Neighbors in Austin Use Nextdoor to Help Blind Dog Return Home

austin blind dog

The lucky pup on the night he was rescued.

On a recent dark and stormy night, Austin Nextdoor member Aaron was on his way home from a movie with his wife. As they turned onto the large bridge at the entrance to their neighborhood, their headlights illuminated something very much out of place: a scared and lost black dog sitting in the middle of the bridge.

Without hesitation, Aaron parked his car and ran out into the rain. He wrapped a sweater around the shivering pup and brought him into the warmth of the car. Aaron noticed the dog wasn’t wearing a collar, but otherwise seemed well-fed and well-groomed – and blind.

Fearing the dog had been abandoned on such a miserable night, Aaron and his wife brought him back to their home. There, they wrapped the damp dog in layers of blankets and managed to coax him into taking some food and water. Not knowing where else to turn, Aaron headed to his neighborhood’s Nextdoor website and posted the dog’s picture and description, hoping a neighbor would respond before he and his wife had to take him to the shelter in the morning.

Within thirty minutes, Charlie’s owners responded with a grateful message saying they were headed over to pick him up.

“Without Nextdoor, we wouldn’t have had any way to connect to Charlie’s family that night,” Aaron says. “It would have been a much bigger ordeal – and hours, if not days of more stress for Charlie and his family. Thank you for bringing our neighborhood closer together, and helping us find a little scared puppy his way home on a rainy night!”

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The DeKalb County Police Department and the Albuquerque Police Department Join Nextdoor

Yesterday morning, the DeKalb County Police Department officially kicked off a partnership with Nextdoor. Covering the greater Atlanta area, the Department will now be able to work directly with residents to improve safety and strengthen neighborhood watch efforts. Nextdoor’s Robbie Turner was in town to speak alongside Interim Police Chief James Conroy at a press conference.

photo 4

“Nextdoor makes it easy for neighbors to establish virtual neighborhood watch and help combat crime,” said Chief Conroy.

This partnership with the DeKalb County Police Department marks the largest agency to partner with Nextdoor in the state.

Out west, the Albuquerque Police Department and Mayor’s Office took their crime-fighting efforts high-tech and announced a partnership with Nextdoor.

Led by Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden, Jr., the Department and the Mayor’s Office plan to use Nextdoor to communicate directly with neighbors and provide information that is specific to their neighborhoods.

photo 1

“Nextdoor is a great opportunity – for free – for people to sign up as a neighborhood, to come together as a city, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, block-by-block,” said Mayor Richard Berry.

Chief Eden shared a recent example of how Albuquerque residents have been leaving their cars unattended while warming them up in the mornings, which has led to an increase in stolen vehicles. Eden said the Department can now use Nextdoor to warn neighbors of issues like these.

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New Orleans Neighborhood Plans Community Clean-Up with Nextdoor

When a New Orleans resident’s dog passed away after ingesting trash off the road, local Nextdoor member Patrick Lachute decided something had to be done. He set out to clean up his neighborhood by himself, but quickly found that he was in over his head.

“About a week ago, I was walking along picking up trash, and there was just so much. I needed help – it was more than I could do,” says Patrick. He quickly realized he could use technology to make a bigger impact. “I reached out to the community on Nextdoor and started asking if anyone could join.”

Patrick admitted he was hoping for around 100 people to help. Thanks to his post on Nextdoor Algiers Point, however, he received more than 300 responses from neighbors who committed to help. The community clean-up turned out to be one of the largest the community has ever seen.

Most people might stop there, but not Patrick – he has planned a clean-up for a local park next week.

As reported by CBS New Orleans.

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A Tale of Two Coasts: The San Francisco Fire Department and the Norfolk Police Department Join Nextdoor

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 10.48.14 AM

This morning, the Norfolk Police Department officially turned to neighborhood social networking to help fight crime. At a press conference led by Chief Michael Goldsmith, the Norfolk Police Department announced a partnership with Nextdoor to help neighborhoods across Norfolk connect, communicate, and stay safe.

“Nextdoor is part of our strategy to leverage whatever we can to connect with our residents,” says Chief Goldsmith. “We don’t solve anything without some sort of community input. This is just another avenue for that.”

Already more than 45 neighborhoods, representing 80% of the City of Norfolk, are using Nextdoor to keep their neighborhoods safe. Local Nextdoor Leads and Founding Members Barbara King and Andrew Flynn were in attendance to help celebrate the partnership.

“It’s just the best way to communicate,” says Barbara.

Over on the West Coast, the San Francisco Fire Department officially joined Nextdoor to share preparedness and safety tips from the Department’s key programs and divisions with San Francisco residents.

“We are excited to continue to strengthen our connections in neighborhoods,” said Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White. “We want to contribute to an informed community, especially knowing that this will make us stronger after an emergency.”

More than 180 San Francisco neighborhoods – representing more than 95% of the city – have launched Nextdoor websites.

The San Francisco Fire Department joins other San Francisco agencies already on Nextdoor, including the Office of Emergency Management, the Film Commission, and the Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN).

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Nextdoor Helps Jackson Neighbors Catch Burglars

For Judith Thompson, a resident of Jackson, Mississippi, her Nextdoor Belhaven website has always been a great way to connect and communicate with hundreds of her neighbors. This week, however, it helped the Jackson Police Department catch two men who broke into at least four homes in the Belhaven subdivision.

On Monday, Judith’s neighbors started sharing information on Nextdoor about a rash of break-ins, including information and details about the two suspects’ vehicles. They quickly noticed a pattern and informed the police, who located and arrested the suspects at a local business.

“It’s wonderful to be able to have that immediate information as opposed to hearing about it after the fact,” says Judith. “It’s wonderful to know that it’s time to be looking out for your neighbors. Nextdoor helps us all keep our eyes open and report anything suspicious.”

As reported by NBC Jackson and the Jackson Clarion Ledger.

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Neighbors Across the Country Use Nextdoor to Plan for Halloween Tonight

We released the Nextdoor Treat Map a few weeks ago and the response from neighbors across the country has been incredible!

From neighborhoods in San Francisco to San Diego to Tampa  to Minneapolis, neighbors across the U.S. are using the Nextdoor Treat Map today to have a fun, safe, and efficient Halloween.

Every day we’re honored to be helping neighbors connect in new ways, especially for holidays like Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Nextdoor Welcomes the City of Tulsa to the Neighborhood

We are very excited to officially welcome the City of Tulsa onto Nextdoor!

Today, I went home to Tulsa, OK to join Mayor Bartlett to announce a partnership between Nextdoor and the City of Tulsa. Initially, this partnership will enable the Working in Neighborhoods Department to send targeted information to Tulsa residents on Nextdoor.

More than 125 neighborhood leaders and representatives from the Tulsa Police Department, Fire Department and Crime Prevention Network were in attendance to learn more about how their residents and agencies could benefit from Nextdoor.


Mayor Bartlett said, “I’m pleased that the City of Tulsa is the first major city in Oklahoma to join Nextdoor. This is another great social media tool that will allow us to quickly and effectively communicate with citizens. It will help us improve the quality of life for our citizens, prevent crime, and prepare for emergencies.”

Today, nearly 100 Tulsa neighborhoods already use Nextdoor to connect with each other about the things that matter most in their communities.

It is very exciting to see my hometown of Tulsa share in Nextdoor’s mission of bringing back a sense of community to the neighborhood and working to build stronger and safer places to call home.

We look forward to welcoming many more residents and agencies across Green Country onto Nextdoor!

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