Nextdoor Celebrates Two Years of Connecting Neighbors in San José; Partners with the City of Richmond

Today, Nextdoor celebrated an important milestone with the City of San José. Two years ago, we partnered with the City to improve citywide and neighbor-to-neighbor communications. Now, a total of six city agencies, including the Mayor’s Office, the Police Department, the Fire Department, Parks and Recreation, the Department of Emergency Services, and all 10 city council districts use Nextdoor to share important information with residents.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.03.02 PMFrom left: Nextdoor Head of Communications Kelsey Grady, Nextdoor Co-Founder Sarah Leary, San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, Shane Patrick Connolly with District 10, and Nextdoor San Jose member Andrew Lloyd

Since the partnership launched two years ago, adoption of Nextdoor in San José has risen dramatically. More than 360 neighborhoods, representing 84% of the City of San José, have launched Nextdoor websites, and membership has increased more than 900%!

To mark the anniversary and the progress that has been made, Mayor Chuck Reed and District 8 Councilmember Rose Herrera presented a proclamation to Nextdoor at the City Council Meeting.

We are honored to play a small role in helping the City of San José connect with its residents.

Nextdoor Announcement Richmond

From left: Richmond resident Ames Russell, Nextdoor Senior City Strategist Joseph Porcelli, Mayor Jones, Chief Tarasovic, and Andreas Addison celebrate the announcement.

The Richmond Police Department is taking crime-fighting high-tech! This morning, in a press conference led by Mayor Jones and Chief Tarasovic, the Richmond Police Department announced their partnership with Nextdoor to help improve citywide and neighbor-to-neighbor communications, as well as help implement virtual neighborhood watch.

Now, the Police Department can post crime and safety updates, event details, and other hyperlocal information to more than 50 Richmond neighborhoods already using Nextdoor.

The Richmond Police Department is the first government agency in the greater Richmond area to partner with Nextdoor. They join other innovative cities in Virginia, including Virginia Beach, Front Royal, and James City County, who are also using Nextdoor to help build stronger and safer communities to call home.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Richmond!

Interested in connecting with your local government on Nextdoor? Contact us here.

Nextdoor Partners with the Emerald City and Celebrates One Year with St. Louis!

The Nextdoor team is excited to welcome a new partner to the Nextdoor neighborhood and celebrate the anniversary of another successful partnership!

On Wednesday, Nextdoor’s Director of Partnerships, Jeremie Beebe, was in Seattle to kick-off our partnership with the City of Seattle and the Seattle Police Department.


In a city where more than 97% of the neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor, the partnership with the City and the Police Department will enable residents to communicate directly with their city officials.

The police department plans to use Nextdoor to share everything from crime trends and blotter articles to community policing microplans.

“Nextdoor is unique because, when neighbors connect online, they are more likely to meet in person after connecting on Nextdoor than when they use other social networks,” said Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. “And as we know, one of the best ways to improve public safety is to know your neighbors.”

Welcome to the neighborhood, Seattle!

We also celebrated the one year anniversary of our partnership with the City of St. Louis this week! To commemorate last year’s launch, St. Louis President of the Board of Aldermen Lewis Reed held an awards ceremony to recognize St. Louis neighborhoods, ‘Nextdoor Heroes,’ and city employees for their outstanding commitment to building stronger and safer neighborhoods with the help of Nextdoor.

The event was held at the historic Cabanne House in Forest Park and more than 100 Nextdoor St. Louis members were in attendance to accept awards and show their appreciation for their neighbors, the City, and Nextdoor.


Jeremie attended the event to share in the celebration and discuss the success of the partnership. Over the past year, there has been a 160 percent increase in membership, participation amongst St. Louis residents has nearly tripled, and content contribution has nearly doubled. The City has actively shared more than 1,500 informative posts and updates with members.

President Reed and Jeremie recognized more than 40 neighborhoods, ‘Nextdoor Heroes,’ and city employees during the event. Jeremie also presented President Reed with a letter of recognition from Nextdoor’s Co-Founder and CEO, Nirav Tolia, commending him for all he has done to help bring Nextdoor to neighborhoods across St. Louis.

We are honored to have been a part of such a wonderful evening that highlighted the amazing things that can happen when communities combine the power of technology with the power of connected neighbors.

We are grateful to President Reed and the City of St. Louis for the opportunity to play a small role in helping make St. Louis an even better place to call home.

We look forward to all that is to come for Nextdoor in both St. Louis and Seattle!

Halloween Just Got Sweeter: Nextdoor’s Treat Map is Back!


By popular demand from candy lovers and parents alike, Nextdoor’s Treat Map is back for another year of tricks and treats!

Halloween is the perfect time to head out into the neighborhood and celebrate with neighbors, whether it’s with an incredible haunted house or king-sized candy bars.

To honor one of the most neighborly holidays of the year, Nextdoor is launching the Halloween Treat Map for the second year in a row to give Nextdoor members an insider’s guide to the best streets for treats in your neighborhood.

Nextdoor’s Halloween Treat Map lets you mark your home with a candy corn icon to let your neighbors know you will be giving out candy. We’re taking the guesswork out of Halloween to ensure you find the best, most convenient route possible for your trick-or-treaters, whether you’re on your computer or headed out into the neighborhood with Nextdoor for iPhone and Android.


And new this year: haunted houses! If you’re turning your home into a haunted house, you can mark it on the map so neighbors can plot the scariest route around the neighborhood.


Follow these simple steps to use the Treat Map:

  1. Nextdoor members can sign in to their account. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up and verify your address to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun:
  2. Once signed in, visit your neighborhood map. You will be given the choice to add a candy corn or haunted house on top of your home. If you live in or plan to visit a multi-tenant building, just click on the parcel to see the details of who will be participating in that building.
  3. Encourage your neighbors and friends to place the appropriate icon on the map so you’ll know exactly who is handing out candy or hosting a haunted house.

From all of us at Nextdoor, we hope you have a very happy and safe Halloween. Enjoy the treats!

Nextdoor Opens Its Doors to Local Public Agencies Across the Country

September has been an exciting month at Nextdoor. Last Sunday, we celebrated National Good Neighbor Day. This Tuesday, on the National PrepareAthon! Day of Action, we took a big step towards bringing Nextdoor to all municipalities across the country with the launch of Nextdoor for Public Agencies.

Early on, Nextdoor was originally exclusively focused on helping neighbors connect and communicate about local issues. Soon after, neighbors naturally began to see Nextdoor as the lifeline to their neighborhoods to discuss crime and safety concerns. It’s not surprising that residents started requesting local agencies to join the conversation and that local agencies would find this valuable as well. They realized that together they could use Nextdoor to build stronger, safer cities.

Over the past two years, we have been working with select local public agencies to understand their unique needs and challenges. Based on that feedback, we built a world-class service to help agencies easily connect with residents and give Nextdoor members a lifeline beyond their neighborhoods, into their local community.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.35.10 PM

With this week’s announcement, Nextdoor for Public Agencies provides agencies in any U.S. city or county an online sign-up with agency verification and easy set-up. It is immediately available to public safety agencies including police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire departments/EMS, and departments of emergency management.

This week, we were excited to welcome dozens of new agencies to Nextdoor for Public Agencies, including:

  • Jacksboro Police Department – Jacksboro, TX
  • Piqua Police Department – Piqua, OH
  • Goffstown Police Department – Goffstown, NH
  • The Colony Police Department – The Colony, TX
  • Mount Pleasant Police Department – Mount Pleasant, SC
  • Dayton Police Department – Dayton, MN
  • Seminole County Sheriff’s Office – Sanford, FL
  • City of Olathe Fire Department – Olathe, KS
  • Redwood City Police Department – Redwood City, CA
  • Avon Police Department – Avon, CO
  • Scarborough Maine Police Department – Scarborough, ME

Nextdoor for Public Agencies gives us the unique opportunity to provide a two-way line of communication between residents and public agencies unlike anything that has existed before. We believe the future of local communication – whether that’s neighbor-to-neighbor or agency-to-community – will take place on Nextdoor.

If your public agency is interested in joining Nextdoor, you can visit to get started.

Announcing Nextdoor’s Good Neighbor Award Winners

In honor of National Good Neighbor Day on September 28th, we asked neighbors from across the country to recognize and say thank you to the people who give back to their local community, in ways both big and small. During the month of September, nominations for Nextdoor’s Good Neighbor Awards poured in from passionate neighbors who had incredible stories to tell.

It was difficult, but last week we managed to narrow down the hundreds of submissions to our finalists. We asked each finalist to help spread the word with friends, family, and neighbors, and asked for the Nextdoor community to vote for the first Nextdoor Good Neighbor Awards. The results are in and we are pleased to announce our first annual Good Neighbor Award winners!

Nextdoor’s Good Neighbor Award goes to:

img_4147 (1)

Clancy Harrison, Dallas, PA - Clancy Harrison has been described as an incredibly busy mother of two who dedicates her free time to helping others in the community. From raising thousands of dollars in donations for a foster child to feeding 70 + families a week through a local food bank, Clancy has positively impacted those who live around her. This past summer, she organized a weekly class to teach young children about healthy eating, giving them fresh produce and simple, healthy recipes for them to take home.

Clancy will receive $1,000, as well as a matching donation from Nextdoor to a charity of her choice.

The Runners-Up for the Good Neighbor Awards are:

Tim Sigle (Palm Springs, CA) - Neighbor Extraordinaire Several of Tim Sigle's neighbors wrote in, describing his tireless efforts to connect their neighborhood and keep the community safe. From helping to organize pet adoption drives, to planning community block parties, and even stopping burglars in the act when he spotted them breaking into his neighbor's home, Tim has been described as the kind of neighbor that "every neighborhood needs."

Tim Sigle, Palm Springs, CA – Several of Tim’s Sigle’s neighbors wrote in to nominate him, describing his tireless efforts to connect their neighborhood and keep the community safe. From helping to organize pet adoption drives, to planning community block parties and even stopping burglars in the act when he spotted them breaking into his neighbor’s home, Tim has been described as the kind of neighbor that “every neighborhood needs.”

Bike Train

Nicole Burgess, San Diego, CA – Nicole Burgess started a neighborhood bike train to get kids to and from school every day more than 6 years ago and it is still going strong. She provides fun, healthy, eco-friendly, and safe transportation for children in the Ocean Beach/Point Loma neighborhood to their local middle school. In addition to helping host after school programs to discuss cycling tips and bike safety awareness, Nicole is always encouraging students to become active commuters to their neighborhood schools and avoid the excess of unnecessary short vehicle trips.

Both Tim and Nicole will receive $250 for a neighborhood block party.

Congratulations to the Nextdoor Good Neighbor Award Winners and many thanks to the neighbors across the country who helped celebrate good neighbors all month long!

Celebrating Good Neighbor Moments from Around the Country

In honor of National Good Neighbor Day on Sunday, September 28, we asked neighbors from across the United States to share their good neighbor moments with us, whether it was a fun or touching memory, a message of gratitude for a specific neighbor, or something to look forward to in the neighborhood, like a block party or National Night Out event.

Thousands of you shared memories, examples, and heart-warming stories of how neighbors have affected you. We heard about neighbors who helped return lost pets, neighbors who performed acts of kindness, and neighbors who helped others recover from illnesses and deaths of relatives, natural disasters and unexpected hardships. We heard about neighbors coming together to stop the building of electrical plants and apartment buildings. We even heard about neighbors who hosted Thanksgiving in July!

No matter what your good neighbor moment was, we loved hearing them. Here are just a few of the wonderful good neighbor moments shared during September:

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.16.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.26.33 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.27.34 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.28.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.29.00 PM

On behalf of everyone at Nextdoor, thank you for sharing your good neighbor moments with us all month long! Here are just a few ways you can be a good neighbor, no matter the month, and in preparation for National Good Neighbor Day on Sunday, here are a few ideas on how to celebrate.

Have you voted in our first-ever National Good Neighbor Award? Check out the finalists and vote for your favorite here.