Nextdoor Welcomes the San Antonio Express-News

Written by Jen Burke

Today, we’re excited to welcome the San Antonio Express-News to Nextdoor.

This partnership will now enable the conversation around news in San Antonio to be more local than ever. After launching our first broadcast station in Houston, today’s announcement adds another well-respected Texas news publication to Nextdoor, and we’re excited about the value it will bring to Nextdoor members in San Antonio.

The San Antonio Express-News has been the voice of South Texas since 1865 and provides news and information to a community of more than one million residents. It is dedicated to delivering the news that matters most to San Antonio, from mom and pop businesses to the global economy, from military homecomings to foreign affairs, and from neighborhood topics of interest to international disasters.

Since Nextdoor members discuss the topics – and news – that matter most to them on Nextdoor, it was a natural fit to partner with the San Antonio Express-News. The San Antonio Express-News was actually the first news organization to begin piloting Nextdoor for local news, and we’re excited to officially welcome them as one of our select news partners today.

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The San Antonio Express-News’ page on Nextdoor.

Since our initial discussions began in late 2016, the San Antonio Express-News has been testing Nextdoor in various areas of the city, and recently expanded its reach to deliver hyperlocal stories to nearly 2,000 San Antonio neighborhoods.

Like other news partners, San Antonio Express-News stories will appear in Nextdoor newsfeeds across San Antonio, as well as members’ Daily Digests. Express-News’ editorial team can see and respond to replies to their posts; however, the rest of the neighborhood conversations remain private for the verified members of each community.

The San Antonio Express-News will share inspiring stories that spark important local conversations, encouraging neighbors to continue discussing the topics that matter most to their communities.

San Antonio Express-News, welcome to Nextdoor!

If you’re a news organization interested in joining Nextdoor, please contact us here.

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