Forever Boston Strong


As someone who was raised in New England, I watched the way people handled last year’s Boston Marathon bombings with both pride and gratitude. Many family members and friends still live in the area, including a cousin who was only yards from the second blast. She recounted heartwarming stories of perfect strangers protecting her during the aftermath and helping her safely get home despite a complete shutdown of the city.

I fondly remember New England as a tight-knit community where people make an effort to help each other in times of need. So it did not surprise me to see how Bostonians helped strangers, provided shelter for those in need, and aided authorities during the manhunt last April.

It’s this kind of instinctual neighborliness that inspired my co-founders and me to start Nextdoor. Most people in the world want to be good neighbors and help those around them, but they often just don’t have an easy way to offer their assistance. At Nextdoor, we want to bridge that gap and make it easy for neighbors everywhere to act on their good instincts and provide a helping hand to their fellow neighbors everyday.

I will forever be proud of the resiliency and neighborliness that fellow Bostonians showed in the wake of the bombings. It also serves as an important reminder of the power of neighbors during times of crisis, both big and small.

If you’d like to join me and support those affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, please consider donating to the One Fund Boston.


Forever Boston strong,
Sarah Leary
Co-Founder and VP of Marketing, Nextdoor

Internet Security Update

Recently, a security vulnerability was found in a well-regarded software library used by Nextdoor and other major websites across the Internet, including Google, Amazon, and Yahoo!.

After learning of the vulnerability, our engineering team took immediate action and fixed the issue the same day. There is no evidence that any Nextdoor members were affected, yet we recommend that you change your password, both here and on any other websites you use.

You can update your Nextdoor password on the Account Settings Page. Protecting our members’ personal information is our top priority and we will continue to monitor this situation closely.

Thank you for being a member of Nextdoor.

- The Nextdoor Team

Nextdoor Earth Day Contest

Team Of Volunteers Picking Up Litter In Suburban StreetWe believe in the power of community – and, that by making simple changes in our daily lives, we can make a greater impact on the world with our neighbors. In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we want to see how you are sharing with your neighbors to help reduce waste and live a more mindful lifestyle through our first Nextdoor Earth Day Contest. The winner will receive a catered block party, courtesy of Nextdoor!

Whether it’s organizing a neighborhood-wide cleanup, planning garage sales to recycle and reuse, or coordinating a potluck dinner to share the bounty from the neighborhood garden, we want to see photos from your Earth Day events!

To enter the Nextdoor Earth Day Contest, all you have to do is:

  • Take a picture of how you’re sharing with your neighbors
  • Fill out this form and upload your photo.
  • …that’s it!

The grand prize? A catered neighborhood block party, courtesy of Nextdoor!

Nextdoor will stop receiving entries on April 27, 2014, at midnight PDT. We will randomly select 10 photos from the submissions and post them to our Facebook Page for voting. Each “Like” a photo receives counts as a vote for that entry. The photo with the most “Likes” will win. Voting will be open from April 28, 2014, at 8 a.m. PDT to April 30, 2014, at midnight PDT.

We’re looking forward to seeing your celebrations – until then, happy Earth Month!

Nextdoor Earth Day Contest

Anne Dreshfield
Communications Coordinator

How Neighbors Share on Nextdoor

We constantly hear from our members about how Nextdoor helps them get know their neighbors and also give back to their community. Whether it’s sharing a cup of sugar with a neighbor, hosting a potluck dinner for the neighborhood, or helping each other in times of need, we love to see everyone helping their fellow neighbors.

In honor of Earth Month in April, we wanted to highlight the many ways neighbors come together to share with each other through Nextdoor – and encourage even more sharing.

Host a neighborhood-wide garage sale to clear out the clutter this spring.

Tom Bradley Garage Sale

Members of Nextdoor Walker Central browse their indoor garage sale. Looking for a simple way to make a dent in spring cleaning and help your neighbors? A neighborhood-wide garage sale could be your answer.

Tom Bradley, Founding Member and Lead of Nextdoor Walker Central, hosted a garage sale for several nearby neighborhoods at their community church. “It was a great event, with 200-300 in attendance,” he says. “It was wonderful to see many neighbors participating, and we had a great time. We’re now planning block parties with many of our neighborhoods this summer for neighbors to connect.”

1504348_10202849332902564_865516563_o (3)

Loyce built a small library and invites her neighbors to take and donate books.

Build a neighborhood library.

“It’s important to me to know the people around me and to strengthen neighborhood ties, so I put together a book box/exchange outside my home to encourage neighbors to engage with each other face-to-face, and I promote it on Nextdoor,” says Loyce Smallwood, Founding Member and Lead of Nextdoor Christian Valley Park in Auburn, CA. “I look forward to an enjoyable summer of neighborhood connections strengthened by the book exchange. A win-win all around.”

Jesse Kegg Potluck Dinners

Jesse’s neighborhood gathers for a neighborhood potluck dinner once a month to meet new neighbors and build a stronger community.

Start a neighborhood potluck tradition.

“The most repeated statement I hear from neighbors is, ‘I have lived here for years and I don’t even know my neighbors, thanks for doing this,” says Jesse Kegg, Founding Member and Lead of Nextdoor Summerbrooke in Mount Dora, FL, who hosts the dinners with his wife. “To be honest, many of the people we have connected with [at these dinners] are now friends.”

Whether you are already sharing with your neighbors, like the neighborhoods above, or you simply join Nextdoor to get to know your neighbors, we’d like to hear about it. Share your stories with us using the hashtag #neighborshare or let us know at

Happy Earth Month!

Anne Dreshfield
Communications Coordinator

PS: Snap a great photo of you and your neighbors celebrating Earth Month? Submit it here to be entered to win a catered block party, courtesy of Nextdoor!

Nextdoor Encourages You to Share with Your Neighbors Throughout the Month of April


Spring is in the air, and the annual celebration of Earth Day on April 22 provides a timely reminder to take care of the beautiful planet we all call home. At Nextdoor, we believe that connecting with our neighbors in even the simplest ways, from getting to know first names to sharing a ladder, will help build stronger and safer communities.

During the month of April, Nextdoor will be celebrating all the ways neighbors can easily give back to their communities and support the mission of Earth Day by simply connecting and sharing with each other.

We are excited to release the findings from a recent survey conducted with Harris Interactive that examines the growing role of neighborhoods in building a shared economy. The results are inspiring; they indicate that neighbors trust their neighbors, are willing to share with people who live nearby, and would share more frequently if they had an easier way to coordinate activities such as yard sales or carpools.

Here are a few highlights from the survey findings:

  • Top 10 things people are willing to share with neighbors: food (78%), tools (71%), yard equipment (64%), a bike (36%), clothing (26%), shelter (26%), electronics (24%), kid’s toys (24%), childcare/babysitters (24%), a vehicle (15%).
  • Reduce and reuse: 64% of Americans would be more likely to buy/sell an item if the buyer/seller lived close to their home.
  • Garage sales: 52% of Americans would be more likely to host a garage sale in spring if they had an easy way to get the word out to their neighbors.
  • Ride-share: 51% of Americans would engage in carpools with neighbors if they had an easy way to coordinate.
  • Save money: 50% of Americans would work together with their neighbors to save money (e.g., group discounts on home services, split child care costs, shared meals) if they had a way to coordinate it.

This month, we are encouraging everyone to connect with their neighbors on Nextdoor to start sharing, whether it’s to sell an item, share household goods like clothing or yard equipment, or work together to save money.

We can all make a positive impact in our communities and on our environment, from the little things, like sharing a cup of sugar with a neighbor, to larger efforts, like starting a carpool or building a community garden.

To keep the conversation going all year long, start a Nextdoor website for your neighborhood. To join the conversation online, use the hashtag #neighborshare. You’ll be amazed by all the great things that happen when neighbors start talking and sharing!

Happy Earth Month,
Anne Dreshfield
Communications Coordinator

Building Better Neighborhoods Across Cleveland

We are always looking for new ways to bring the power of Nextdoor to new neighborhoods across the country. Not surprisingly, neighbors, cities, nonprofits, and media organizations want to do the same. One in particular, Cleveland’s NewsChannel 5, just kicked off the Building Better Neighborhoods (BBN) initiative across Cleveland.

NewsChannel 5 shares our mission of helping to build stronger, safer communities. The Building Better Neighborhoods initiative empowers Cleveland-area neighbors to get more involved in their communities by getting to know each other, their elected officials, and their police officers. We are excited to be the official app chosen by NewsChannel 5 to help the BBN initiative strengthen communities across Cleveland.

Over the next few months, NewsChannel 5 will feature the 25 Cleveland-area communities that have committed to building better places to live, one street or neighborhood at a time, by highlighting the characteristics and neighbors that make each community unique.

More than 300 Cleveland-area neighborhoods already use Nextdoor. Our hope is that more Cleveland residents will learn about how they can use Nextdoor to strengthen their neighborhoods. Whether that is simply joining to get to know new neighbors, rallying together to make the best of the winter weather, or coordinating a neighborhood park clean-up, we want neighbors to use Nextdoor to connect with each other and help bring back a sense of community to their neighborhoods.

One of our die-hard local Cleveland representatives, Jeremy Taylor, will be working closely with NewsChannel 5 and the BBN communities to use Nextdoor to better connect with each other like so many neighborhoods in the area have done already.

“As a newer neighborhood, we have used Nextdoor to connect our small, yet diverse, group of neighbors,” said David Frattare, Nextdoor member from Brunswick, one of the Cleveland- area cities participating in the BBN initiative. “The ability to share information privately to verified neighbors provides a new level of comfort and safety. Nextdoor has brought us together both personally and digitally.”

The BBN initiative will kick off with a special segment airing this Friday, March 21 at 8:30 p.m. ET on NewsChannel 5.

We are excited and humbled by this opportunity to work with NewsChannel 5 and help these neighborhoods stay connected during the BBN initiative and for many years to come.

You can join or start your own Nextdoor neighborhood here.

Jen Burke
Communications Manager

Welcoming Dan Clancy to the neighborhood

Over the last few years, we’ve been blown away by the positive reaction to Nextdoor. Adoption has grown from a few hundred neighborhoods to over 28,000, which represents 1 in 6 neighborhoods across the country. It has been an amazing ride, but we are just getting started.

Today we are taking a big step forward: I am thrilled to announce that Dan Clancy has joined Nextdoor as Vice President of Engineering.

Dan is a proven executive who has built his career at world-changing companies. He spent the last nine years at Google, where he led the Google Books team, the YouTube engineering team, and most recently, served as a Senior Director of Google Research. Prior to Google, Dan spent seven years in a variety of roles at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Dan is extremely intelligent and deeply technical. He is an exceptional leader who has managed some of the highest-performance engineering teams in Silicon Valley. We are fortunate to have someone of his caliber join our team.

Like all of us at Nextdoor, Dan believes deeply in our mission and the potential for technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods across the world. You can learn more about his decision to leave Google and join Nextdoor by visiting his personal blog.

Nextdoor is moving to the next stage of our evolution. We have an tremendous opportunity – and much work – ahead. We have incredibly ambitious goals and are working hard to meet the challenge of building an enduring company. We are thrilled that Dan will be a big part of this effort.

Please join me in welcoming Dan Clancy to the neighborhood!


Nirav Tolia
CEO, Nextdoor