Neighborhood Rallies Around Neighbor During Floods

When heavy rains hit the Columbus area just weeks ago, Nextdoor member Chuck T. knew he needed help – and he needed it quickly. His basement was flooding, destroying thousands of dollars’ worth of household items and furniture, and he had no way to stop it.

Without hesitation, he posted to his Nextdoor website asking for help. The immediate response from his neighborhood was incredible.

“In fifteen minutes, I had fifteen people knocking on my door offering assistance. In two hours, I had double that in people offering to lend a helping hand,” said Chuck.

Within hours, neighbors helped move most of the items out of the basement as it filled with over a foot of water. Chuck and his wife are still recovering from the ordeal and have started repairs to their home, but they can at least rest easy knowing their neighbors are there for them – no matter the situation.

As reported by NBC Columbus.

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Nextdoor 2014 Fourth of July Photo Contest: The Winner!


We’re excited to announce the winner of our second annual Fourth of July Photo Contest: Angela W. from Nextdoor Pocket! Angela submitted a collage of her neighborhood’s Nextdoor-themed float in their annual Fourth of July parade:


Nextdoor Pocket’s photo led the way with Likes during the voting period, and eventually won with over 230 Likes. Their reward? They’ll hear ice cream truck music playing in their neighborhood soon!

Honorary mention to our close second place winner, submitted by Brad P. from Nextdoor Arbor Glen Lane, who took his photo with a drone just before their neighborhood block party.


From all of us at Nextdoor, thank you for taking the time to share your photos from your Fourth of July celebrations – and including us in them! We hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend with family, friends, and neighbors.

Stay tuned for our next contest!

Anne Dreshfield
Communications Coordinator

Welcoming Christa Quarles to the Neighborhood


A few months ago, we were excited to introduce Dan Clancy as our new VP of Engineering. Since then, our business has continued to grow at a rapid pace. Nextdoor is now used by more than 38,000 neighborhoods, which represents 1-in-4 neighborhoods across the country. As demand for Nextdoor continues to grow, we continue to consider how we can best scale our organization to meet the needs of our members.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Christa Quarles has joined Nextdoor as Chief Business Officer.

Christa joins Nextdoor from Disney where she served most recently as the SVP and General Manager of Mobile and Social Games. Christa was one of the highest ranking executives at Disney Interactive and managed an organization of 850 people. Prior to Disney, Christa worked as Chief Financial Officer of Playdom, a leading social games developer that was acquired by Disney. Early in her career, she served as Managing Director and Senior Equity Research Analyst of Thomas Weisel Partners Equity Research.

Christa had the opportunity to work at many amazing companies – and she chose Nextdoor. She believes deeply in our mission, and as a long-time member of Nextdoor San Mateo Park, Christa has experienced first hand how her neighbors have used Nextdoor to bring back a sense of community to their neighborhood.

We feel privileged to add an executive of Christa’s caliber to our team. Her responsibilities as Chief Business Officer will include all G&A functions (HR, recruiting, finance, and legal), as well as strategic partnerships. Down the road, she will also be responsible for leading the charge as we evaluate potential business models.

We feel honored that tens of thousands of neighborhoods rely on Nextdoor every single day. But we are just getting started. We will not rest until every neighborhood can use Nextdoor to build stronger, safer places to live. We have a long way to go, but are thrilled that Christa is going to be an integral part of getting us there.

Please join me in welcoming Christa to the neighborhood!

Nirav Tolia
Co-Founder and CEO, Nextdoor

Welcoming Three New Partners to the Block: Kansas City, North Las Vegas, and Franklin County!

City of Kansas City, MO


Nextdoor Co-Founder Sarah Leary speaking at the press conference in Kansas City.

On Wednesday, we announced a partnership with the City of Kansas City, Missouri including the Mayor’s Office, City Manager’s Office, and Police Department. All of these departments will use Nextdoor to send targeted messages to neighborhoods across the city, allowing them to share news, safety alerts and neighborhood events.

“We have, in every instance, pushed communication. We have, in every instance, tried to do those things where Kansas City residents can rely on neighbors,” says Mayor Sly James.

We’re honored to be included in the City’s efforts to build a stronger and safer Kansas City.

North Las Vegas Police Department

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 4.12.28 PM

Public Information Officer Aaron Patty speaks to the press with NLVPD and Nextdoor representatives behind him.

Amidst Las Vegas’ triple digit temperatures, on Tuesday we also announced a partnership with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

When asked by a reporter if using Nextdoor helped make her feel safer, North Las Vegas Nextdoor member, Marla Foster, answered with a resounding “yes.” She continued to say, “ We use it in conjunction with our neighborhood watch. It keeps the lines of communication open.”

Franklin County, OH


Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott interviews with local media about the partnership.

Yesterday, we also announced that we are joining forces with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, which serves the greater Columbus, Ohio area. This was an exciting partnership for Nextdoor because Franklin County is the first Sheriff’s Office in both Ohio and the Midwest to partner with Nextdoor.

Sheriff Zach Scott explained to local media why he and the entire Sheriff’s Office are excited to adopt Nextdoor.

“Nextdoor is tying people together,” he said. “In all of these neighborhoods, you are getting ready to make your neighborhoods safer because you know what your neighbors are doing, you communicate. Then safety increases and crime goes down.”

Thanks to our new city partners for making this a banner week at Nextdoor.


Neighbors Catch Suspected Burglars Using Nextdoor

When one neighborhood outside of San Antonio began experiencing a rash of break-ins and burglaries, neighbors were on edge. It wasn’t until one neighbor captured footage of a man casing a car wearing a distinctive backpack that there was a break in the case.

The HOA turned to Nextdoor, and so did their residents to talk about the trend of break-ins. One neighbor posted footage and stills of the suspect casing the cars on Nextdoor and also shared it with his local Sheriff’s Office. Neighbors were on high alert and determined to put an end to the burglaries.

By using the power of technology and connecting with neighbors, just hours later at least three suspects were arrested.

As reported by CBS San Antonio and NBC San Antonio.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Nextdoor members in Santa Ana, CA celebrate the Fourth of July in style during their annual neighborhood parade.

Nextdoor members in Santa Ana, CA celebrate the Fourth of July in style during their annual neighborhood parade.

From all of us at Nextdoor, we hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July! We hope you’re celebrating with loved ones and your neighbors. Don’t forget to submit photos of your Fourth of July celebration, featuring Nextdoor in some way, to our annual Fourth of July Photo Contest. The winner of the contest gets an ice cream truck sent to their neighborhood from Nextdoor!

Wishing you a safe and happy Fourth,
The Nextdoor Team

Nextdoor Fourth of July Photo Contest

4th of July Contest Winner

Last year’s Fourth of July contest winner from Nicole, member of Nextdoor Parkview.

Here at Nextdoor, we love any holiday you spend with your neighbors. And while we may argue that you can spend just about any holiday with neighbors, the Fourth of July is a particularly meaningful holiday for us. Whether you’re inviting neighbors, friends, or family over for a dip in the pool, trying out that new burger recipe, or throwing a neighborhood-wide parade, many of us celebrate our country with our neighbors and loved ones by our sides.

In honor of the Fourth, we’d love to see how you celebrate with your neighbors. To enter our second annual Fourth of July Photo Contest, simply follow these steps:

  1. Take a snapshot of your 4th of July celebration that includes Nextdoor (you holding a sign, passing out flyers, showing the Nextdoor app, etc.)
  2. Submit your photo and information through this form by July 8.
  3. We will select the finalists and post them to our Facebook page for voting – encourage your family and friends to like your photo on Facebook from July 9 through July 13.

The photo with the most Likes will win our grand prize: an ice cream truck for a neighborhood block party. Just imagine: you’ll be a hero to every kid on your block!

We’re looking forward to seeing how you and your neighbors celebrate the Fourth of July with the help of Nextdoor – until then, have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Nextdoor Fourth of July Photo Contest Entry Form

Happy (early!) Fourth,
Anne Dreshfield
Communications Coordinator