Did Your Pet’s Name Make the List? The Most Popular Pet Names in America Are…

Written by Anne Dreshfield

In celebration of National Pet Week this week, we’re honoring some of the most beloved neighbors on the block: our pets!

From helping save a pooch with a jar stuck on his head, catching a roaming rooster, or helping return a wayward toucan safely home, neighbors have used Nextdoor to save, help, and celebrate pets in thousands of neighborhoods across the country.

This week, we’re joining them in celebrating our furry friends. We took a look at America’s favorite pet names from across the United States, using aggregate data provided by Nextdoor members in their profiles. So, did your pet’s name make the list of of the most popular pet names in America? Find out below.

To download this infographic, click here.

Bella reigns supreme this year as the most popular pet name in the country. Lucy and Max follow closely, with Bailey, Molly, and Buddy making the list. When broken down by pet type, Bella wins the top spot for both cats and dogs, but the results differ from there. For birds, Kiwi makes the top of the list. Thumper is the most popular name for rabbits. For hamsters, Oreo is the favorite. And, not surprisingly, Nemo is at the top of the list for fish!

Interested in finding out the top pet names in your city? Contact us here.

And don’t forget: we’ve just launched a new Pet Directory specifically designed for pet owners. When you sign up for the Nextdoor Pet Directory, you’ll connect with other pet lovers in your neighborhood and learn about the pets near you.

petdirectory-landingOnce a pet is added to the Nextdoor Pet Directory, the information is shared with members in the community so neighbors can recognize the pets in their neighborhood and be better equipped to help them in times of need. Pet owners can now have peace of mind knowing neighbors who find a lost pet can scroll through the Nextdoor Pet Directory and contact the owner directly through Nextdoor.

Want to add your pet to the Nextdoor Pet Directory? Simply sign in to your Nextdoor account and click on the Pet Directory icon in the left-hand navigation.

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