In the Aftermath of Serious Earthquake, Bay Area Neighbors Turn to Nextdoor

California Earthquake

Damage caused by the earthquake early Sunday morning. Image courtesy of the Huffington Post.

When the largest earthquake since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake hit Napa and the greater San Francisco Bay Area early Sunday morning, neighbors were quick to turn to Nextdoor.

A recent study shows that the most connected communities are the most resilient during natural disasters, and this was certainly true of neighborhoods in the Napa area. Within minutes of the earthquake, residents sent urgent alerts out to their communities, warning their neighbors to take cover in doorways, watch out for crumbling chimneys, and to keep an eye out for scared and flighty pets. In the aftermath of the quake, neighbors took to Nextdoor to share tips on clean-up, offered shelter to neighbors in need, and reported sightings of lost pets who had escaped from their home during the quake.

Several of our city partners, including both the City of Napa and the City of American Canyon, took to Nextdoor to inform residents of damages, advice for contacting emergency personnel, school closures, and more. In many areas, the departments also used Nextdoor to advise residents to keep an eye out for the sound or smell of leaking gas lines and provided road closure updates.

An incredible 40% of the total content on Nextdoor in the greater San Francisco Bay Area on Sunday was related to the earthquake, showing that Nextdoor has quickly become a tool for neighbors to use to connect and communicate during natural disasters – proving that a connected community is indeed a stronger community.

Neighbors Turn to Nextdoor to Help Beautify Vacant Lots

The Brighton Heights Neighborhood Garden and Green Space Committee in Pittsburgh beautifies vacant neighborhood lots that have fallen into disrepair by replacing them with beautiful gardens of all kinds.

Susan, the chair of the committee, needed help maintaining the existing gardens and planting news ones, so she turned to her neighborhood’s Nextdoor website, where her community was already discussing a variety of topics. Eager to see if her neighbors would be interested in her idea, Susan started a group on Nextdoor and asked her neighbors to join.

Shortly thereafter, neighbors flooded the group with ideas, gardening tips and tricks, and volunteering to help with the effort. Together, Susan worked with her neighbors, turning several vacant lots into green gardens, perennial gardens, and native plant gardens. Emboldened by their success so far, the group is now discussing planting an orchard, and even a butterfly garden.

“Within a day of my creating the group, many neighbors who had never met exchanged ideas for vacant lots near their homes, set up meetings, offered to help with projects, donate trees and plants, and generated enthusiasm for future orchards and edible gardens,” says Susan.

“As a new resident and designer who loves to grow food, the Garden and Green Space group on Nextdoor helped me quickly meet new people with similar interests,” said Susan’s neighbor, Don. “It’s given me the opportunity to volunteer my design services and physical abilities at existing gardens and green spaces.”

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The Brick City Teams Up with Nextdoor to Fight Crime

Newark Launch 15

Mayor Baraka and Police Director Venable celebrate the announcement with Nextdoor’s Co-Founder, Sarah Leary, and Nextdoor Newark members.

Today was a historic day for Nextdoor on the East Coast and in Brick City, otherwise known as Newark, New Jersey!

Our Co-Founder, Sarah Leary, traveled to Newark to join Mayor Ras J. Baraka, Police Director Eugene Venable, and Police Chief Anthony Campos to announce a partnership between Nextdoor and the City of Newark, which will enable the city and police to send hyperlocal information to all residents who join Nextdoor in the City.

Led by Mayor Baraka and Police Director Venable, this partnership includes the Mayor’s Office, the Police Department, the Department of Child and Family Well-Being, and the Department of Neighborhood and Recreational Services.

All told, this marks the most comprehensive partnership with Nextdoor on the East Coast, and Newark holds the distinction of being the first police department in the Tri-State area to partner with Nextdoor.

We’re proud to partner with innovative trail-blazers like Mayor Baraka and Police Director Venable who are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to make their cities stronger and safer.

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Neighbors Stop Diaper and Formula Thief in His Tracks

After ordering an expensive box of diapers and baby formula that never arrived, Walnut Creek, CA neighbor Andrea turned to her surveillance video to try to solve the mystery.

What she saw shocked her: in surprising detail, Andrea caught a silver truck pulling into her driveway, a man jumping out, grabbing her package, and bolting back to the car. The truck, missing its front license plate, then sped away.

Unable to see the back license plate number of the truck, Andrea turned to her neighbors for help.

“I found out about Nextdoor,” Andrea says. “I posted the video on there, and from there it just went viral.”

Thanks to Nextdoor, neighbors quickly shared the video, and police asked the public for their help. Soon, the department was flooded with calls and tips.

The very next day, thanks to a tip, police located the suspect and took him into custody.

As reported by KRON San Francisco.

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National Night Out: America’s Night Out Against Crime


Today, communities across the country are gathering at neighborhood block parties, parades, and meetings in order to get to know their neighbors and build safer communities in honor of National Night Out (NNO)*. Started in 1984 by the National Association of Town Watch, NNO is celebrated annually by more than 37 million people in over 15,000 communities across the county.

We’re proud to be an official sponsor of NNO for the third year in a row.

Neighbors use Nextdoor to organize their NNO events and to keep their neighborhoods safe all year long. Nextdoor members are passionate about keeping their communities connected and safe – whether that means using Nextdoor to spread the word about NNO every year or reporting suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Coming together with our communities is an important part of building stronger and safer places to call home. This year, Nextdoor employees across the country are heading to NNO events in their neighborhoods to meet with neighbors, celebrate our local communities, and chat about Nextdoor.


A few of us in our Nextdoor gear, ready for NNO events!

Celebrating in your neighborhood this year? Share with us by posting a picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #NextdoorNNO to see your image featured on our live #NextdoorNNO page!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 2.53.26 PM

*Some communities, including the state of Texas, are hosting NNO events on alternate dates. See the official National Night Out site for details.

Neighbors Use Nextdoor to Crack the Case of 25 Stolen Lawn Mowers

During warm summer nights, it’s not uncommon to hear the hum of a lawn mower somewhere in the neighborhood, as neighbors take advantage of long days to do a little yard work after work.

For one Nashville-area neighborhood, however, it was strangely silent – neighbors’ lawn mowers were being stolen from right under their noses.

All told, more than a dozen neighbors posted to their Nextdoor website, reporting a total of 25 stolen lawn mowers from locked and unlocked sheds, and in some cases, right out of their backyards.

Randy, a resident of the neighborhood, said the thefts were concerning. “The lawn mower is just a thing – but for someone to come back into my backyard and take something that I purchased with my hard-earned money? It’s a violation of my privacy and my family.”

One neighbor managed to snap a picture of the suspect stealing a lawn mower and posted it to Nextdoor. Neighbors and police quickly pinpointed the suspect and he was arrested soon after.

Nextdoor allowed neighbors to quickly get the word out and track the crime trend in their area. “I think it’s a brilliant use of social media to be proactive and prevent crime,” says Randy.

As reported by FOX Nashville.

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Rockford Neighbors Create “Take 5” Initiative To Keep Each Other Safe

With the help of Nextdoor, 250 neighbors in the Rolling Green neighborhood of Rockford, IL are connecting like never before.

From little things like providing a ride or making a meal for a sick neighbor, Rolling Green neighbors are looking out for one another. They have even developed their very own neighborhood safety initiative called “Take 5,” which calls for residents to survey their front and back yards twice a day to make sure nothing suspicious is happening.

“If we see a suspicious vehicle drive around the neighborhood, we can put all the info on Nextdoor in the crime and safety section and send that out in an Urgent Alert to all the neighbors,” says Nextdoor Rolling Green member Heather V.

Along with this greater sense of safety, has come an even greater sense of community.

“We’re trying to get that whole togetherness back that the neighborhood once had, and Nextdoor helps us do that,” continued Heather.

As reported by NBC Rockford.

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