cricket, my white Maltese who now have all passed. These two were well trained but I do not have a fenced yard and hard for me to train a new dog which I would love to have another one. My son has 2 Spaniels only 8 doors down on Audubon Place. A white poodle has normal champagne markings that my grandmother thought looked dirty so dye her pink.

  • I have a Haliquin Great Dane, we call her “Lilly Lu”. Her compleat registered name is “Lilly Lu May Ilean”. If you have ever had or know someone how has a Great Dane you will undstand the meaning.??

  • The first dog we got when we got out of grad school was a chocolate miniature poodle that we named Cocoa. She died unexpectedly from parvo at 4. So we bought two chocolate miniature poodles that we named Mocha and Chocolat. Mocha was my favorite, and I was in the hospital for two months. The doc’s wife was the head nurse of OBGYN, and she allowed us to sneak Mocha into the hospital to visit me. Oh, how that lifted my spirits. When our daughter was eight, we had a home invasion so we bought Winnie the Weimaraner as an outside dog. She was as sweet as can be, but she scared people. When those three dogs died, we decided to go into do breeding and showing of dogs. We researched Westminster winners, decided we wanted a black standard poodle, found a breeder in Seattle, and she was flown into Atlanta. Hubby named her Pepper because it just fit her “peppery” personality. We loved our other dogs very much (especially the Weim), but Pepper is the best dog we’ve ever had. She is so smart and sweet and loving. BTW when we found out how much work having a show dog is, we decided against that. We just adore our sweet Pepper.

  • We have 2 Australian terriers. One named Mathilda (for Waltzing Mathilda), the other Olivia ( for Olivia Newton John – popular Australian singer.

  • The best name we ever gave to a dog was Phoenix. She was at our local animal shelter, and was due to be euthanized the day after we adopted her. So we felt like the name Phoenix described her perfectly – “rising up from the ashes.” And she was also the best dog ever!

  • We have a 14 year old border collie mix. Her name is Lucy, which means light. She is the best creature God ever created.

  • We have Kora Tula Mae and Sadie Mae Jones. We used to have Frankie and Moe Moe until they passed away a couple of years ago, just months apart. ;-(
    We also have a little scruffy mutt named Courage.
    Don’t forget to spay and neuter your little darlins’ because overpopulation is out of control. Consider fostering or adopting an animal from a ‘shelter.’ Shelter dogs are great dogs and so deserving and they are forever grateful.

  • I have a spoiled-rotten designer dog named, “Cuddles”! She’s smart and has me very well trained (or as the saying goes, “Has me wrapped around her paws”! Cuddles is half poodle and cocker spaniel – a cockerpoo!

    Cockerpoos (and I’m not saying this because of Cuddles) are one of the most intelligent dogs around. They are also non-allergenic. If you purchase one, be prepared to have your life change for the better!

    Happy National Dog Day!

  • We had three Dalmatians, they were litter mates two females and one male. Portia, Pandora, and Pantheus. Great dogs!!! Miss them all very much…Currently have two Border Collie Aussie Shep mixes (brothers) named Ruger and Winchester. Smart as whips and wonderful guard dogs!

  • Our rescue cocker is a full-time RV-er these days. When we got him, he was eight – ten months old and covered with well over one hundred ticks and fleas. He was very thin, even for a puppy, and he looked so defeated. And smart.

    A year earlier, my husband and I were looking up at the stars, and Mike saw a cluster that just had to have a constellation name. He asked me what it was, and it was one of the few I knew. “That’s Orion.” Mike asked, “Then where’s O’Malley?” When we got our poor little pup, we named him after the Irish constellation that exists in no other form than as a beautiful male cocker, our O’M.

  • Growing up my Beagle’s name was Maggie and before that I had a Missy which I see didn’t make the list. Currently I have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Molly (number 7) and Cambridge (I am willing to bet he may be one of a handful if not the only one in the country) he was named after the Cambridge diet and his brother was Scarsdale and sisters are Jenney Craig and South Beach.

  • So glad our dogs are not on this list. Leeloo and Minai are very special dogs (mini Australian Shepherds) and it would be a shame if they had common names. 🙂

  • We have a border collie rescue mix named Sadie – so she made the top 10! We named her Sadie because we had a purebred border collie over 40 years ago when we were first married, and we loved her so much we wanted to name this girl Sadie too, in her memory.

  • Our faithful and sweet Ginger (Rhodesian Ridgeback) left us in 2011, after 12.5 years of love and being loved. We now enjoy pup-sitting our grand-dog, Ripley, who is an equally precious Lab/Doberman mix.

  • None of the dogs in my life names are on here: Tilly (1972-1986), Ruby Jeann (1994-2011), Prudence (2008-_____) and Hazel (2011-___). I like our originality!

  • We have a long haired mini dachshund, his name is Sampson and we’ve have the pleasure of being his parents for the past 16 years. He still runs around like he is a puppy. Love him to pieces. We’re in Waterbury, CT.

  • My beautiful dog Scootie passed away three month ago he was named after my golden retriever Scooter who was named from the previous owner who joined the household with Nemo the black Chow and before then I had Sam the Lab and Champ a mix Cocker

  • I’d like to see the list of names that made them laugh. I have 3 beagles and they all have names that I don’t hear anyone else call their dogs: Snickers, Roscoe and their son Dragon :0)

  • Sky, my black Labrador Retriever is my best friend and his best friend is Rio, a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog who’s dad is Patrick. Rio and Sky can play till they drop and are true buddies.

  • I’ve had Japanese Chins for some years…Nikko-san, Hikaru-san, Ruphino, Sachi, Kisho, (and like so many…Bella)…to name a few… Wonderful dogs. But then all dogs are wonderful! Fun to see the comments.

  • I have a Yorkie. She is 15 years and 2 months old. She is the love of our life. Her name is Fifi Mylady. She came with the name Phoebe Mylady. We didn’t care for that name and in “baby talking” to her the name Fifi came out. LOL Our baby before that was a West Highland White Terrier named Wesley.

  • Usually don’t write on much, but how can you not when it comes to a humans best friend. My name are based on people because these are our best friends. My last 80+pound shaggy dog was named DAVE and he was the happiest dog you ever met. Hardest thing you ever have to do is put down your best friend. I now have a catahoulla/Doberman named Suzy. She is a rescue who is scared of new people but loves the ones she know. Rescue dog of course. Now I have a Border collie that I rescued who was named Oden but that quickly became BOB. Loving and OCD of course. Unusual names but easy to holler out the door. Can’t imagine life without our dogs and our children. Rich

  • We have two adorable Poms. One is named Sampson and the other is named Sonic. Sampson has a beautiful cream colored coat (came to us with that name but very appropriate) and we named Sonic
    Sonic because he looked like Sonic the hedgehog when we got him. Very sweet and non-yappy dogs.

  • We have 2 little girls, Chelsey is a minpin,wirehair terrier she is 7 and Is Granddads baby and I have a chiweenie, her name is Jelly Bean and she is 3. They are both rescue puppies, Chelsey was named in the SPCA by a little boy, while we were filling out papers and he said she just looked like a Chelsey…so. “Bean” got her name, because she was so little that she looked just like a black jelly bean !

  • Happy National Dog Day to all our canine family. We have 3 (2 rescue); Jack Russell (Trixie); a Pug (Tank) and our Little Billy (mixed everything). 2 have special needs (Billy has epilepsy and Trixie, our Senior Queen with diabetes; pancreatitis and Cushings). All are well cared for and thriving.

    I invite all of you to visit a website that I have grown very fond of, OLD FRIENDS SENIOR DOG SANCTUARY. Although located in Tennessee and out of range for us to foster, they post pictures every evening of their lovely brood. If you want to feel good, do visit their site!

  • Years ago I adopted a 2-year old German Shepard from the Humane Society and the name he came with was “Sarge” so he kept the name because it fit him.
    No dogs in our household but I enjoy reading the posts here. Some of the names are so clever. (Cat lovers will have their day on October 29th this year so just wait your turn.)

  • My Pointer Shar Pei rescue is named Botox….she had so many wrinkles as a baby that when we first saw her I commented that she needed a shot of Botox. We got her shortly after our Shepherd,Bacchus, passed on. Over the years I’ve had, Kema a Siberian husky, whimpy, a pekinese, Bear, an Irish Setter, and Tubo a Shepherd mix as well. I will ALWAYS have a dog…

  • I named one dog “Mooney” after my favorite airplane, another “Blackie” because it took 3 weeks to get her to come to us and didn’t know it’s gender so the name was adaptable, then “Sig Sauer” after the secret service guns but xall him “Siggy” because he’s too scared to be a Sig hahaha

  • We have a rescue dog named BOBBY BOUCHER – if you don’t know the name, we don’t have time to tell you! We love and appreciate all responsible pet owners

    • One other item of note–because we retrieved her from Second Chance companions, she was unable to be a mother, and we knew she had amazing motherly instincts. Last year we rescued a kitten from an abusive household–and Natalie immediately took to her, they were sleeping in her bed together the very next day! Now 18 months later–the relationship has become one of a mother and her teen daughter. Nattie is always getting after Skiddy Kitty. So funny!

  • My Chihuahua’s names are khlo’ee, Tinkerbell, izzabella, miisha. Happy national dog day. Mama loves you.

  • Hi, we have a black lab and his name is Jake, Jacob when he’s in trouble or being funny! You may have seen him in our yard or the occasional plains area when he would get loose! By now I think most of my neighbors know him and know where to bring him back, he is NOT aggressive at all, in fact, he’s everybody’s best friend and loves attention!

  • We rescued a pit bull named Marceline through Bruno the Companion. She’s a sweeheart of a dog & the trainer Heather we met thru the agency is too!

  • Ever since I first laid eyes on one, my dream canine to have was an Afghan Hound. It wasn’t until about 25 years ago that I spotted one in the classified ads of a local paper. It was from a rescue group and he only cost $100, (to help defray expenses). He came with a common name of ‘King’, which we kept. I can tell, with 1st hand experience, that these dogs are not dumb or stupid, by any stretch. The people who say this obviously don’t know anything about ‘reading’ animals and that you have to get to know an animal before judging their intelligence. But that’s another story. King’s favorite game was to chase my cats around the yard until they ran up the tree, he’d then bark out, “OK, that was fun, let’s do it again.” They would and the game would start over again. The other great thing about these large dogs is that they make perfect apartment dogs, as long as they are walked at least once a day, when indoors they are content to just to be around the family. Wish I could find another deal like this great big boy was.

  • We named our dog “Zuri” it’s Swahili meaning “Beautiful Girl” shes a “Keeskimo” (Keeshond + American Eskimo)

  • Our first dog was Isabel Chloe Joy, and she was a Border Collie/Shepherd cross. She lived to age 18, much to everyone’s delight. Her mom was a pure BC, with papers tracing back to the UK, and dad was whatever wandered into the neighborhood at the right time.
    Her adopted brother is Peter Elliot MacIntosh, a BC/Rough Collie mix (think Lassie) is still with us, at age 14.

  • The protector of our home here in Riverside, CA is Zoey Boxer. She is a rescue from Las Vegas, Nevada. We adopted her from a wonderful place called Adopt A Rescue Pet. WE LOVE OUR BOXER!!

  • We were lucky enough to have Buckley (lab mix) for 15 1/2 years…..Great friend and not a mean bone in him. We will get another when the time is right. We have our cat Uncle Brian who is strange but love him!

  • I have a Weimaraner named Ashura.
    A shit zu named Cody, a terrier ( adopted stray) named Molly. And a peekapom named Oliver (Ollie).

  • We have an 8 year old Australian Cattle dog. Her name started out as Roxanne, but quickly morphed into Roxy, (Even though her Mom was named Roxy, that name just seemed to stick for her!)
    Her name has various permutations now… Roxy Anne Lee, Roxy Lee, Lee, & Roxy Doodle.
    Our neighbor has a Jack Russell Terrier mix and his name is Jango. They are best buds.
    When they are together I call them Dr. J and Roxy D, the new doggie rap group in the ‘hood’!

  • I have a 10.5 yr old s/p mini Schnauzer named Hilde, because that is what she answered to. A 5 yr old Schnoodle who’s name is Fritz. Both rescue puppies. Then we have a Welsh Terrier, Stewart, that is what the breeder named him. I would love to have another Schnauzer! Hilde is my baby and I don’t think I have ever had a dog I’ve loved so much!!!! She’s perfect in every way. None of their names are on the list.

  • I have had a Chaka Khan, and an Udo…!

    Our dogs now are a Boxer named Deacon and American Bulldog name Jenny.


  • My 9–pound Maltese was an accidental rescue. I named him Foster to remind myself that I was only going to foster him. Two years later it’s clear he’s family, but changing his name to “Permanent” just didn’t have the same panache. I am still not convinced he’s a real dog, but he’s a very special critter.

  • What a cute post. Yeah I’m in metro Atlanta and I have a Shih tzu named Chewie. Catch phrase is…”Chewie, we’re home”.

  • My dog has a very unique name, 99, because that was her number at the Humane Society where we found her. When we went to visit they would announce “bring up animal 99”, she is so cute and mischievous that I named her 99 after the Get Smart spy character! We call her 9 or niner and people always ask how she got her name.

  • We had a German Shepherd named Heidi, an Australian Shepherd/Cattle dog cross named Sadie…still miss them very much! Now we have a dachshund, Scooter, who is a wonderful, sweet and spoiled little dog!

  • We had Bitsy who lived to be 15, Suzee who made it to 13,mother and daughter Yorkies. We now have Winnie the beagle. She is almost 6months.

  • We have the sweetest Shi Tzu mix — his name is Tashi. That’s a Tibetan name, as Shi Tzu’s were known to have been valued by Buddhist monks, and served as lookouts for the hilltop monasteries.

    He is the light of our lives. The 2nd light is our cat, Koko (short for Kokopelli – we lived in New Mexico once upon a time). Hooray for Nat’l Dog Month! Hooray for Tashi and all dogs everywhere! All dogs go to heaven. Who loves you, baby?

  • My recent rescue is a Chihuahua mix, Lucy. My own first was Leona who I named after Leon who helped me pick her at the shelter spcaLA. He has since passed. And my dachshund, Fraeulein Schatzie, along with a bunch of others; beautiful Arabelle, Ginger, Princess, Shadow and her girls Cinders, Midnight, and then Samantha and Tabatha. I look forward to seeing them all again in heaven for big hugs and kisses.

  • I am a member of a no-kill animal rescue. Sometimes my foster are hard to let go of. My current foster/adoptees are Bailey, Priscilla & Roscoe. I also had the blessings of LIn Shao, Gigi, Ashley and Puddles. All are/were such blessings to my life.

  • We had a sweet, loyal Dachshund named Weenie Boy who I rescued after seeing him be hit by a van after running loose across a busy street (no one claimed him). He recovered and gave us many years of joy and laughter. He passed away last February at the age of 15. We still have our 20 year old Shih Tzu named Nicky, after my daughters’ Grandpa Nick. Our Nicky is a precious sweetheart and we love him dearly.

  • Growing up i had Rusty(Golden Ret.), Magnolia( pure white german shepard), Chris(beagle given to me on Christmas Day), Annie,Drew and Melissa(all Shelties and their given name prior to our home).
    The most recent and the last 3 I had all passed within 17 months—march 1’14, nov.1’14, and Aug. 5’15… and they were Berta( Rott./lab mixed.. massive heart attack at age 14…. Monica(Chih/terrier?? mixed… cancer at age around 8 and the last one was Leo(Shi Tzu.. old age at 17) the last 6 were all rescued. I, also, rescued a white lab who has since moved to a forever home and I named her Daisy….she was as pretty as a daisy. I missed them all (and my many cats, too, Peppermint, Panda Dominoe and Butterfly to name a few). For the first time since ’92(briefly), I am pet free! who knows how long that will be!! Happy Dog Day, everyone, and give them your biggest hug for me!!

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